Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD….”

Does any such nation exist today ? In Barbados, our political party rallies and legal functions still begin with prayer… the words to our national anthem still place God as the unseen ruler of our land… inspite of whatever lack of committment or lipservice to God may exist in the organisations of State, we still acknowledge God publicly from the highest office in our land…. but we cannot take this for granted, we must be diligent individually and as a nation to guard against the IDOLATRY of the present age.

How is it that in the United States and England it has become a crime to speak of God in public schools ?  Could there be a connection between the current state of our world and the present GODLESSNESS of all it’s leaders ?

Beware of HUMANISM, it sounds ever so “right”…. after all, the second commandment tells us to love our fellow man as ourselves…. but behind the humanist agenda, MAN is seen as his own god…. gone are the idols of silver and of gold…. but man is now worshipping HIMSELF…. the “wisdom” of the atheist and the evolutionist…. the gods of materialism, comfort, pleasure…. it is all happening even as I write this.

The problems in Haiti are spiritual….. no amount of aid is going to assuage the Haitian people or offer any “permanent” cure to their ongoing disasters….. until the land is cleansed of the VOODOO demons, but this has to happen across the board…. the leadership as well as the masses of the people need to REPENT and turn to GOD ….. NATIONALLY.

There are those who resist this concept…. they say all “faiths” must be respected…. and the Christian Bible must take it’s place among all the holy books of other faiths…. all religions are basically the same…. is this true ?

HISTORY does not support this idea….. from the time that God called Abraham to the present day Israel….. supernatural judgement has been meted out to all the other “gods” of the various nations.

Isaiah 42:8 “I am the LORD: that is my name; and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to carved images”

Let us do our part to exalt the GREAT GOD of the UNIVERSE…. and rebuke and correct “wrong” thinking and compromise whenever we encounter it.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Collectively we must speak out and insist that Barbados retains it’s historical identity…. and does not “give in” to the current “world view” of  SECULAR HUMANISM.

Prayer for Today:

Father, we are powerless to change the world as individuals… but we CAN do our part by refusing to  accept the current “world view”…. and by speaking out boldly as your Apostles did two thousand years ago… thank you for today… in Jesus name we pray… Amen.


Beware of an overly ascetic viewpoint…. I have written much about the dangers of the “flesh” and about denying the “flesh…. and you might conclude that I am one of those radical “ascetic” Christians that go to the other extreme of self-denial and a severe outlook devoid of love…. and this is certainly not the case.

John 6:63… Jesus says, ” It is the spirit that giveth life; the flesh profiteth nothing.” ….. the real meaning is that nothing of Eternal significance is achieved by the flesh…. we are not supposed to despise our flesh….. or treat it badly…. but only to be aware that since it does not accomplish anything eternal, we do not not need to spend all our energies caring for it or pampering it.

You need to read Luke 7:31 – 35…. the hardest thing for humans to do is have a BALANCED viewpoint…. about the flesh…. and about any other matter of spiritual significance…. like reconciling judgement and love…. for every scripture verse there is another one to “counteract” it….

Matthew 5:42 “Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.” …… HAS to be tempered by COMMON SENSE and the PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF IT by the circumstances surrounding “what is being asked for” and who it is doing the “asking”…. and indeed also, the motive behind the “asking”….  and depending on the circumstances, OTHER verses of scripture could easily be found that would ANNUL your obligation to “give” unconditionally in every instance as this verse “appears” to be suggesting.

We cannot just “grab verses” and apply them “across the board”….. and yet, this “simplistic approach” has been at the root of much doctrinal error…. has spawned various “sects” within religion…. and brought the entire Bible into disrepute among the heathen “observers”.

LOVE is the central them of Apostle John’s writings……. LOVE is the reason Christ came to earth and suffered and died……  the fact that God will judge the world and condemn various people to hell in NO WAY annuls His Great Love…… and humans just cannot fathom this…. because humans cannot love and condemn at the same time…. we are not God and we are not able to judge the world in our “human” condition.

BALANCE in the Christian life….  Enjoying the good things of the flesh WITHOUT allowing them to become OVERLY important…. Putting God first and loving our “fellow man” with the correct perspective at all times and in all circumstances …. is a very daunting (impossible ?) goal…

We have the Holy Spirit to enable us….. the Saviour to forgive us when we fail…. and the LOVE of GOD to encourage us onward to another day.

Abandoning the “Way” in order to enjoy the pleasures of a fleshly life….. or abandoning the flesh entirely in search of a “super spiritual” existence…… are BOTH equally wrong extremes.

Maintaining a BALANCED approach to life while interacting with the people around us…. JUST AS JESUS DID while in His body of flesh…. is what is expected of us each day… and with His help it IS possible…. even if we fail occasionally…. thousands of saints who have lived before us have done it…. and we are not any different from them.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13  and Hebrews 11:32 – 34

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Thank you for another day in your world…. bless us, heal us and help us today as we live ever midful that You are watching over us….  knowing our thoughts and observing our ways as we go about our daily business of living for You…. in Jesus Name …. Amen.


Is God pleased with the religions of men ? what does He think of their prayers ?

I find it amazing that “prospective” ministers/priests or pastors can be “ordained” based on an educational curriculum of rigorous academic achievement…… in the SAME manner as a lawyer, doctor or accountant.

Many of these persons spend hours praying aloud all sorts of carefully constructed and well-worded prayers written in PRAYER BOOKS….. have these persons ever heard the voice of God or actually carried on a two-way conversation with Him ????

In Luke 18:11,  Jesus tells us that the Pharisee was praying WITH HIMSELF and this should cause many people to stop and analyze their prayers…. PARTICULARLY church people that “rattle off” long prayers out of books…. written in “flowery” language.

