The glory of God is the manifestation of His divine attributes and perfection…. so how do we glorify Him ? …. how do we give Him glory ?

“As for God,  His way is perfect;….” Psalm 18:30… this is David giving God glory in words (and accompanied by his feelings which caused him to write these words)

This is our response to His manifestation (usually on our behalf… in response to our prayer)

First, we need to see that God is glorious (whether we “give Him the glory” or not)….. therefore, when we glorify God, we are merely acknowledging an established fact… which has become very real and personal to us.

In scripture, we see that whenever there was a mighty manifestation of His divine POWER…. men gave Him the glory (means they recognized and acknowledged that it was HIS power)… Exodus 8:19, Pharaoh’s magicians gave God the glory (even though they did not worship Him)….. if they had believed otherwise (that the cause was not God) then He would not receive glory from them.

The point is…. God IS glorious….. so when we glorify Him, we are giving Him what is His due….. it is man’s duty to glorify God at all times.

But HOW do we glorify Him ? ….. in many, many ways….. in our thoughts and in our hearts, in our words to other people, in our song (and dance) to Him, in our prayers and in our actions towards other people.

We respond this way because we stand in awe of Him….. His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His power and majesty, His kindness and mercy, His righteousness and love…. the more we know Him the more we glorify Him by our thoughts words and deeds.

There are only TWO alternative positions…..

1. The ATHEIST who  BELIEVES that there is NO God…. and makes up all kinds of stories to explain away His manifestation in human affairs…  gives no glory.

2.  The IDOLATER…. who believes in “other” gods…. the Bible makes it plain these are really worshipping Satan (who manifests as all sorts of other gods)…. gives glory to the wrong source.

and yet… in the Old Testament, many of these idolaters glorified God when they saw His power demolish their own gods. Read 1 Samuel Chapters 5 and 6….. the Philistines gave God the glory due to Him …. out of sheer terror over His power… they did not abandon Dagon and worship God, even though they recognized that God was far more powerful…. and so it is with the heathen today, many will acknowledge God in extreme circumstances, but Satan has them so under his control that they do not CHANGE THEIR LIVES… even though they know of God’s power.

Some atheists will also eventually give Him glory when they have exhausted their ability to “explain away” everything He does.

Who then commits the UNPARDONABLE SIN ??? …. only those persons who KNOW that it is GOD and yet REFUSE to give Him the glory…. (Matthew 12:31 – 32)… the Pharisees KNEW that Jesus works were done by the power of God and they DELIBERATELY rejected Him (John 9:39 -41)

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we glorify your Holiness and worship you in our thoughts, words and deeds…. please guide us in the paths of righteousness for your Name’s sake…. Amen.