Dedicated Christians WANT to know God’s will DAILY in all their circumstances and situations…… but as humans, we also have our own desires and natural weakness of the body and of the mind…. finally there are numerous demons trying to influence us in any way they can to do evil in the sight of the Lord and/or reduce us to a state of misery (mentally of physically).

HOW DO WE KNOW when some thought, idea or “voice in our head” is of God… of us…. or of evil beings ?  here are some suggestions:

1. we have to ponder the effect and outcome of it…. would it be spiritually neutral (neither good or bad) ? ….. because that is the only option in which our choice would be unclear…. because God does not lead to do evil and demons (satan) do not lead us to do good…. the Bible is our source of knowledge about what is good and what is evil and although the Holy Spirit many time helps us to know right from wrong directly in our hearts… He will not lead us contrary to the Bible Word.

2. if it’s neutral, how do we feel about it ?…. if it’s not something we wish to do, is there any benefit in doing it or not doing it ?

3. Finally, when we still do not know what to do… we have to TRUST that whatever we do will be according to God’s will…. because we have ASKED and BELIEVED that He will guide us…. God knows that we are testing to see if it’s of Him or not…. and He knows our hearts want to please Him… therefore if occasionally we make the mistake of thinking that the Holy Spirit’s leading is actually the leading of the devil, we are NOT guilty of the “unpardonable sin” because the unpardonable sin (calling the work of the Holy Spirit evil) is committed by people who are NOT “open minded” about the issue but have their own agenda… it suits them to commit the sin.

The case of Balaam

I used to think God was rather hard on Balaam (read Numbers 22:5 – 24:25 and Joshua 13:22). I mean he did what God told Him to do… He blessed the children of Israel  (even though that prevented him from getting Balak’s money)… He was obedient to God.. and still ended up getting murdered by the same children of Israel who he blessed.

His evil was that it was a GRUDGING obedience… Balaam wanted to curse the Israelites and accept Balak’s money…. and when he did not get his way (because God would not allow it)…. he showed Balak  how to ruin the Israelites by getting them to sin against their God (read Numbers 31:16 and Revelation 2:14).

Balaam did not love God… although he obeyed him…. and yet God used Balaam to do his work and afterwards destroyed him for his own sin.

THERE IS A WARNING IN HERE FOR PREACHERS OF THE GOSPEL TODAY….. who love money but do not have a right heart before God…. people think they are so holy… and they themselves think they are so holy, because they are in direct communication with God and preaching powerfully under His anointing…. healing, saving and have world-wide ministries…. huge churches, planes, houses, cars….. but if their HEART ATTITUDE is not right before God… they are no better than Balaam and will eventually be  destroyed for their own personal wickedness unless they REPENT

The case of Paul

In Acts 21:4 – 14 we see that the Holy Spirit warned Paul not to go to Jerusalem… and Paul chose to go anyway and suffered the consequences predicted.

I have often wondered about this, what caused Paul to be so defiant in the face of the prophecies?  Did God want him to go to Jerusalem or not ?

Since I don’t believe that Paul would intentionally disobey a direct command of God, I can only conclude that he must have felt that God was testing his resolve (with these prophecies) to see if the fear of capture and imprisonment would stop him from going there.

Certainly there is nothing in Scripture to suggest that God was displeased with him for his choice to ignore the warning… perhaps the lesson is that inspite of our wilful choices God does not abandon us although we suffer for our disobedience… and Paul was able to still write his letters in spite of his circumstances… because Paul’s heart was right with God.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Pleae help us to make the right choice when we do not have a clue what you would have us to do. Amen.



Do you have fears ? …. today lots of people are going through fear of one kind or another

Somebody said FEAR is, “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Fear can rob you of your sleep, make you unable to perform and virtually cripple you…. and the demons use fear more than any other emotion to control humans and get them to do whatever they want… or simply make life miserable for them.

In many cases there is no BASIS for this fear whatsoever…. a very successful person may have a terrible fear of failure…. what is the reason for the fear ?…. there may be none…. fear does not need a reason…. particularly when it comes from demonic attack.

How do you overcome fear ? ….. people who are not Christians head for the doctor or a shrink…. they label it “acute anxiety disorder” and put you on medication (DANGEROUS drugs with potentially fatal long-term consequences) and you become a walking zombie… listless, miserable, pathetic….

