God’s Glory revealed to humans

Matthew 1:18 “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was in this way: When, as his morther, Mary, was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.

Mary was a poor, simple and God-fearing girl (see Luke 1:46 – 53)…. she was completely human and she was NOT SINLESS….  any prayers or worship directed towards her is BLASPHEMY

The concept that people need to go to Mary in prayer to get to Jesus is one of the GREAT ABOMINATIONS of the Catholic church.

There are doubtless a few individuals caught up in this religion who are part of Christ’s true church…. but the masses of Catholics are in danger of hellfire and the Catholic church does NOT teach the way of salvation to it’s followers…. moreover their religious ritual itself contains  HERESY and BLASPHEMY.

Matthew 2:1 – 12

The “wise men from the east” who came to worship Jesus….. are examples of good men who recognized and worshipped the ” GREAT GOD who made the Universe”, in a time when idolatry was the normal practice.

Compare them with the Astronomers of today, most of whom are heathen atheists finding all sorts of fanciful theories to explain the heavens….. while only a few, fall down and give glory to the great GOD who created the Universe, when they see His handiwork and marvel in awe and wonder at the majesty of His creation… (see Psalm 19:1 – 4,  Psalm 8:3, Romans 1:19 – 20)

All down through the ages… since the beginning of creation… there have always been individuals who “walked with God”……. surrounded by the masses of the people living in idolatry and abominable practices.

Today (at least in Western culture) the gold-and-silver idols have been replaced by other alternatives……. technology, materialism, pleasure, aliens… or even ourselves.

You doubt that ?

People are worshipping themselves…. we are our own gods…. or else “Ancient Aliens” are responsible for all “miracles” (which … so they say…are not miracles at all but merely “alien technology” that we dont understand)

They seem to want to believe ANYTHING…. EXCEPT in the One True GOD… Creator of the Universe…. Awesome in Power and Glory…. who yet came in the person of JESUS CHRIST to show us His character and redeem us from this corrupted world.

Romans 3:23… Romans 5:8…. Romans 6:23….. Romans 10:9 – 13….. is the route that every human must follow who would be saved.

We have to come to GOD on HIS terms…. inventing religions…. building alters….. is worse than useless because it creates a false sense of security.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve ?

It is impossible to sit and watch the world go by…. you are not an observer but a participant… you will either CHOOSE to follow GOD’s way….. or you will be swept away along with the masses of mankind right into the fires of hell.