Matthew 4:18-22

The fact that these men immediately left whatever they were doing and followed Jesus should make us ponder.They may have recognized that here was an opportunity to be in GOD’s presence and to communicate directly with Him as one human to another…. but whether they did or not…. we can try to put ourselves in their position.

Could anything in this world be more important than getting to know personally the Creator ?…. and here indeed was the Creator of all things living inside His own creation and available to talk about whatever they wanted to talk about.

Maybe they recognized that they could never have any worldly needs that He could not meet, so it would not matter what they left behind.

The point is that, TODAY…. 2000 years later… and with the benefit of hindsight and recorded history…. if we truly BELIEVE that HE is who He claimed to be… then we should have no difficulty forsaking all and following Him.

What is the alternative view ? If He is NOT who He claimed to be then He is NOT A GOOD PERSON…. but an evil deceiver…. and there is NO MIDDLE ROAD about this.

Never before in all recorded history had any miracle worker claimed to be GOD….. Moses, Elijah, Daniel …. ALL the other good men who were involved with miracles… NONE ever claimed to be GOD.

It is so interesting that humans can put Him alongside Mohamad, Budah and all the other “good teachers” of “Paths to God”…. He said Himself, “…NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY ME” (John 14:6)

This is either true or it isn’t…. if TRUE, then the “others” are NOT paths to God….. and if false, then Jesus cannot be a path to God nor even a “good” man.

Every human needs to decide for themselves…. Is Jesus GOD in the flesh ?

If so, Follow Him and do what He says….

otherwise you have already reviled Him just like the Pharisees and religious leaders of His day…. there is in reality,  NO MIDDLE GROUND…. no comfortable bystander position…. the stakes are high, or rather, there is a lot at stake…

YOU MUST make an ACTIVE decision…. otherwise the decision has already been decided and your fate sealed.

Thinka bout it !