1.  The popular notion that satan reigns in hell is NOT in the Bible…. satan will be in torment in hell…. just like anybody else who goes there (Revelation 20:10)

2. The idea that people in hell can get together and comfort one another is NOT in the Bible either…. hell is a place of DARKNESS, LONELINESS and ISOLATION for each entity (Jude 6, 13, Matthew 22:13, Revelation 14:11, Luke 16:23 – 26)…… LONELINESS and ISOLATION combined with INCREDIBLE PAIN AND TORMENT (most pain and torment in the body ceases eventually… in hell you have no body and cannot die from the pain…. your pain and torment goes on FOREVER…. how can you possibly IGNORE the WARNINGS ? ….. the BIBLE and Jesus own ministry on Earth are FILLED with WARNINGS of HELL…. you cannot afford to take this matter lightly and base your hopes for your “afterlife” on fairy tales, fables and wishful thinking).

3. SATAN REIGNS ON THIS EARTH (John 14:30, John 16:11, 2 Corinthians 4:4:) ….. even though most people do not realize it…. this present world is organized on the principles of  FORCE, GREED, SELFISHNESS, AMBITION and SINFUL PLEASURE….. and people in positions of authority in government and corporations are following satan’s suggestions  without even realizing it (2 Corinthians 4:4, John 13:2).

4. It is NOT necessary to “bow down” to satan or call him Lord to follow him (John 8:44)…… EVERYBODY is AUTOMATICALLY following him UNLESS they have specifically CHOSEN to FIGHT against the world AND their own flesh (through the power of GOD)…. people are receiving satan’s instuctions every day in their thoughts (John 13:2)  (which they foolishly believe are their own thoughts and ideas)…… and this is how he runs the world…. it’s so easy for him to manipulate people.

5. HELL is not a popular idea in the churches today…. the churches of today PREFER to talk about LOVE (after all…  it is a more pleasant topic)….. however, both “hell” AND “love”  are EQUALLY valid….. humans have a really HARD time understanding HOW a loving GOD could possibly send people to HELL…. because the HUMAN mind finds it hard to dispense love and justice AT THE SAME TIME….. nevertheless, the BIBLE is clear…. if GOD spared not CHRIST from suffering…. why will He spare unrighteous men (who have rejected Him)  from damnation ????

6. Satan has successfully deceived people into thinking hell is a myth …. or else, it is “not so bad”… or else, “God wont send you there because he LOVES you”……. you better WISE UP now…. before it is too late…. REPENT OF YOUR SIN and come to GOD with a truly HUMBLE and CONTRITE heart today.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, even though Bible Insights is mainly written for people who are already trying to please you…. may You use today’s message to bring someone home to the Saviour…. through this Internet and it’s Search Engines… for Jesus sake… Amen.


depression starts when we take our eyes off of God and start looking at our own miserable circumstances…. we start entertaining negative thoughts and they take root in our minds… and eventually we may even seek medical help.

As I watch the TV and see the ads for depression medication, I am amazed that anybody would poison their body with these substances (made by unrighteous man) that can cause such serious and life-threatening side-effects…. I become acutely aware that interfering with body chemistry could NOT be GOD’s way…. and indeed it is not….. in these “last days” SATAN has a big hand in the medical profession….. destroying the minds and bodies of humans through “perfectly legal” drugs …. marketed as BENEFICIAL…. and even NECESSARY !

The medical profession is constantly adding additional conditions to it’s long list of disorders that require treatment….. like ADHD in children, now treatable with drugs (which also can have serious long-term health implications for the child thoughout it’s later life).

The Bible constantly affirms that if we seek fellowship with God and put His will above our own then we will be cared for by Him…. physically, mentally and spiritually… Psalm 103:3 – 5

We cling to life with such tenacity…. we keep people alive with technology, as long as possible….. for what purpose do we do this ???…. death is inevitable anyway…. does it make much of a difference if it comes a little sooner for some ?

Read 2 Kings Chapter 20 and 2 Chronicles Chapter 32 and note PARTICULARLY…..

2 Chronicles 32:25 ….. Hezekiah’s life was extended 15 years at his request…. but did he improve SPIRITUALLY ? ….. NO, not at all….. instead he became very WEALTHY and so proud of it that he “SHOWED OFF” to the embassy from Babylon…. he used his extra time on earth to become MORE EARTHLY and LESS ready to face death and eternity…. God gave him a chance to get ready for HEAVEN and he chose the EARTH instead…. these things are recorded for OUR INSTRUCTION and UNDERSTANDING.

