What do the “Christian Religion” and Witchcraft have in common ?

Far, FAR too much….. the Bible CONDEMNS “ritual religion”…. read Matthew 23:14-28, Mark 12:38-40, Luke 20:46-47 …. these statements of Jesus made a great impression on the disciples because they (like everybody else) looked up to the “religious leaders” for spiritual guidance.

Consider also, Luke 18:11-14,  the WORD says the Pharisee prayed with HIMSELF….. God was not interested in that “prayer”.

HOW MANY Roman Catholic priests, Anglican clergy or “robed authorities” of other “religious orders” are chanting “prayers” out of books….. thinking they are “worshipping” God…. when in reality, their “prayers” are going no higher than the ceiling…. and God is NOT PLEASED with their “worship of Him”…. Isaiah 29:13, Matthew 15:7-9 should cause you to THINK about what GOD EXPECTS OF YOU…. and to realize the UTTER FUTILITY of worshipping God the way it suits you… instead of the way that He tells you it should be done.

In reality, they are repeating the mistake of Cain (Genesis 4:3-7)….. Surely if somebody wants to honor GOD, they would try to find out what pleases Him and do it ?…. Is it not only futile, but also DISRESPECTFUL to give God what suits you rather than what He wants ?

But let us examine the “worship” of these “Christian” churches….


This is the basis of “spell casting” and PAGAN worship…. repeated phrases…. mantras…. INTONATION and INCANTATION play a critical part in all “religions” of MEN.

The Bible tells us that we are NOT to recite mantras….. but to talk to God from our heart, just as we would to any other PERSON…. elaborate “ceremonies” are neither required or appreciated by Him.


Entire books have been written about “CANDLE MAGIC” and the use of Candles (the color, substance and number) in RITUAL magic….. NOWHERE IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE are there any instructions that the NUMBER, COLOR or PATTERN of candles has any part in the Worship of GOD…. and yet today… in many of the “established” churches that proclaim to be “Christian”…. they are lighting candles of specific colors on specific days and times…. STOP IT ! … it is neither Biblical nor Christian …. and it is NOT “harmless” either…. how can adopting PAGAN RITUALS associated with the worship of demons be “harmless” ? ……. NO WONDER the Christians are LUKEWARM and the unsaved are not converted when OCCULTIC RITUALS are present in their “services” to God !


The Catholics say that their statues are there “just to remind them” and that they do not actually worship the statues and therefore they see no connection between their images and the IDOLATRY spoken about in the Bible. Really ?

The reality is somewhat different… as many former Catholics will testify.

The REALITY is that evil spirits attach themselves to OBJECTS… this is well known phenomena in the occult …. where emphasis is placed on SIGNS, SYMBOLS and OBJECTS…. the “power” that any of these have (if indeed they have any power) comes from the demon spirit.

God has set certain laws in place that LIMIT the activity of demons in the earthly plane of existence, to protect innocent humans and safeguard their rights. However, when humans cross the line of THEIR OWN FREE WILL and VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE the “path of error” over what He has revealed in His Bible (Romans 1:22-31)….. the power and influence of demons is greatly increased……  think about it,  it is NOT NECESSARY to have statues, beads, potions (holy water ? holy oil ?) to Worship our AWESOME GOD… so why do it ?…… where did this idea come from ??

are you (possibly) appealing to the pre-scribed Tabernacle and Temple worship of the Jews ?

1. This started LONG AFTER the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph) who worshipped God in a very simple manner.

2. This was permitted by God (although under His strict direction) at the direct request of his people…. It was David who wanted to build a Temple to God….. and the tabernacle was asked for by the people themselves in the wilderness when they did not want to face God DIRECTLY… read Exodus 20:18-19

3. this was forward-looking in TYPE and ILLUSTRATION of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

4. but by the time Jesus Christ came, this “temple worship” had already descended into CORRUPTION…. incorporating RITUALS and INCANTATIONS added by men and NEVER given by God… Jesus himself told the woman at the well, what the future would hold for Worshippers of God…. read John 4:23

But this Roman Catholic church magnifies ITSELF above the Lord Jesus Christ….. and anybody who is not a Roman Catholic can see this….  and doubtless, even many Roman Catholics know this…. but either they just dont care or they dont know what to do about it….

You know what the sad thing is ? ….. many of the spin-off  Protestant “denominations”…. Anglicans, Methodists, etc. …. have embraced many of the same heresies also….. quenching the Holy Spirit of God freely given to all true Christians after Pentecost,  with their formal RITUALISM and manifold TRADITIONS.

This call today….. goes out to all who will hear… worship the Lord in the beauty of HOLINESS (Psalm 96:9) ….. ascribe to the LORD, the glory due His Name (Psalm 29:2)… rend your hearts and not your garments (Joel 2:13)….. let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually…. giving thanks to his name…. but to do GOOD and to SHARE forget not; for with SUCH SACRIFICES GOD IS WELL PLEASED (Hebrews 13:15-16)

Romans 12:1 …..  “service” (KJV)…  is the Greek word (latreia) which is also used for (divine) WORSHIP.