For the Christian, overcoming fear means battling the fear itself with the WORD of God….. we MUST prevail against the fear relentlessly using Scripture….. otherwise it gets worse and becomes harder to fight…..  although fear has put people in mental institutions before you should NOT FEAR THIS…. if you are a Child of God, He allows the battle for specific time… to strengthen you… to show your need of Him… to turn you away from sin…. but HE will NOT abandon you to be overcome by FEAR, He is watching over the battle….. He is your AID…. He is your Referee….  You WILL BE VICTORIOUS…. and He will give you “breaks” in between the attacks to strengthen yourself in Him….. when you are victorious, you will experience incredible peace, joy and happiness and better health than you have ever had before.

EVERYBODY has bouts with fear…. for some it is worse than others…. and nobody is immune to it….  what will YOU do when FEAR strikes you down ?

Do you know your Heavenly Father well enough to feel His comfort during your battle with FEAR ? …. if not, you can….. He is waiting for you to come to Him ….. you have the choice, will you choose the world’s ways or will you choose the Father’s ways ?

I have had battles with demonic fear….. powerful, irrational, demonic fear…. it is a horrible experience to go through but  God has brought me through every battle…. and I KNOW that the attacks are weakening and my FAITH is getting STRONGER.

Here are some Scriptures that helped me in my battles:

You will keep him in perfect PEACE, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You (Isaiah 26:3)

Whenever I am afraid, I will TRUST IN YOU (Psalm 56:3)

The LORD is my light and my salvation… Whom shall I fear ?… the LORD is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid ? (Psalm 27:1)

PRAISE THE LORD ….. and may His praise CONTINUALLY be in my mouth

As you meditate on the words, your FAITH is strengthened… and when you speak the words from a heart filled with FAITH… the words go out with the POWER of God behind them.

The person who is not a born-again Christian just does not understand this… to him the Bible was just written by man… is “just another book”… and therefore these ideas are all nonsense…. so off he goes to the pharmacy to fulfill his prescription and join the millions of other legal addicts…. I say to you BEWARE of Xanax, Ambien and Zoloff…. Christian or not, you DO NOT want to let a doctor get you hooked on these drugs… if you dont believe me, google it on the internet…. the worse part is… this is but the BEGINNING of the End…  in the next few years they will have even more DANGEROUS drugs on the “legal” market….. Satan is a BIG TIME drug lord… He wants EVERYBODY a walking zombie… they are so much easier to control that way.

I hope this post proves to be a blessing to someone today…. if it helped you…. you may drop me a line at  smendes@smendes.com … and I would love to hear from you.


Alas,  I am  guilty of  “interpreting the Scriptures through my own personal experiences” …. so I have extensively RE-WRITTEN my posts on Addiction and Masturbation… in light of fresh revelation from God.

Last night, God showed me the lie in my own heart…. how can I be so “DOGMATIC” about HIS ways ?…  just based on my own limited personal experience or viewpoint ?

DEMONS are associated with ADDICTIONS (whether it’s drugs or sex)… and I did not “escape”…. How dare I publish something suggesting that masturbation could be “good for you” when He had to go to such great extent to DELIVER me from the consequences of my own actions…. therefore I repent and ask your forgiveness…. you may re-read the contents of these posts online (if these topics are of interest to you).

NO HUMAN has “all the truth of God”…. we are all learning together throughout life….  therefore we must be willing to “eat our words” and be humble.

It is a serious thing, to promote ERROR in the name of the LORD….. therefore I could not simply correct the posts WITHOUT informing those to whom it was emailed (in it’s original state)

Greater is the responsibility of the TEACHER…. however I can not simply stop teaching…. because God has called me to do it….

All I can do is make correction …. whenever He shows me to make correction…. because it is not about me….. but about HIM.


This is not my first message on love but I feel led to write one today… the last few topics have been “harsh” and difficult to “swallow” and, although true, they must be considered along with the LOVE of GOD.

