I am a very slow person, meaning I do not accomplish a lot in a short space of time….. perhaps because I am too “detailed” in everything I do… and this was always a source of frustration to me…. over the years, I have tried on occasions to “speed up” but this always ended in more frustration.

I found myself envying the people in the Bible, their lives seemed so simple and relaxed….. with HOURS to spare, just sitting on a peaceful hillside tending sheep or planting crops and just watching them grow….. I get to wondering IF David had lived in 2011, would the Psalms ever be written ?

I tell God…. I cant wait to get to Heaven where TIME SHALL BE NO MORE….. I mean, TIME is my WORST ENEMY….. I NEVER seem to have enough time to do even a quarter of the things I want to do…. and what is worse, as each year passes, I seem to be slipping further and further behind.

EITHER I am getting SLOWER or TIME ITSELF is SPEEDING UP…. I know this sounds crazy but it is my REALITY.

REGARDLESS of my “problem”, GOD is the same FOREVER… He dwells in the High and Holy place with them who are of a contrite and humble spirit , to revive the spirit of the HUMBLE, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. (Isaiah 57:15)

The dictionary says that contrite means “penitent” or “thoroughly sorry” and humble means “humility” or “lowly condition or rank”…. I guess I qualify, because as a result of my “slowness” I am a “nobody” and cant seem to “get anywhere” in this world… or “achieve anything” in life….. therefore the only way I can ever be “happy” is to cling to the hope that someday I will be with God (who made me in the first place) and my “slowness” will not matter anymore.

So is this the end of the story ?

Not quite…. the MORE of my “scarce and limited time” I spend “studying” GOD and worshipping Him through Praise and Thanksgiving….. the happier I will be…. REGARDLESS of my circumstances on earth….. and since I cannot achieve all that I want to do anyway….. maybe it does not matter in the long run either.

Many “worldly successful” people view…  “God, the Bible and the Church” as a crutch for “inferior” people to hold on to…. “something they dont need and certainly do not have time for”.

These “successful” people (who we all envy) dont need God…. and they usually despise us as well…… no wonder it is “virtually impossible” for them to get into the Kingdom of Heaven…. and even if they could get there, they wouild not like it there…. because it would represent everything that they DESPISE.

Thank God today for everything He has done for you….. make a list of all the blessings you are enjoying… dont think you are being blessed ? …… just pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV….. trust me, you are blessed, there are many, many in a worse state than you.