The Pharisees were “good” people….. they were moral, zealous, self-denying… in fact, by human standards, they were considered the best.

Matthew 3:7

HOWEVER… they had one fatal flaw, PRIDE…. they were self-righteous with no sense of sin or need….. and measured by GOD’s standard their righteousness was filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6)…. and Jesus told them so and so they hated Him for that.

Jesus was baptized by John NOT because He needed to repent for His own sin (He could not sin)….. rather He did it to identify with us (Matthew 3:15)… He took OUR sins upon Himself… you should be baptized because He set the example for you to follow.

In His temptations, Jesus quoted from Scripture each time He was tempted…. and that is our example also… we must use the Word of God when we are tempted otherwise we will fail….. also each temptation was trying to get Jesus to act by himself (as a human) independent of God’s wishes. (Matthew 4:3 -10)

Adam and Eve failed the test…. Jesus set the example how to pass the test…. all of us will be tested on some occasion, so now you know how to pass the test.

“Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17)…. had the Jewish nation repented, there would never have been a crucifixion or a Gentile church…..  GOD knew they were not going to repent but He gave them the opportunity anyway….. God is always perfect, loving, kind and just… it is us that are stubborn and wicked….. we doubt God because we think that His ways are not in our best interest, but it is satan that is trying to destroy us…. satan gives his followers money, pleasure and success but that is NOT in their best interest because ultimately it ruins their lives.

You can be sure that any pleasures God gives you will be good for you (Psalm 16:11)

If you want something ….. ask God… if He does not give it to you ACCEPT that…. going to the devil to get it will guarantee that even if you succeed you will ultimately regret it.