Kingdom of God

Much confusion exists over this topic…. and the Jehovah Witness religion is a perfect example of how the Bible can be completely mis-read (and humans mis-led) by a so-called “logical” (devoid of  spiritual insight) approach to interpretation of the Bible.

Kingdom of God could mean:

1. Universal rule of God everywhere

2. Rule of God on earth

3. Rule of God in Heaven

Currently God’s will rules in Heaven but not on Earth (except in the abstract sense of His permissive will)…. God gave man free will and put him in charge of the earth and look what he has done with it !

The Bible clearly teaches that eventually His Will will prevail on the earth  “as it does in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10)….. meaning that all humans (living at that time) will  VOLUNTARILY obey his will in everything and all the time. (Isaiah 11:9, Habakkuk  2:14, Zechariah 14:9)

The Bible also teaches us that when this happens, God will rule the whole world from Jerusalem and that the Jewish nation of Israel  will have the higest authority in administering this one-world government. (Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:2-3, Zechariah 8:23)

There will be NO “Palestinian State” within the borders of the land that God has given to Israel….. so before this Kingdon of God is set up on the earth, either the Palestinians will have to move elsewhere in the Arab world or surrender their nationality (and become a “part of Israel”)  or be totally exterminated from existence altogether.

Since none of these options looks likely at this time…. it could be a while before the Kingdom of God is set up on this earth !

What I am writing does not find “favor” with “modern thought”…. the idea of exterminating an entire nation seems “barbaric”…. the idea of Jewish supremacy seems “racist”….  the world is currently obsessed with “equality” and “democracy”… EVERY “viewpoint” is of equal importance… EVERY person has “equal rights” regardless of gender, race, class or creed…. but can you see the FALLACY of this “modern” way of thinking ????

1. Humans have NEVER been able to find a TRUE CONSENSUS on ANYTHING…. democracy is based of “majority” consensus which still leaves BITTER minorities because people do not simply abandon their “points of view and ideas” just so ! … at the root of it is SELFISHNESS…. the second commandment… people simply DO NOT LOVE OTHERS as they do THEMSELVES…. or surrender their OWN “viewpoints” to the majority opinion out of LOVE and SACRIFICE.

2. ORDER in the UNIVERSE therefore requires NOT a “democracy” but a THEOCRACY with a “top down” CHAIN-OF-COMMAND…. and is not the MILITARY model the ONLY “system of organisation” that actually achieves anything like success among humans on this planet ???…. GOD is the CREATOR….. to restore ORDER to a chaotic Universe after the entrance of SIN and SELFISHNESS…. He chose to put man over woman… and the nation of Israel over the other nations… why ?… He knows why… but the point is SOMEBODY had to take the RESPONSIBILITY…. the nation of Israel became responsible for witnessing to all nations the Truths of God and His Ways….. the man became responsible for running a household, caring for his wife and training his children in the Truths of God and His ways…. what we are witnessing in the world today is not “progressive enlightenment” but a BREAKDOWN in the GOD ORDAINED ORDER (or “chain-of-command”)

But do not be suprised at this…. it was all foretold in the Bible… exactly the way it is now going down !

Romans 1:28-32 describes perfectly the majority of the inhabitants of “today’s world”

The Bible teaches that the rest of the nations will turn against Israel before Jesus Christ returns and this IS happening gradually….. as more and more nations begin to regard Israel as the “problem” to Middle East peace and favor the Palestinian “position” as part of the “solution” to the impasse.

In spite of the “strange language” of prophecy and vision, any serious Bible researcher can know what is coming in the future for this earth….. and it aint pretty….. ( Luke 21:10-11, Luke 21:25-26)

before this Kingdom of God  is established there is going to be a terrible time of hardship ….. created in part by natural catastrophic events, but also brought about by the cruel rule of humans (who will come to power under the guise of “strong measures” for “desperate times”)…… only a minority will be able to realize the  EVIL “spiritual” agenda behind this “world dictatorship”, because regard for God and the Bible will be at an all time low….. and in fact, Christians will be once again be persecuted with a global intensity not seen since the First Century AD !


Read 1 Kings 13:1-32

Here is the insight relevant to this passage:

We are NOT to allow any preacher, church member or friend to cause us to doubt the truth of God’s Word once it has been revealed to us by God Himself (Galatians 1:8-9)

We are expected to have a relationship with God directly and not look around for somebody else to give us words on God’s behalf…. because they could all be LIES.

