Dedicated Christians WANT to know God’s will DAILY in all their circumstances and situations…… but as humans, we also have our own desires and natural weakness of the body and of the mind…. finally there are numerous demons trying to influence us in any way they can to do evil in the sight of the Lord and/or reduce us to a state of misery (mentally of physically).

HOW DO WE KNOW when some thought, idea or “voice in our head” is of God… of us…. or of evil beings ?  here are some suggestions:

1. we have to ponder the effect and outcome of it…. would it be spiritually neutral (neither good or bad) ? ….. because that is the only option in which our choice would be unclear…. because God does not lead to do evil and demons (satan) do not lead us to do good…. the Bible is our source of knowledge about what is good and what is evil and although the Holy Spirit many time helps us to know right from wrong directly in our hearts… He will not lead us contrary to the Bible Word.

2. if it’s neutral, how do we feel about it ?…. if it’s not something we wish to do, is there any benefit in doing it or not doing it ?

3. Finally, when we still do not know what to do… we have to TRUST that whatever we do will be according to God’s will…. because we have ASKED and BELIEVED that He will guide us…. God knows that we are testing to see if it’s of Him or not…. and He knows our hearts want to please Him… therefore if occasionally we make the mistake of thinking that the Holy Spirit’s leading is actually the leading of the devil, we are NOT guilty of the “unpardonable sin” because the unpardonable sin (calling the work of the Holy Spirit evil) is committed by people who are NOT “open minded” about the issue but have their own agenda… it suits them to commit the sin.

The case of Balaam

I used to think God was rather hard on Balaam (read Numbers 22:5 – 24:25 and Joshua 13:22). I mean he did what God told Him to do… He blessed the children of Israel  (even though that prevented him from getting Balak’s money)… He was obedient to God.. and still ended up getting murdered by the same children of Israel who he blessed.

His evil was that it was a GRUDGING obedience… Balaam wanted to curse the Israelites and accept Balak’s money…. and when he did not get his way (because God would not allow it)…. he showed Balak  how to ruin the Israelites by getting them to sin against their God (read Numbers 31:16 and Revelation 2:14).

Balaam did not love God… although he obeyed him…. and yet God used Balaam to do his work and afterwards destroyed him for his own sin.

THERE IS A WARNING IN HERE FOR PREACHERS OF THE GOSPEL TODAY….. who love money but do not have a right heart before God…. people think they are so holy… and they themselves think they are so holy, because they are in direct communication with God and preaching powerfully under His anointing…. healing, saving and have world-wide ministries…. huge churches, planes, houses, cars….. but if their HEART ATTITUDE is not right before God… they are no better than Balaam and will eventually be  destroyed for their own personal wickedness unless they REPENT

The case of Paul

In Acts 21:4 – 14 we see that the Holy Spirit warned Paul not to go to Jerusalem… and Paul chose to go anyway and suffered the consequences predicted.

I have often wondered about this, what caused Paul to be so defiant in the face of the prophecies?  Did God want him to go to Jerusalem or not ?

Since I don’t believe that Paul would intentionally disobey a direct command of God, I can only conclude that he must have felt that God was testing his resolve (with these prophecies) to see if the fear of capture and imprisonment would stop him from going there.

Certainly there is nothing in Scripture to suggest that God was displeased with him for his choice to ignore the warning… perhaps the lesson is that inspite of our wilful choices God does not abandon us although we suffer for our disobedience… and Paul was able to still write his letters in spite of his circumstances… because Paul’s heart was right with God.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, Pleae help us to make the right choice when we do not have a clue what you would have us to do. Amen.