Today we look at creativity, beauty, talent and ability…. all these things are blessings from God…. but what does a person do with them ?

We live in a society that actually “admires”  EVIL…. but within limits…. in the movies, the “bad boy” is the hero (as long as he is killing other bad boys that are not quite as “bad” as he is)…. on the stage, it is okay for performers to be sexually “explicit” as long as they dont go “too far” and become “pornographic”(by getting completely naked)….. EVIL within acceptable limits…. doing the work of satan but not actually worship him (knowing they are not good, but needing to feel that they are not bad either)

this cannot be acceptable for Christians….. if we are following Jesus, then we must have a higher standard… we cannot be entertained with “moderate” evil….

is there such a thing as Christian “entertainment” ?

There is nothing wrong with people entertaining each other in concerts, performances, plays, drama and dance…. but such activities should measure up to our Biblical standard of life…. we should not have to “forget” our Biblical calling for the experience … and then “resume”  our “sanctified” lives at a later time…  if we feel afterwards that was our “experience” , then our “entertainment” surely must have slipped below acceptable standards.

Here are the guidelines for Christian performers:

1. PRIDE – if you are “good”, it’s so easy to become “proud” of your “accomplishments”… and this affects your performances with “showing off”…. and the rest of your life with “superiority attitude”… so remember you have NOTHING that you were not GIVEN by God… and testify to this fact when all the people come “praising you up” after a “performance”.

2. MONEY – If your talent starts to make you serious money, it’s easy to follow the “worldly lifestyle”…. but do not… instead follow normal, reasonable lifestyle (the SAME lifestyle your audience lives)…. you DONT NEED money beyond that…. GIVE IT AWAY… to others who are in real NEED… and you will be BLESSED beyond measure.

3. INFLUENCE – Whether you wanted it or not, your life may become a “public” model to lots of people…. use every occasion as a witness for Jesus… you have a greater RESPONSIBILITY towards God…. because you have as much potential to further His work as you do to HINDER (or even destroy) His work in other peoples lives.

It is performers that DO NOT FOLLOW the above Christian guidelines that are responsible for the downfall of “Christian entertainment”…. for bringing it into disrepute… and for causing the heathen to blaspheme God and Christians.

FOR THE AUDIENCE…. rate every event according to these conditions… Philippians 4:8, Galatians 5:22 – 23

1. Did you feel joyful and peaceful after this event…. or do you feel guilty, sinful, dirty…. and in need of “forgiveness” ?

2. Did this event make you feel close to Jesus… do you feel that He would have enjoyed it too ?… if He had been sitting right next to you.

3. Do you feel more love for your fellow humans and for God as a result of this event ?

4. Did you feel to praise GOD for the talents that He has given to the “performers”…. or instead.. did you feel ENVIOUS of the performers and find yourself “wanting to be just like THEM” ? (worldly performers flaunt their lifestyle to the audience because they thrive on the audience wanting to be “just like them”…. and secretly, enjoy the fact that the audience can NEVER be like them)

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may we use our talents for you…. and not be envious of those with different (or more talent)… Amen