The physical death of the Man of God does not mean that he was eternally cast away…. it only means that he was taken out of this world for his disobedience….. all Christians should consider that as representatives of Christ in this world,  if their actions are bringing dishonor to His Name then God may remove them out of this world for their own good, so that they do not continue to bring further condemnation on themselves (1 Corinthians 11:29-32, Revelation 2:20-23)

Finally, although the Man of God disobeyed and was punished with death…. the Word of God which he delivered was fulfilled….  2 Kings 23:16-18

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we do not want to disobey you, please grant that we will never find ourselves in this position….. for your love’s sake… and in Jesus name we pray.. Amen.


The extent to which man plays a part in his own salvation has always been a source of argument among theologians.

The Bible makes it clear that God knows the future…. therefore He knows what choices all of us will make in each and every situation BEFORE we make them….. therefore even if you were to accept that man plays a part in his own salvation, God still knows who will be saved and who will not be saved…. and He works miracles on behalf of the saved and the ones who will be saved. (Romans 8:29, Hebrews 1:14)

Has God worked miracles in your life ? ….. then REJOICE, it is a sign that you are among the redeemed…. the CERTAIN knowledge of your own salvation and the ETERNAL SECURITY of it moves beyond the realm of a theological argument to a REVELATION of the Holy Spirit to your own human spirit. (Romans 8:16, John 15:16, Matthew 16:17)

A saved person CANNOT be unsaved….  the very idea that one can change ones salvation by anything that one chooses to do is RIDICULOUS and it CONTRADICTS Scripture as well as experience (John 6:39, John 10:26-29) …. however, irrespective of rational and logical deliberation (which is the province of the human MIND) comes the revelation of God (this is the province of YOUR spirit)…. you just “know”, plain and simple, and nothing anybody else can say to you on the subject will shake your confidence… why ?… because you have had a REVELATION from the Almighty in your spirit. (Romans 8:14, Romans 8:16)

Human based “religion” devises all manner of Doctrines and Creeds… based on “logic” and “reason” and “analysis” of “interpretation” of the Scriptures (don’t get me wrong…. I am not advocating the abandonment of reason and logic and the use of your MIND and “common sense”…. because you need to use ALL YOUR FACULTIES in your Christian walk with God) but when God’s Holy Spirit  reveals TRUTH to our “human” spirit then we KNOW, beyond what we can “figure out” with our MIND in the Scriptures. (Hebrews 4:12)

The argument for conditional salvation is based on human ideas….. and “reasoning” from the human point-of-view….. and may often lead to the error of a WORKS-BASED “salvation”…. where people need to be continuously working to “maintain” their “salvation”.

I can testify that the MIRACLES that GOD  in the “restoration to fellowship” of a “backslider” are neither “random” or “wasted”….. humans “do err” greatly when they “write off” a “former” Christian who, so they say, has “lost” his/her salvation (cant you see that this is a HUMAN viewpoint ? )…. IF a person IS saved (in the first place) they cannot become “unsaved”…. to accept such a position makes “salvation” nothing more than a HUMAN-based “idea”.

What then is the whole testimony of the Old Testament ? ….. That God CHOSE the nation of Israel ….. and NOTHING that they have done or can do will negate GOD’s great work on their behalf…. Watch and see for yourself… ULTIMATELY GOD will be GLORIFIED IN ISRAEL (during the Millenial Reign of Christ… which is still to come !)….. Israel has been PUNISHED for his sins but he has NEVER been DIS-INHERITED…. (2 Samuel 7:13-15) the very notion of a “son” implies this…. once a son, always a son…. you may be a total exasperation to your father…. but you cannot become “not a son” because that is quite IMPOSSIBLE. (Exodus 4:22)

The “backsliding” of Israel has worked to the Glory of God… because the Gentiles have been redeemed through it, that God may use Israel to the benefit of the whole human race as He promised to Abraham (Genesis 22:18, Romans 11:25-29)….. and ULTIMATELY the whole Nation of Israel will accept their Christ and their King and THAT… will be a glorious day indeed for the whole earth !

The “free will” of man CANNOT destroy the PLANS OF GOD…..  but that does not absolve HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY…..  if you are reading this message, your duty is to repent of your sin…  and accept the claim of Christ on your life (He gave His life for yours therefore you are expected to live for Him and not for yourself)….. and if you do NOT heed this message you will be very sorry later…… because you cannot blame GOD for anything…… YOU do not have “foreknowledge” and you do not “know the future”….. therefore YOUR DUTY RIGHT NOW IS TO LOVE AND SERVE GOD and if you reject that….. do not get “hung up” on “Calvinist” theology… or ramble on about “pre-destination”….. you, being a human of sound mind, have refused the call of God upon your life… plain and simple…. therefore you can never “charge” a JUST, HOLY and RIGHTEOUS GOD with any kind of “wrong doing”….. GOD IS PERFECTION….. you would have no idea of what is “right” or what is “just” if it was not for HIM telling you (through His Bible) about it.