The Old Testament prophets saw visions of a “suffering” Messiah and a “ruling” Messiah but they could not “reconcile” the two visions…. HIDDEN from them was the Church “age”… the period between His crucifixion and return to “conquer” the earth.

This period (in which we are living) is discussed in detail in Matthew Chapter 13….   “the mysteries of the kingdom” (verse 11)….

First, Jesus tells them how blessed they are to be “living at that time” (to be in His presence and hear these things directly from His mouth)…. and the same could possibly be said of us, IF we are fortunate enough to be living at the “time of the rapture” (for many righteous men desired to experience it before us)…. however our DUTY is always to be faithful to GOD regardless of where we are living (along His “timeline”) and from an “eternal” perspective, we are not “treated any differently” (Matthew 20:1 -16).

The preaching of the Gospel of Christ and it’s effect upon the lives of humans is fully explained in Matthew 13:19 – 23

NOTE CAREFULLY the two things that make the Gospel “UNfruitful” to professing Christians

1.The cares of this world


Please NOTE ALSO that although some bring forth thirty and some hundred-fold…. these are in the SAME “category” (the blessed of GOD)…. INDIVIDUAL “fruitfulness” is a part of GOD’s “variety in creation” plans…. a “hundred-fold” person is not to despise a “thirty-fold” person…. and a “thirty-fold” person is not to envy a “hundred-fold” person… YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE SATISFIED with the “gifts” and “abilities” that GOD has “given” you…. BOTH “self-loathing (envy of others)” and “gloating (pride)” are EQUALLY ABHORRENT to GOD…  and will lead to SIN and misery in CHRISTIANS.

We will explore other aspects of the “mysteries of the Kingdom” in future posts….

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we need to be bearing fruit for You…. but we cannot do this on our own…. show us HOW to “abide in You”… because You do not work on us like “robots” and yet we must not try to “do it on our own” either… we thank You for teaching us through your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name… Amen

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