John 13:14

“If I, then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another’s feet”

This world is organized around the principles of:   force, greed, selfishness, ambition and pleasure….

Children are taught to have goals and to work hard towards them…. and this would SEEM to be a good thing…..  but what is the PURPOSE behind such ambition ?

MOST often if we examine MOTIVES…. we discover selfishness and pleasure…. because this is the worldly way…. and according to the majority…. this how it’s supposed to be !

In the days of Jesus… it was the same… and people viewed riches as a blessing from God, therefore they were astonished at His teachings.

In this verse and elsewhere…. we are told to humble ourselves and moreover to love our fellow man just as ourselves.

Think about this…. in your interaction with others today….

Finally remember BALANCE in everything….. goals and hard work have their place and are not wrong when directed towards GOD….. all human pleasure is not sin but it becomes sin if it takes over your life and you make it your primary objective.

There are many flowers in God’s garden….. purple pink yellow and blue….

If you are a purple flower it is “wrong” to seek to be a yellow one….. but it is not wrong to want to be the best purple flower that you can be…  for HIM…. put His wishes above your own and you will be happy.

TRANSGENDER is wrong…. the desire to change gender starts as an IDEA in a persons head, planted there by the DEVIL…. and as person think about it more and more…. it eventually turns into an obsession.

This is the source of most evil….. it starts as a thought which eventually leads to words and action….. resolve to “nip bad thoughts in the bud” BEFORE it is too late….