Attitudes toward health range from the casual (fatalistic) approach to the fanatical (and sometimes bizarre)….. so what should be the Christian’s attitude  ?

Diet, exercise and sleep are the main ingredients for physical well-being….. so without being fanatical about it, we should try to observe simple self-discipline in our diet, exercise and sleep patterns (habits).

But beyond this…. consider Numbers 14:29 – 34… Joshua and Caleb had the same lifestyle (diet, sleep and exercise) as the rest of the Israelites who died within the space of 40 years…. and yet it is written, Joshua 14:10 – 13 (with particular emphasis on verse 11) that as old men these two were mighty warriors.

Young people today should take note that their future health is best assured by following the LORD….. these things are written down for our instruction and it is an historical record.

Doubtless somebody may mention about some “good” person that died young….. or about some “evil” person that enjoyed good health into old age (who drank gallons of rum and smoked like a chimney)…..  but will you take your comfort in this ?… of what relevance are these people to you…. are you hoping to be just “lucky” ?

Read Luke 13:1 – 5 ….

Your BEST hope of health in this present age is STILL serving the LORD ….. and regardless of what may happen, your future beyond the grave is assured and this should give you a COMFORT that actually promotes your well-being….. because uncertainty about the future, worry and fear actually have negative impact on your overall health also.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we exist to bring glory to You… wherever we are…. both now and in eternity…. thank you for your peace and thank you for caring for us…. Amen.