Acts Chapter 20

Paul at Troas

verse 7….

We notice that  the church was meeting on the first day of the week and NOT the sabbath, from it’s inception, the early Church chose the first day of the week….. being the day that the Lord arose and repeatedly appeared to His disciples.

It is certainly not wrong to worship on the sabbath…..  but error is made, when sabbath worship is magnified as a foundation doctrine…… certainly on many occasions Jesus clashed with the authorities of His day over their legalistic regulations concerning the sabbath…. Jesus and His disciples regularly broke sabbath rules.

Paul at Miletus

The core of the Christian evangelistic message… verse 21

1. Repentance toward God ….. means a “change of mind and heart” toward evil and toward God…an agreement with what God has said about Himself and about the human race and about our relationship to Him.

2. Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ…. faith is NOT “hoping for the best”….. faith is “proceeding along just as if you had actual evidence “…. where God’s word is the object of our faith, evidence will always come AFTER our faith…. and not before it (otherwise it would not be faith)…. exercising faith in the spoken words of Christ ALWAYS results in some action (or change) on OUR part…. faith seems to be foolish to materialistic people but yet they (unconsciously) exhibit faith too… EXCEPT the object of their faith merely materialistic in nature…… rejection of the claims (words) of Christ may be explicit or implied (by default)….. but our calling as Christians compels us to expose humanity to His words…. and every human hearing us WILL make a decision… either explicitly or  implicitly (by default).