Do you have fears ? …. today lots of people are going through fear of one kind or another

Somebody said FEAR is, “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Fear can rob you of your sleep, make you unable to perform and virtually cripple you…. and the demons use fear more than any other emotion to control humans and get them to do whatever they want… or simply make life miserable for them.

In many cases there is no BASIS for this fear whatsoever…. a very successful person may have a terrible fear of failure…. what is the reason for the fear ?…. there may be none…. fear does not need a reason…. particularly when it comes from demonic attack.

How do you overcome fear ? ….. people who are not Christians head for the doctor or a shrink…. they label it “acute anxiety disorder” and put you on medication (DANGEROUS drugs with potentially fatal long-term consequences) and you become a walking zombie… listless, miserable, pathetic….

For the Christian, overcoming fear means battling the fear itself with the WORD of God….. we MUST prevail against the fear relentlessly using Scripture….. otherwise it gets worse and becomes harder to fight…..  although fear has put people in mental institutions before you should NOT FEAR THIS…. if you are a Child of God, He allows the battle for specific time… to strengthen you… to show your need of Him… to turn you away from sin…. but HE will NOT abandon you to be overcome by FEAR, He is watching over the battle….. He is your AID…. He is your Referee….  You WILL BE VICTORIOUS…. and He will give you “breaks” in between the attacks to strengthen yourself in Him….. when you are victorious, you will experience incredible peace, joy and happiness and better health than you have ever had before.

EVERYBODY has bouts with fear…. for some it is worse than others…. and nobody is immune to it….  what will YOU do when FEAR strikes you down ?

Do you know your Heavenly Father well enough to feel His comfort during your battle with FEAR ? …. if not, you can….. He is waiting for you to come to Him ….. you have the choice, will you choose the world’s ways or will you choose the Father’s ways ?

I have had battles with demonic fear….. powerful, irrational, demonic fear…. it is a horrible experience to go through but  God has brought me through every battle…. and I KNOW that the attacks are weakening and my FAITH is getting STRONGER.

Here are some Scriptures that helped me in my battles:

You will keep him in perfect PEACE, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You (Isaiah 26:3)

Whenever I am afraid, I will TRUST IN YOU (Psalm 56:3)

The LORD is my light and my salvation… Whom shall I fear ?… the LORD is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid ? (Psalm 27:1)

PRAISE THE LORD ….. and may His praise CONTINUALLY be in my mouth

As you meditate on the words, your FAITH is strengthened… and when you speak the words from a heart filled with FAITH… the words go out with the POWER of God behind them.

The person who is not a born-again Christian just does not understand this… to him the Bible was just written by man… is “just another book”… and therefore these ideas are all nonsense…. so off he goes to the pharmacy to fulfill his prescription and join the millions of other legal addicts…. I say to you BEWARE of Xanax, Ambien and Zoloff…. Christian or not, you DO NOT want to let a doctor get you hooked on these drugs… if you dont believe me, google it on the internet…. the worse part is… this is but the BEGINNING of the End…  in the next few years they will have even more DANGEROUS drugs on the “legal” market….. Satan is a BIG TIME drug lord… He wants EVERYBODY a walking zombie… they are so much easier to control that way.

I hope this post proves to be a blessing to someone today…. if it helped you…. you may drop me a line at  smendes@smendes.com … and I would love to hear from you.