Psalm 103

Verse 3

“Who forgiveth all thine iniquities, Who healeth all thy diseases”

When we are in the place of blessing…. GOD looks after our bodies…. there is no need to be running to doctor every time you have a pain…. put your money in the offering instead and seek to do His will.

When He was on earth… Jesus healed ALL who came to Him for healing and He is still able to do that today (even though not present in the flesh).

What did He say to those that He healed, “thy faith hath made thee well” (Luke 17:19)

Do you really believe that He CAN heal you ? Do you believe that He WILL heal you ?

GOD CAN DO ANYTHING…. “break” the “rules” of nature…. confound the “laws” of physics…. the Bible is full of such examples ! … and He is still in the miracle working business today for them that WILL BELIEVE for it.

Doubtless somebody will come with examples of “Godly people who trusted and still died”…..  but the problem is in your FOCUS and your inordinate “fear” of death.

Certainly when you look at the world… the hospitals and the doctors… death is the worst possible thing for them…. they try to keep people alive on life support systems ?… for what purpose ?…. and to prove what ?

Faith and TRUST go together…. the Child of God is going to be with Father…. if Christians knew what was waiting for them on the other side they would not be so concerned about death….. what we should be more concerned about is LIVING FOR JESUS….. resolve today to make every moment of life COUNT FOR ETERNITY….. earnestly seek to WALK IN FELLOWSHIP with Him daily and “practice His presence” throughout each day.

Bible reading and prayer although important is NOT the end of your time with the LORD

Do not “compartmentalize” your life…. by just spending a short time with the LORD and then go out and live the rest of your day as YOU wish…. this is the problem…. too many Christians only “remember” GOD during the Sunday church service or their (short) daily devotional…..  this is why you are scared for your health…. this is why you run to the doctor every time you get an ache or a pain.

When you are in true fellowship with GOD…. and living only to please Him….. He will take care of you in every way…. and you will eventually realize HE is ALL YOU NEED…. nothing else matters.

He will NOT allow you to die until it is your time… I repeat, you CANNOT die before He is ready for you….. and He will still be there to help you while you are dying and afterward receive you home to Glory.

What is the alternative ?  LACK OF TRUST because of CONSCIENCE…. you know you are not living as you should be living… you are on your own throne… YOU are the most important person in your life (and the world encourages this idea… they say that’s the way it’s supposed to be !)

The Bible tells us GOD is on the throne… and we are EXPECTED to put HIS matters above our own concerns VOLUNTARILY…. and this is the true place of BLESSING, PEACE and JOY EVERLASTING for US.

The world does not see it that way…. they see true Christian service as self-denial, loss of pleasure and a futile “wasted” life…. but they are worshiping AN ILLUSION…. and there are many examples to prove the ultimate FUTILITY of their illusion.

All the film stars and  superstars….. money, fame, power and pleasure…. and where does it get them ?…… drug addiction, disease and untimely death….

The ONLY TRUE PEACE and LASTING JOY comes from GOD…. and GOD ALONE… and He freely gives it to His children who LIVE FOR HIM

I have not got past verse 3 of this wonderful Psalm…. and yet I have to stop now…. I have already written over 650 words …. according to WordPress Dashboard

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