Why is it that people admire “BAD boys”, “gangsters” and anyone who “flouts authority”  ? …. why is it that they laugh at and often tease, “soft”, obedient, children trying to be “good” ?

Almost every “successful” person that people admire….. is PROUD, ARROGANT and a REBEL…. you need look no further than your nearest politician or favorite singer (Rihanna ?)….. even Reverends of the Church are rebels….. and so we have rebel “priests” making “public statements” contrary to the Bible, yet using the Bible to justify their actions and behavior (just to get attention and bask in the publicity of controversy)….. presently in Barbados, we witness the  IMPASSE between the teachers and the principal of Alexandra School (each side concerned with their OWN IMPORTANCE and THEIR RIGHTS)…. and neither side really CARING about the children (except to give lip-service to their plight and use them as pawns in their power struggle).

For everybody it seems to be… it’s all about ME…. and MY RIGHTS are the most important….. how dare anybody else even suggest that I should backdown and let the other side win ?

May I suggest that many people have their “own personal god”…… fashioned in their own imagination and according to their wishes, a “convenient” god that obligingly makes them the center of their own universe ?

Is it not so ?

How often do I hear people say, my god is loving and kind….. my god does not kill people.

and when I show them some of the passages in the Old Testament, they make excuses, they say that since Jesus came and God is love and peace…. Jesus was a pacifist.. love your enemies, resist not evil, etc…. God is not going to do anything bad to humans…. I am a GOOD person, God’s not going to send me to hell (in fact this whole idea of hell is not real anyway…. it’s just an “expression”).

If you say “I’m not such a bad person… he will let me get away with my faults” you deceive yourself.. BUT if you REPENT and CONFESS that you are a VILE and WORTHLESS sinner (which is the truth) and that you DESPERATELY NEED HIS HELP to save you from YOURSELF (and unless HE does something with you…. you ARE DOOMED)….. then you will find that He does have sympathy for you and you will be amazed at His love and mercy.

Read in a Bible…  Romans 12:19, Hebrews 10:31, 2 Peter 2:4 -9

Then compare Exodus 34:7   with Revelation 6:15 – 17

The BIBLE is ONE… God’s JUDGEMENT is just as important as HIS LOVE throughout the Bible…. O sinner, you have the CHOICE… please ACCEPT that GOD is RIGHTEOUS and be SAVED today…. and do not let mankind deceive you with a doctrine that puts MAN’s life, comfort and happiness as the sole purpose of God’s existence.

But we don’t like to “grovel” do we ? …. we SAY we respect GOD’s power and authority … but in reality, we magnify ourselves before MEN (other humans just like us)… we are all master “show-offs”…. and our hearts deceive us where GOD is concerned…. we really don’t “grovel” before Him either (He is our “friend”… He is on “our side”… He will “vindicate and magnify us before other humans”…. He will make US “great”… can you see the LIE ?… can you not see that this is a “SELF-CENTERED”  conception of “our God”.

People of this Earth… just like you cannot comprehend how He can DESTROY YOU and LOVE YOU at the same time….. you will not be able to comprehend how the HOLY ONE…. inhabiting ETERNITY… INFINITE, BOUNDLESS, LIMITLESS….. GOD’s sublimity…. His total TRANSCENDENCE, RESPLENDENT GLORY…. and UNAPPROACHABLE HOLINESS….. so far, far removed from “our lives here on this little planet” (where a few degress in temperature change or a little less oxygen and EVERY LIVING THING DIES)…. this same GLORIOUS and AWESOME GOD can hear the prayer of a little child and help him to find a lost puppy…..

People of this planet…. do not become WISE IN YOUR OWN CONCEITS (Romans 12:16 – 17)…. because you can NEVER “understand” GOD with your finite and LIMITED mental faculties (Romans 12:3)….. there is only ONE PLACE for all of us “GROVELLING” in awe, and wonder before HIM.

Anyone who “magnifies” himself before GOD… is repeating the original sin of  Lucifer, Satan, the Devil…. as recorded in Isaiah 14:13 -14 and Ezekiel 28:2

It is totally RIDICULOUS that people “fear” evil rather than GOD…. they mistakenly think that because He is “kind and loving” they have nothing to fear…. so instead they respect the devil or wicked men rather than GOD who is so far above all that it BOGGLES the human mind.

Satan and his demons rule over humans through their own “fear of misfortune” and their “desperate desire to get ahead of the competition (other humans)”….. but in reality before the HOLY ONE, satan is nothing more than another “creation” and totally powerless to do anything about his own fate… so he magnifies himself in front of mankind and tries to upset and ruin the lives of the “true children of GOD” (against whom He has absolutely no power unless permitted by GOD for specific purpose).


The ONLY TRUE GOD is the ONE presented in the BIBLE….. and HIS “agenda” is different from yours….. furthermore, you are no more important to  Him than all the other MILLIONS OF PEOPLE that pray to Him daily.

This why you should be HUMBLE and MEEK….  ALLOWING OTHERS to  HAVE THEIR WAY…. even at your expense…. in the long run, you will be the winner.


if you have heard this before … that’s because it is EVERYWHERE in the Bible…. from the Psalms right through to the words of Jesus in His “sermon on the mount”

now go and look up what “meek” means in you nearest Dictionary

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