Establishing true communication with God requires HOLINESS of life and thought…..  but in many churches that is not required…. the “priests” and indeed the whole organization are nothing more than an INSTITUTION OF MAN….. going through RITUAL that may appease conscience or appeal to flesh but would hardly be acceptable to GOD.

Let us not forget that it was actually the RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who  crucified Christ …. and not the average man-in-the-street.

It’s time for EVERYBODY to take stock of their personal relationship to GOD….. it’s time for chuches who claim Christ as their leader to actually ALLOW  HIM to direct what is said and done in their organization.

The Apostles were fishermen who never went to college and what did the Lord  tell them ?   Read Luke 21:14 and Mark 13:11

I have said before YOU CANNOT DO GOD’s WORK FOR HIM…..  but rather, GOD WORKS through simple, HUMBLE and DEDICATED people who have SEPARATED themselves from the world, the flesh and the devil…. and who take the time to get to know Him personally and LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS TO THEM.

What I see as I look around…. is TOO MUCH FLESH…  people trying to do this and that “for God” without ever taking the time to HEAR FROM GOD.

You would be AMAZED at the number of “Christians” who “pray” daily…. but have never actually HEARD from GOD…. and yet…. it IS possible to live in FELLOWSHIP with God so that we HEAR FROM HIM on a daily basis.

Thoughout the Bible…. God TALKS with people…. and they HEAR and OBEY what He tells them.

Do you want to become the FRIEND of GOD ? …… then you CANNOT live like “other people”….. the vast majority of humans are IN THE FLESH and their thoughts and prayers rise no higher than the ceiling….. and their entire existence is about “this world” and “this life”.

The sad thing about it is …. this is NOT the way it’s supposed to be….  the Bible is very clear on this…. both Jesus and the early church founders made it perfectly plain that apart from the Spirit there is NO  “worship or service”.

Read John 6:63,  Romans 8:8 – 9

Many churches of today are offering a RELIGION OF MAN….. they are organizations run by FLESH….. they are concerned about Members, Meetings and Money…. and they certainly do not TEACH their members that they need to “separate” themselves unto GOD from the defilement of the flesh….. they have no intention of “crucifying” the flesh…. or taking up any kind of “cross” daily…. they really need to read…Matthew 10:38 and Matthew 16:24…..  instead of this what are they doing ?….. they are ever so concerned about makiing their church more “appealing” to everybody and increasing numbers at their services…. and THIS IS NOT THE WAY OF THE LORD….  True Christianity  is NOT ABOUT POPULARITY.

Whether you are preaching to an audience of two or of twenty-thousand….. SPEAK THE WORDS OF GOD…… and stop preaching to the flesh…. the church is not a social club where people can come each week and sit comfortably, mingle with their friends and go home the same as they came…..

CHALLENGE the people….. they must ABHOR SIN…. they must go away DETERMINED to get their lives in order…. they must realize that the world is a BATTLEFIELD and not a PLAYGROUND or AMUSEMENT PARK

People should not come to chuch to be ENTERTAINED…. but to be CHALLENGED, INSPIRED, FORGIVEN and RE-ENERGISED….. to deal with a hostile world with the grace that Jesus manifested.

Churches need to stop paying lip service to Christianity and start practising it….. I think the biggest problem is that the heathen REALIZE the HYPOCRISY…. and are amused (or disgusted) by all the silly attempts to “get them into the Church” anyway possible.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify YOU…. in Jesus name, we pray… Amen.


The Future

“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:38-39

What is wrong with people today ? What is wrong with the nations of the earth ?

Quite simply… they are all “doing their own thing” and they have no interest in submitting to God’s authority.

In fact, the mantra of this 21st Century is, “do your own thing” …. people are BOTH EXPECTED to “do their own thing” and they are also EXPECTED to be TOLERANT of everybody else who is “doing their own thing”… God is not pleased with this generation.

What are the Televangelists preaching ? … instead of warning people of the fires of hell…. instead of telling them that with much tribulation we must enter the Kingdom of Heaven….. instead of focussing on personal HOLINESS (without which no man shall see the LORD)….. they are encouraging people to believe God for riches… to “sow seeds” towards “prosperity”… are these Televangelists any different from Amway or any other network marketing business ?….. Woe unto them, because they are deceiving the people…. Woe unto them because they are both living and selling a lifestyle that is totally contrary to Scripture (while selecting various verses out of Scripture to “legitimize” their corruption of the Gospel).

THE FUTURE…. is glorious for the Children of God… but not for the FLESH…. is there any point in heaping up riches for yourself after the flesh ?

Here is what you can look forward to… all you rich and prosperous people….. who have chosen to enjoy this earthly existence at the expense of your immortal souls….

1. MORE traffic jams.

2. MORE daily frustration and stress.

3. MORE pollution, sickness and disease

4. MORE natural disasters, economic collapses and worry

All you Televangelists sitting on your pretty stages in expensive television studios… its time you read and understood Matthew 5:3 – 12 and Luke 6:20 – 34

Do not use your charitable HUMANITARIAN work overseas as an excuse for your own personal affluence and opulance… are not the souls of men more valuable to you ?….. Preach the GOSPEL OF CHRIST and stop begging for money….. do you believe that GOD is able to send you what money is required WITHOUT YOUR HELP?…. do you think you need to “help Him out” by begging for it  ?

The problem is…  you are functioning after the ways of men…. and not according to the laws of God…. so do NOT hold up your material prosperity as a “sign” that you have the blessings of God

Prayer for today:

Help us , O heavenly Father, to soberly examine our lives even as we commit our time and talents to You… for it is not by our might…. nor by our power….. but by your Spirit that Your work is accomplished in the Earth…. we can never claim any of the Glory, we are but unprofitable servants saved by your mercy