God is well able to keep His people alive until their purpose on earth is fulfilled…. and He does not need any help from medical science to do it.

The way I see it… medical science is a crutch for the UNRIGHTEOUS HEATHEN who are doing their “own thing” with their lives… and want to continue doing it for as long as possible….. such persons have nowhere to turn BUT to the doctors when problems occur.

Christians SHOULD have the CONFIDENCE that their body is GOD’s property and He is well able to take care of it…. God may use (allow) sickness or weakness in a body to discipline or restrain one of His children from evil…. but you CANNOT die until your work for GOD is complete upon this earth…. and DONT LET SATAN TELL YOU OTHERWISE !

The devil is intent on killing people… whether Christian or not… and will bring misery (through sickness) into the lives of everybody…. Christian or not.

The heathen will run to the hospital…. and the devout Christian will wonder whether it’s time to “go home” to heaven (but do NOT swallow that idea automatically…. SEEK GOD FOR WISDOM concerning the TRUTH….. and IF He shows you that He has more work for you to do on the earth….. RESIST THE DEVIL’s LIES and surely your healing will come about from ALMIGHTY GOD ).

“Be STRONG in the LORD and in the power of HIS might” (Ephesians 6:10)…. and when you are healed… your faith will be that much, much stronger…. and greater works shall you do in the name of the LORD.

In what do you put your faith ? ….. is it in the wisdom of man ? …. or the promises of GOD ?

There are some who say that the knowledge of medicine comes from GOD….. where do they get that idea ?…. NOT from the Bible….. can you honestly tell me that the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies are getting their inspiration from God ? their GOAL IS TO BE GOD…. and to make PROFIT….. and to have the whole world using their products and services continuously !

Modern medicine has it’s genesis in the “wisdom” of PAGAN Egyptians and Greeks…. it did NOT originate with the “people of God”….

In his book, “THE BIBLE AND MODERN MEDICINE”, Prof. A. Rendle Short, M.D., F.R.C.S….  A distinguished Surgeon and well-educated Doctor traces the history of Medicine from the earliest times and conclusively PROVES that the simple Biblical “code of living” given to the Children of Israel by Moses through the inspiration of Almighty GOD incorporated the soundest possible “medical” wisdom against a background of  “medical knowledge” practised by the rest of mankind at that time that KILLED people with it’s “cures” and had it’s inspiration in OCCULTIC and DEMONIC origins.

In another book, “NONE OF THESE DISEASES” , by yet another doctor, S. I. McMillen, M.D…..  and revised and updated by David E. Stern, M.D…..  we can read further into God’s PRESCRIPTION versus the recommendations of “MEDICAL SCIENCE”….. and all these books are written by doctors and surgeons who have been educated to the fullest in the “ways of medicine” but who have come to realize it’s serious LIMITATIONS and underlying FLAWED FOUNDATION.

To whom will YOU turn today ?

to a loving GOD who says, “If thou wilt diligently hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy GOD, and wilt DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT IN HIS SIGHT…….. and wilt keep all of his statutes, I will put NONE of these diseases upon thee…..  for I AM THE LORD THAT HEALETH THEE.” Exodus 15:26

or to the phonebook for a “doctor” who does not (personally) care about you….. and to whom you come as just a STATISTIC… Patient #999….  a GUINEA PIG on which to try the latest “wonder” drug  being touted by some Pharmaceutical Company (with Directors and Shareholders greedy for PROFIT).

The CHOICE is up to YOU…. but a SERVANT of GOD (although he has great responsibility) has the  blessing (the promise that GOD will look after you).

If you are living your life APART FROM GOD and for your own SELFISH PLEASURE or PURPOSE…..  maybe the doctor can fix you up THIS TIME AROUND…. but the time will eventually come when he can do NOTHING FOR YOU…. and ULTIMATELY you will have to reckon with the FACT that you were NOT “made to last indefinitely” in your present form and THE END has come on your earthly existence…. do you have any HOPE at this point ?  PLEASE DO NOT put your HOPE in FAIRY TALES and FABLES because your reality is at stake….. your existence a complete waste having IGNORED the fundamental question of life itself…. for your entire lifetime.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may someone turn to You today… even as You call to us…. through nature…. through your Word…. through the lives of others… and through our very own thoughts…. THANK YOU for being there for us…. in Jesus Name… Amen.