…… Why think ye EVIL in your hearts ? ? (Matthew 9:4)

Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity EVERY THOUGHT to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)

If we really analysed every thought as to it’s SOURCE and EFFECT…. certainly we would toss out a lot more thoughts and consequently make progress in our Christian life…. we would also manifest the fruit of the spirit more continuously… and this would enhance our physical well-being as well as our spiritual state.

The unrighteous heathen believe all their thoughts are “theirs”…. therefore it is so easy for them to be controlled by demons….. they dont even know that they are being controlled !

Even the Christian lapses into thinking thoughts that do not originate with the Holy Spirit of God ….. on numerous occasions.

So just HOW do we CONTROL our thoughts ?

1. Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit because he enables us to have the POWER (ability) to CONTROL our thoughts… and every other area of our lives also.

2. Decide that you actually  WANT to control your thoughts (and make them pleasing to God)…. and then actually attempt to do it…. by MONITORING what you are thinking about and REPLACING bad thoughts with good ones.

3. ASK God to bring to your attention when your thoughts are not right.

4. REPLACE the thoughts (that he brings to your attention) with other “purer” thoughts.


1. You cannot think about “nothing” for any length of time…. so it is important to replace the bad thoughts with good thoughts IMMEDIATELY.  (Philippians 4:8)

2. This is a life-long process… as long as you are living, you are thinking…. you are bound to slip-up on many occasions…. sometimes the Holy Spirit convicts us in our spirit AFTER we have thought the thought, said the words or done the deed…. and we might wonder WHY He did not bring it to our attention BEFORE (as He has done on many previous occasions…. assuming that we have living this way for some time).

We are free-agents… given by God, the right of free-will…. the demons are not permitted to JAM (force or override our thoughts) our minds (otherwise we would all be madmen) and the Holy Spirit does not jam our minds either…. so if we are thinking about something fairly intensely, neither the Holy Spirit or the demons can “pass any thoughts” to us until a “window of opportunity” arises “between one thought and another”.

Of course, to clarify, let me say that the demons are limited (as created beings) and the Holy Spirit can do ANYTHING (has no limitation)….. however, except in rare case of our most imminent DANGER, the Holy Spirit would not normally “violate” our normal thinking processes anymore than He would overturn the normal physical laws in the material Universe.

So, in conclusion, we have to seek and ask for the help of the Holy Spirit AND we have to be sensitive for His prompting in our minds….. if we “miss” His leading (in regard to some particular thought) and later come “under conviction”… there is no need to despair, simply confess, ask His forgiveness and carry on HAPPILY….. He knows the frailty of our minds and bodies and delights to give us another opportunity…. it is the demons who come with thoughts of defeat, despair and hopelessness because they are delighted to capitalize on such an opportunity of grief on our part.

Finally, your dreams and night’s sleep is dependent on your waking concious thought life…… if you saturate your waking life with Scripture (Psalm 77:12, Psalm 119:11) and GOOD thoughts (Philippians 4:8)….. your night’s sleep (Psalm 4:8) and your overall physical health and well-being will IMPROVE.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, teach me to “walk in Your ways” and “fellowship with You”….. and please never stop shepherding me even when I foul up or fail to follow your leading in some matter or thought…. Amen


Luke 12:16 – 34 and Matthew 6:25 – 34

In Luke passage, this parable is told to warn against covetousness (which IS selfishness)… the rich man is merely looking out for his future and it does NOT SEEM wrong ! ….. IS THIS NOT WHAT EVERYBODY DOES ?…  everybody is TERRIFIED of their future during this economic recession where “business is bad” and “people are being laid off”…. it would seem that this rich man acted PRUDENTLY during his time of plenty by trying to “protect” his future…. but his actions did NOT PLEASE the Lord… because the Lord wants us to SHARE OUR BOUNTY WITH OTHERS and NOT worry about our own future.

This seems RIDICULOUS to humans….  whether individuals, businesses or multi-national corporations….. their GOAL is INCREASED wealth year by year…. sharing is only done along with a publicity campaign, so that increased profits may be generated as a result of a “goodwill” image.

NO WONDER the Bible continually stresses that the “world” and the “church” are totally INCOMPATIBLE….. and yet, today they are always joining hands and doing the SAME thing.

Churches amass huge fortunes in REAL ESTATE… and use international television to MARKET books and “religious trinkets”…. while their “executives” fly around in private jets, drive around in luxury cars and own multiple luxury homes…. and offer this IDEA to their followers  (fans ?) that THEY are the prime example of the “model Christian”… yet NOTHING about their lifestyle compares with NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANITY.

In fact, their methods and mode of operation is IDENTICAL to NETWORK MARKETING….. they have more in common with AMWAY than they do with the life of Christ or His apostles.

