Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. (Psalm 139:23 – 24)

Here are some points to consider:

1. God KNOWS your heart and your thoughts ANYWAY…. whether you are a Christian or not…. whether you pray this prayer or not… NOBODY can fool God…. so if you are already concious of a “wicked way” in you then talk to Him about it…. if you TRULY wish to be delivered from this “wicked way”, He is willing and able to deliver you…. but if you do not wish to be delivered from this “wicked way” then tell Him so…. your HONESTY with God is important (He hates “hypocrites” – Matthew 24:51)…. IF you truly LOVE God (and He knows you heart attitude) then you can work this out TOGETHER with Him…. He will “cut you some slack” for a while as you try to work through this….  EVENTUALLY (maybe even YEARS later) you will probably discover that EITHER this “wicked way” is no longer “attractive” to you OR even if it still holds some attraction, you are both ABLE and WILLING to overcome it (this will be the outcome if you LOVE GOD)…. and this is the Power of God working in your life because of your LOVE for Him… and it is marvelous in our eyes that such a Great One would even “put up” with our rebellious behavior for so long (Romans 10:21)…. it is a true saying “God keeps people from sin and sin keeps people from God”.

2. There will  ALWAYS be “some wicked way” in you… because you are a flesh and blood human (not yet “perfected”, which will occur at death when you pass into the spirit realm… because then you will be WITH GOD, beyond the “infirmities” of the flesh, and the tempting/testing of satan and his horde)….. this prayer is prayed when you are not “concious” of any evil in your life…. and if you are serious about it, He will answer by showing you some new area of your life that needs “attention and cleansing”…. for the Christian, this world can be variously described as a SCHOOL,  a BATTLEFIELD or a PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT (a job)….. for the hordes of mankind (heathen, UNbelievers, atheists… anybody other than a “born again” Christian) this world is variously described as a PLAYGROUND, an AMUSEMENT PARK, a SOAP OPERA (manifesting ENTERTAINMENT)  or a LIVING HELL (if they are unfortunate enough to be born into poverty in some war-torn land).

Finally…. the conclusion of the matter is… it makes no difference SPIRITUALLY whether you are a “billionaire on a pleasure yacht” or a “starving and homeless victim in Rwanda or Sudan”….. the main difference is, the “homeless victim” will more easily see his need of God and (usually) be more willing to accept the teachings of Christ…… the “rich man”, on the other hand, will have to radically alter his whole life and outlook should he seek to get serious about the teachings of Christ…. hopefully now, you can see the serious DISADVANTAGES that “great riches” pose to your SPIRITUAL life…. nowhere does the Bible teach that all poor people will be saved and all rich people damned…. because even “starving people in Sudan” can reject Christ…. and billionaires can “get down on their knees before God”….. but the CHANGE in the lifestyle, outlook and attitudes of the latter (billionaire) would have to be so DRASTIC as to make the Way of Christ quite UNATTRACTIVE to such an one. (Matthew 19:21 – 23)

So if you are poor today…. REJOICE  and be HAPPY in the Lord (Luke 6:20)…. there is NO REASON to  be otherwise….. as you PRAISE, WORSHIP and ADORE the GREAT GOD of the UNIVERSE…. your earthly problems will not seem so bad…. BUT (and AS) you focus your attention on HIM, you will see some improvement in you earthly circumstances because (no matter what they are) He LOVES you and HE VALUES your WORSHIP AND PRAISE.

Prayer for today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we have MUCH to be THANKFUL for…  help us to put YOU ahead of ourselves… for this is the hardest thing for any human to do (no matter what our circumstances may be)….. may you be WOSHIPPED AND ADORED by us today and everyday… and let all the people say AMEN.