The Bible says, “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning….. ” (Lamentations 3:22 – 23)

When He announced Himself to Moses…. BOTH HIS LOVE and His JUDGEMENT were mentioned TOGETHER….. “The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the childen’s children, unto the third and fourth generation.” (Exodus 34:6 – 7)

The Bible record from the beginning to the end shows GOD’s LOVE, His mercy, His forgiveness to humans…. and the Bible record from beginning to the end show man’s failure and his inability to meet God’s requirements on even the simplest matters in a consistent manner…. certainly there are glowing examples of faith and love towards God by various people, but in each these same people’s lives  are failure at some point…. yet God does not delight in man’s failure, He forgives because of His great LOVE for US…. read Micah 6:3 – 8 and Isaiah 1:18

In Jesus, we see BOTH the JUDGEMENT of GOD AND HIS LOVE…..  Jesus suffered horribly on OUR account, because of OUR SIN….  and yet, showed forth HIS LOVE towards His disciples and the multitudes of people who sought Him out.

Every person who truly knows GOD can testify that HE IS GOOD…. that He answers prayer… that He forgives failure….. any resentment we might have towards GOD comes from the fact that we do not recognize His RIGHT to direct our path, we want to go our own way…. and yet He puts up with this too, and still welcomes us back again…. after we have made a mess of things, scorned His Holy Name and done more sins… and is this not LOVE ?

Therfore when the DESTRUCTION of God comes on humans, it is an absolute “last resort”……. and even then, the righteous are spared, remember Lot ? …. God delivered him out of Sodom before the destruction, because he was more honorable than the rest of the people there. (Genesis 19:29)

Doubtless… somebody will tell me of some good Christian person who died or suffered (in an attempt to show that God does not always deliver His people)…. can a few “apparent exceptions” disprove what the Bible says about God ?… moreover, although as humans, we view death and suffering as the worst possible thing that could happen to anyone…. yet God does not view it that way…. Jesus suffered and now He reigns supreme forever…. Job suffered and afterwards was given greater reward. (Job 42:10 – 12)…. there is a great difference betwen the JUDGEMENT of God on wicked men and the sufferings of righteous people.

EVERYBODY suffers whether little of much…. and EVERYBODY dies eventually whether sooner or later…

but those that LOVE THE LORD…. never suffer or die in vain…. “precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15)

My friend…. the LORD loves you today….. TODAY He calls to you in LOVE….. saying “I LOVE YOU…. do you LOVE me ??”

My friend… the problem is never GOD’s love for you…. the real problem is, your love for GOD…..   do you love Him ?

Jesus said, “If you love me keep my commandments”…. (John 14:15)

If you do not FEEL loving towards GOD today… you can still show Him your love by keeping His commandments and as you seek to know Him better… eventually you will feel loving towards Him also.

Whether your “love for God” starts with your ACTIONS…. or whether your “love for God” begins with your EMOTIONS…. if you are SERIOUS about “wanting to love Him”, then eventually you will grow to love Him in every way (with your Body, Will, Mind, Soul and Emotions).

Your relationship with God is VERY REAL…. even though He is not here like a human…. you can talk to Him in prayer freely, just like how you would talk to a human friend….. and He answers you in many different ways…..  sometimes with a thought that comes into your mind, sometimes through the words of other people, sometimes through circumstances (“miracles” in your life), sometimes through the words of the Bible or the words of a hymn.

Although He can answer you through a direct “voice” also, this is NOT normally the way He communicates… except in rare instances, when a person is in deep CRISIS.

The main point is….. God WILL communicate with His children…. and He will lead them in the paths that they should go…. but He decides on the method.

The demons are trying to communicate with you also…. this is why you are supposed to TEST your thoughts, to see if they be “of God” or not….. but you need NOT fear them, because most times, GOD will make sure that you “know” what communication is from Him.

If you are His dear child, He will not allow you to “wander” too far… even if you occasionally make a “mistake” in thinking He has told you something, when it was not Him….. God knows your heart, He knows your motives…. God is well able to guide you and you must BELIEVE this…. as your relationship grows with Him, your certainty of His guidance will also grow…. but you MUST keep your heart pure…. sin in your life and in your thoughts, will lead you to confusion where you no longer are certain what is of God and what is of “other sources”….. the more you “drift” into sin and away from God, the easier it will be for seducing spirits to lead you…. if you dont repent and clean up your life, eventually you might even be following the demon guidance thinking that it is God leading you.

I have tried to explain to you in words, as exactly as  possible, HOW God leads us through our spirits… because some Christian people don’t really understand this….  they believe they are not getting any answers to their prayers….. if they would draw closer to God, as I have explained above, then they would hear Him better.