The essence of a miracle is not how awesome it is COMPARED to “anything else”…. but rather that it happens when you need it most or as a direct answer to prayer.


FAITH….  he who comes to God must BELIEVE that HE IS and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6)

1. How GREAT is your God ?? …. Do you believe that He can do ANYTHING ?  (Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:27)   …. if not, you will have doubts whether He can help you.

2. How important do you think you are to Him ?? ….. even if you believe that He CAN help you….. you may still NOT believe that He WILL help you…. particularly if you feel guilty and unworthy. (James 1:6 – 8)… First, cleanse yourself from all known SIN according to His Word… Second, rebuke FALSE ACCUSATIONS from satan.

You need both of these pre-conditions…… and there is plenty of failure around to discourage you…. lots of people who begged for various miracles got NOTHING…. so where does that leave you ??

Many people have wondered about the Bible passage Matthew 13:12 and again Matthew 25:29 …… and repeated in Mark 4:25 and Luke 8:18 …..  FOUR times so it must be quite important.

Does this position seem fair to you ? …. why should somebody get all in abundance and the other fellow get NOTHING…. surely, according to our thinking, the one with little should get some more…  that everybody might have EQUALLY…. since we are all equal in His sight ?

The fellow gets his little taken away because he does not use it in any constructive way, he is ungrateful and lazy…. the one who gets more (even though he has already) is appreciative and industrious with whatever he has been given.

In the natural world…. many of the poor will remain permanently poor no matter how much money you give them, because they quickly use it up UNWISELY and then want more (they have a MENDICANCY MENTALITY…. they are always wanting to be given what others have… they are always feeling disadvantaged and “unfaired”….  they are always envious of anyone with more than themselves, yet they do absolutely  nothing productive with what they actually have at their disposal (so it eventually gets used up and disappears). Meanwhile the successful are getting more and more because they put to WISE USE whatever they have at their disposal… and they really APPRECIATE the VALUE of even the “smallest amount” of anything and are always busy trying to find ways to put it to better use (they never waste time complaining or envying those who have more… because they are too busy “making the best” of what they have).

all people are NOT created with “equal” abilities… neither physically, mentally or spiritually….. this does NOT mean that anyone is “better” or “worse”…. because ALL have the responsibility of doing the best with whatever they have been given.

How does all this relate to miracles ? everybody may have the POTENTIAL  for a miracle… but those who regularly experience miracles, see more and more of them, because their faith and love for God grows… while those who see less and less miracles (or maybe none at all) eventually become so unbelieving that they may actually doubt the existence of the God who they once professed to believe in.

We NEED to remain in a state of THANKFULLNESS…. always giving thanks for what we have been given (whether little or much)

We NEED to seek WISDOM and GUIDANCE in our dedicated attempt to USE whatever we have been given (whether little of much).

We NEED to AVOID being COVETOUS of what anybody else has.

We NEED to AVOID BLAMING GOD  (or anyone else) for everything that “we do not like” about our lives.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, help us to be ALWAYS thankful to you… for you are GOOD… and your GOODNESS endures forever ! … Amen.