MY message today is directed at those who are financially suffering as a result of current world conditions…. failed businesses…. lost jobs….. savings GONE and replaced by DEBT…. and some of these may be generous-hearted and  tithing people, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ????

BECAUSE loving and serving God does not “guarantee” complete freedom from any and all adversity and this is a MAJOR DISTORTION of the Word of God (Bible)….

We cannot say why some Christians have it “easier” than others concerning trouble, sickness or adversity….. this is bound up in the wisdom and purposes of God…. but we CAN say, on the authority of the Bible, that the “easy” people (who have less distresses) are certainly NOT “better” Christians (more holy, closer to God or less sinful)… although we can easily see why they would be more POPULAR with men (because everybody wants an “easy” life…. it is the universal desire… I ask the question, who “wants” poverty or sickness ?)

My friends, do not be deceived by those people who tell you that PERFECT HEALTH and ABUNDANT WEALTH are God’s plan for ALL Christians….. but rather give PRAISE and THANKS to GOD for YOUR blessings… and bear your TRIALS (whether few or many) with a HOLY and humble attitude…. committing your misery to God… resisting the devil’s lies…. and knowing that your BEST ULTIMATE GOOD is always found through God….. NOT in your own wishes, NOT in worldly ideas and certainly NOT in the devil’s lies.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we KNOW that you love us… even though we may not know why “bad times” come our way…. we pray for wisdom and the correct attitude in handling all the affairs of our life…. we know that the devil uses all these bad occasions to attack our spirits and we know that the devil would completely destroy us EXCEPT for your protection… we have A LOT to THANK YOU for…. PLEASE bless our lives and help us to endure according to your Wisdom (to distinguish chastening from oppression)… Amen


This global economic recession has really revealed the true hearts of a lot of people.

Grasping and clinging to what little they have…. fearful that it just wont be enough for them and their families…. worried over their future, perhaps realizing that no matter how much money they horde up, IT JUST WONT BE ENOUGH…

Is this YOU ? ….

… and what if you have LOST your job ? …. surely that is a good enough excuse to be clinging to whatever little money you have left ???

Jesus said, “GIVE… and it SHALL be given unto you……. for with the same measure that ye measure it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38)

But this calls for FAITH…. GREAT faith…. to give away what little you have… TRUSTING God to provide for you “somehow”…

Business people do not operate by faith…. Banks do not operate according to faith… the world does not run on faith….. and, face it, people’s finances are COLLAPSING, it’s a fact…. and YET…

The BIBLE says, “Love your neighbor as yourself”  Matthew 22:39

1 John 4:20 “…. he who does not love his brother whom he has seen , how can he love God whom he has not seen ?”

Think about it…. is it all about you ? …. or is it all about God ?… God will look after you when you put Him FIRST (1 Kings 17:10 – 14)

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, We PREFER to honor your Word in FAITH… this will be OUR ONLY HOPE for the future…  our finite resources are clearly inadequate for the years ahead… and we CHOOSE to worship and praise You… instead of scheming, hording and worrying about what might happen to us later in life…. Bless us, we pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Read Judges Chapter 16 (it’s a short chapter)

How could Samson continue to associate with Delilah when it SHOULD have become OBVIOUS to him that she was trying to DESTROY him ?

LUST of the FLESH…. Samson’s sexual appetite seriously affected his common sense…. and many young men fall into such “trap”  today (in our PRESENT TIMES).

Victory over the flesh is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit…. when a human body is rid of demons AND then “filled” with the holy Spirit…. you have the power to control…. you have the power to choose your way. Galatians 5:24, 1 John 5:4,  1 Corinthians 15:57, Romans 6:12

But Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 11:24-26 shows what happens to a man delivered of demons BUT NOT filled with the Holy Spirit…. it is useless to cast out the demons UNLESS the person WANTS to LIVE FOR GOD and accepts the Holy Spirit into their life.

Unfortunately, WITHOUT the Holy Spirit…. and PARTICULARLY if inhabited by demons…. a human does not have the ability to control their body, even if they may wish to do so.  Ephesians 2:2-3,  2 Timothy 2:26, John 8:34-36

A good sexual appetite is not sinful….. but MUST be controlled…. along with every other “appetite” you might have. 1 Corinthians 6:12

in fact ALL behavior of your body SHOULD be under YOUR control….. and God will hold you accountable for allowing “unauthorized use” of your body…..  as well as wilful negligence. 1 Corinthians 14:32

You CAN be delivered of demons if you really WANT to be…. therefore you cannot “blame them” for your actions EVEN IF THEY ARE THE CAUSE.

If you wish to be FREE….. and you want to be IN CONTROL…. SEEK for your deliverance…. GOD is well able to deliver you, or He may send someone to minister deliverance to you (according to His wisdom).

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Help us to have the right attitude towards You….. and avoid the seduction of demons…. help us to be light and salt on the earth leading people away from the darkness and into Your wonderful Light… Amen