What is sin ? Do you know ?

Many times when I ask people this question they are quick to tell me “popular” examples of sin… theft, murder, fornication, adultery, etc.

Actually…. sin is ANY rebellion against God…. so ANYTHING that God’s tells you not to do (and you do it) is a sin. (Genesis 2:16-17 and  Genesis 3:6 and Genesis 3:17-19)

Generally the above examples are universally known to be sin by everybody (including the heathen)  because:

1. We have a built-in conscience when we are born. (Romans 2:15)

2. The teachings of the church are widely known among all  (Acts 26:26 “… for this thing was not done in a corner” Acts 17:6 “… These that have turned the world upside down are come here also”) , that even those on the “outside” know what is “considered” sin.

The problem comes when some specific thing could be sin for one person and NOT for another…. how could this be  possible ? (read Romans 14:14 and Romans 14:23)

Consider nudity, wine and song (the popular “wine, women and song” pastime of the sinner)

1. Nudity… we are all born naked and we all look upon nudity every day of our lives…. the sin therefore comes from illicit sexual lust that does not please God (Matthew 5:28)… but if you can look at naked people with absolutely no sexual desire then for YOU it is not sinful to walk on a nudist beach (except for the “caveat” mentioned below).

2. Wine… wine is nowhere comdemned as sin (John 2:1-10) BUT drunkenness IS (Galatians 5:21)…. if you can drink a glass of wine and STOP then you are not sinning  (except for the “caveat” mentioned below)….. but there are other who have an addiction to it…. and for them, it would be a sin to even have one sip.

3. music…. people are not affected the same way by music …. for some, certain types of music are able to create moods within their body… sensual lust or even rage… for them, it would be sin to listen to such music for it would lead to consequences…. and yet for other people, music does not affect them in that way and would not be sin  (except for the “caveat” mentioned below).


Principle of brother’s keeper…. if your actions cause another to sin… then you also have sinned because you have “not loved them as yourself” but have acted selfishly. (Romans 14:21, Matthew 18:7)

Generally…. the Christian community regards “nudist beaches”, “bars” and “carnivals” as places of sin where Christians should not go (and the heathen see it that way also).

Christians venturing into these places trying to “win the lost” are going to encounter problems from both Christians and non-Christians alike… and even if they do not sin personally, their effective witness could be compromised and such action should only proceed under the explicit individual direction of God Himself….  otherwise lives could be “ruined”.

Summary on SIN:

1. Certain acts, thoughts and words are ALWAYS sin because they are contrary to God’s character and His Holiness.

2. Certain acts, thoughts or words would be sin for certain people but not all people ….depending on human individuality and God’s plans and purposes.

The importance of a daily personal “relationship” with God cannot be overstressed….. God wants to have fellowship with every human on the planet…. but sadly, for most people, God’s conditions for such fellowship are more than they are prepared to give.

Yet… because of His love for humans….. He accepts their wishes and still tries to influence them through other people.