Read Luke 13:1 – 5

men must not judge but REPENT

Natural disasters are occurring with increasing frequency now…. the 20th Century may have been the “best” time for the earth (scientific “progress” provided a “better quality” of life for millions than was possible in the preceeding generations…  natural disasters were not of the magnitude that went before or are to come in the future).

Humans recoil from disaster…. the suffering…. the deaths….but they need to look at the BIGGER picture….. even a comfortable, cosy life ultimately ends in DEATH… for the sinner as well as the saint…. what is of the utmost importance is the manner of our life while we are here.

Are we living for GOD or for SELF ?

Most people who are living for self believe that self-denial means loss of pleasure and of other “good things” that they want for themselves.

But the reality is, that when you put GOD’s will for your life before your own…. He provides “good things” and pleasures for you as well…. it really is a question of ATTITUDE…. and of letting Him choose for you.

TRUSTING that He is CARING for your needs….. along the way, He also allows some of your WANTS (and you can be sure that the “wants” He does not allow were NOT “good” for your ultimate benefit).

We do not know WHY some Christians live a peaceful life into ripe old age and others die horribly in some disaster…. and we do not know what our own future may be…. but that should NOT affect our IMMEDIATE CHOICE of choosing GOD’s way over our own way.

If you realize that GOD is the SOURCE of any concept of what is “good”….  and that the purpose of Satan is the ultimate destruction of ALL humans…. surely your choice becomes a no-brainer ?

The demons continue to tempt, test and seduce humans with all sorts of thoughts in their heads…. on a daily basis…. but they do not LOVE you, they only want to USE you to further their agenda… and after your body is dead, they will simply find some other host victim to work on.

Humans…. because they feel so helpless to control their own environment….. make all sorts of “deals” with demons…. for protection, for wealth and success, for health…..  for getting whatever THEY want…. but the demons are not the ultimate authority and they are only created beings who are good at LYING and DECEPTION…..  even if they can DECEIVE you into thinking that “they have your back and that nothing bad could possibly happen to you”….. the TRUTH is they CANNOT deliver… because even though they have more power than you do, their power is still limited in many ways…. only GOD has ABSOLUTE POWER and AUTHORITY to do ANYTHING….. don’t you think it is better to be under GOD’s command ?…. He is the one who made you and He is the  ONE who truly cares about your welfare.

When you are going through trials and suffering… the demons whisper in your mind…. “GOD does not care about you…. look what is happening to you…. if God cared about you, do you think you would be suffering so?”

What will your reaction be ?

Will you LISTEN to the demon, and by so doing, allow him to gain a greater foothold (more territory) in your mind ?   OR…. will you follow the example of Jesus (Matthew 4:1 – 11)…. and use an appropriate Scripture verse to defeat his LIES ?

This is the ESSENCE of Spiritual Warfare…. and it goes on all the time… with every Christian who is living for God….. not just the few who are called to this particular ministry (for them it is just more intense).

The reason the sinful man does not “experience” this spiritual battle is because he is neither living for Christ…. nor guarding his mind…. he is in effect, “a sitting duck”, in most cases, doing whatever the demon(s) lead him to do… and the more they “take over” his mind and thoughts, the more bizarre will become his behaviour….. leading to all manner of sin, vice and even criminal activity.

Disasters are going to get worse…. and the economy is going to completely collapse…. there is nothing good coming in the future  (Luke 21:26) …….  UNLESS YOU REPENT AND ACCEPT THE FREE GIFT OF SALVATION THROUGH THE GOSPEL (good news)… only then you have a GLORIOUS future !