Passivity is one of the serious dangers facing people these days…. both the heathen and the Christians are affected by it…. passivity is basically about “surrendering our will” and just “going with the flow”…. I have a lot more to say about this, but today I make a start.

We have seen (in previous posts) that satan’s inability to “organize” this world according to his wishes is because of man’s FREE WILL….. God made it a “law” (which He also respects) that man must be allowed free will… the right to choose his own destiny.

We have also seen (in previous posts) that even when human’s recognize (and many do not) the great IMPORTANCE of their free-will in the SPIRITUAL realm….. they CANNOT remain “neutral”…. for many years, I tried this approach….  knowing that God loved me, yet realizing that I could not conquer satan’s activity in my life and perceiving the closer I came to God the more this activity intensified, I backed away from “total surrender to God” (I perceived myself to be a hypocrite to claim such surrender and knew that God could not be fooled)…… yet on the “other” side, I would NEVER “completely surrender” to satan either…. I just could not “bow down and worship” satan because I knew the spiritual consequences of such a decision…. and all I was trying to do in my spirit was play “one against the other”…. both God and satan wanted my soul, and all I wanted was to be “left alone” to enjoy a “quiet life of peace and contentment with no suffering or misery (spiritual or physical)”…. I wanted out of spiritual warfare… I wanted to just enjoy my life on earth in a modest way (not an “evil” person but not a “dedicated Christian” either)…. am I so different from most other humans ???… I mean, who wants war their whole life ??

For many years I managed to “get away” with this…. I was happy with my life… but the “status quo” eventually changed (I was a fool to think I could maintain a “non-aligned” position INDEFINITELY)…. I see it so clearly now, how the enemies of God were subtly working on me behind the scenes… although they could not break my “will” (and I was never passive) they eventually managed to gain “foothold” and “territory” in my life (too long a story at this time)….. GOD rescued me and completely delivered me from their clutches in what is the most traumatic and terrifying experiences that I have ever had in my life (as yet).

This post too long for a “daily” message….. but here are few points to ponder…

God is NEVER “pushy’… HE WANTS US to use all our faculties actively  as we “work with Him” in accomplishing “great things” in our lives…. it’s scary at times, but we have to TRUST HIM COMPLETELY as we follow His directions.

Satan and his horde of demons HATE US…. there is ZERO “love” for humans with them… even those humans who bow down to him and say “Lord satan” are just “disposable vessels” that he will use for a while and then discard….. even if he gives them “the whole world in the palm of their hand” it’s only for a FEW BRIEF YEARS and then like a dream it all disintegrates and changes into something HIDEOUS and HORRIBLE and their end is TERRIBLE.

My earthly life can never be the same again….  I KNOW “beyond this life”…. but more important than that I know GOD better….. humans have such “bad” ideas about God, they think that He wants them to be like pawns on a chessboard that He  may maneuver them around as He pleases. They feel that He wants them to be absolutely PASSIVE, possessing  no power to choose or decide… so either they just sit back and wait on Him to “do something” or else they take “blind and uncertain steps” always looking over their shoulder and expecting Him to punish them at any moment for having done “something wrong”….  they either see God as a “stern judge who forbids them from doing what they want to do” and ready to hammer them “if they step out of line”  OR ELSE they see Him as a permissive “convenience” that will overlook whatever they do and give them whatever they want and put His “rubber stamp” of approval on their lives just because they “went to church… or sang in the choir… or “witnessed” to somebody…. or gave money to some church or charity.”

All these views of God are encouraged and gleefully promoted by the devil and his demons…. and God (apparently) “isn’t doing much” to correct these distorted ideas about His Character and Personality…. why ?

It’s all in the Bible already…. the whole “plan” from start to finish… all laid out for for all (angels, demons, humans) to see…

the whole world has the Bible… it is the most printed and distributed book on the planet…..and  He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. (Jeremiah 29:13, John 1:38 – 39)

Do you feel “compelled” to do something (go somewhere, buy something or say something) and wonder if it “could be God’s will”…. the more overpowered you become with this “compulsion” the less likely it is to be God’s will….. because the Holy Spirit is very gentle and soft and easily missed (except you be in immediate peril)…. on the other hand “irresistible compulsions” are exactly the way that satan’s demons get you to do what they want you to do….. spiritual DISCERNMENT…. along with the written Word of God….. and you are expected to TEST “notions in your head” and use all your common sense (etc.) when trying to decide if a matter (or thought) is from GOD or the devil.

God wants us to serve Him with all our senses intact…. but the devil is quite happy with puppets and robots as long as HE GETS WHAT HE WANTS (sound familiar ?)

God is “never in a hurry but always on time”….. satan and his demons want you to sin “quick” (before you think too much about it or change your mind) hence the “compulsive” nature of most of their “suggestions”…. and if you entertain “their” thoughts after you know that it’s not of God… your “compulsion” may quickly turn into an “obsession” and the “pressure” will not ease up until the SIN has been committed.

In future posts…. I hope to explain how YOU CAN “guard” your thoughts… know the “good” ones from the “bad”… and CAST OUT the “bad”…. effectively RE-GAINING control of your MIND…. which is where it all starts.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, nobody can ever care for us as much as you care for us…. may your children discover that YOU are all we will ever need….  our best good comes from YOU and YOU alone. Amen.