In this Bible blog we have looked at many ways in which the “world viewpoint” is different from GOD’s viewpoint and we have also seen that many established churches have views that are “of the world” and not of GOD…. amazing, since they are reading the same Bible as all the rest of us.

Do you truly love GOD ? ….. you know many people who say they love GOD have not really analyzed their own heart…… SIN keeps us from fellowship with GOD but cannot really change our love for Him…. we either love Him, in which case our sin causes us much distress…. or we do not love Him, in which case our sin does not cause us much distress.

The greater is your love for GOD then the more problem you are going to have with sin in your life.

ADDICTIONS that you cannot overcome……  like drugs, sex, over-eating or any habit that controls your behavior….. can range from imperceptible to a “serious problem” that everybody can recognize….. because ALL addictions start small and grow gradually… some grow faster than others…. some get bigger than others…  just like plants, every one  is different.

One of the biggest CONFUSIONS is deciding for sure….. whether something is the work of DEMON spirits…. or simply a “natural” condition.

All sickness is not caused by demons….. and all habits are not the work of demons…. but some people preach this.

Other churches who are very confused over this….  simply ignore demons altogether.

So what’s the TRUTH ???

The term “demon possession” is not strictly correct…. because in most cases, the person is still exercising their own will and the demon is merely “influencing” them when possible, and in many cases very subtly.

In my case, the extent of the control of the demon over my body did not become apparent to me UNTIL I DESIRED TO DRAW CLOSER TO GOD…. once I realized the extent of his control over my PHYSICAL HEALTH…. I was VERY SAD AND UPSET…. and I CRIED AND CRIED, because I BLAMED MYSELF FOR BACKSLIDING FROM GOD….. it was in this state, that I HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD speaking to me….. I followed His instructions and HE REMOVED THE DEMON…. although the “deliverance experience” only lasted one night….  I came under “spiritual attack” for nearly a whole month after that….. GOD allowed me to go through this experience to reveal more of Himself to me and to make sure that I would NEVER EVER FORGET the lessons He taught me…. to increase my FAITH and TRUST in Him….. to show me that HE is ALL POWERFUL and OMNIPOTENT….. to show me that I need NOTHING ELSE but HIM (not food, not sleep… all the things  reason would dictate… humans “need” to surviive).

It was a time for me to battle FEAR itself…. doctors wanted to “medicate” me for all sorts of “conditions” they “diagnosed”….. my sister was convinced I would have a “nervous breakdown” and end up a mental patient.

It was an AWEFUL time for me…. I dont want to make it sound GLAMOROUS…. and I would NOT want to go through that again….. but it was BENEFICIAL and NECESSARY….

Here are the LASTING ADVANTAGES… which I list below….

1. Peace and joy in my heart everyday

2. The CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE that “it’s all REAL”….. the BIBLE…. heaven… hell…. angels… demons….. and most of all, JESUS CHRIST…. our SAVIOUR and BEST FRIEND….. the LOVE of GOD the FATHER.

3. Lots of people go to church and pray and love the Lord and do Christian work …. nice people…. who have never commited “aweful” sins (like me) or had a demon “in residence” in their body…. but most of them have NEVER actually HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD either….  or gone through what I went through physically…. and it is AWESOME…. I mean the CREATOR GOD…. MAKER of the UNIVERSE…. actually having a two-way conversation with me …. and working miracles, just like you read about in the old testament prophets…. it is not the experience of the “average” Christian…. and even though I am glad that I am back to living a “normal everyday life”…. because of that experience, the course of my life has been changed forever…. and I will never be the same again, I mean my values, my outlook on life…. everything changed.

4. I have new power over my own body and over my mind and I have power over sin.

I started this Bible blog at the prompting of the Holy Spirit…. and I KNOW that every post I make will ultimately be a blessing to somebody, somewhere in the world….. people I will never know or meet will be helped in their walk with God…. and you know…. that’s ALL that really matters…. this world is just a school to TEACH US ABOUT GOD….  Jesus said “the flesh profiteth NOTHING” (John 6:63)…. because when we leave this world, the ONLY THING that matters beyond the grave is “the fruit” we have born for Him (John 15:16)…. the lives we have touched for Him…. and the growth in our own spiritual character…  in our knowledge, understanding and relationship with HIM.

Look around you today…. no wonder Jesus said “many are called but FEW are chosen” (Matthew 22:14)….. no wonder He said, “narrow is the gate…..  which leads unto life, and FEW there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14)

Will you be one of those FEW ? …… Will you impact the world for Jesus ?

ASK GOD to direct your life and He will, IF you are serious….. if you mean business with Him…. God is no respecter of persons…. He will accept you and deliver you if you are serious…. you must want this with all your heart.