hard times

Today there are people out of work who are uncertain of the future, today there are people who are hungry, today there are people who are sick physically or depressed mentally.

Yet everyone CAN rejoice in the Lord…. why ? …. because He IS good, and His mercy endures forever…. let everyone say (regardless of their circumstances) GOD IS GOOD and His mercy endures FOREVER.

Do you believe that God is ABLE to sustain you in these hard times ?… IF you seek His presence and TRUST His Word you will get through…. but separate your real NEEDS from LUXURIES (and beware of COVETOUSNESS)…. Read Jeremiah 45:2-5 …. this is a time of hardship across the face of the whole earth, this is not a time for selfish behavior.

Read Revelation 9:20-21  and Revelation16:9 ……  people always BLAME GOD when they are not getting a life of LUXURIOUS ABUNDANCE …..  when things are not going well for them, they HATE GOD…… isn’t that amazing ? ….. GOD is the ONLY ONE who is in a position to HELP THEM and they blame Him and blaspheme His name !

What did David do when he was in perilous circumstances and distressing times ?…. READ THE PSALMS ….. David PLEADED WITH GOD for His help and deliverance….. David REPENTED of all his sins and sought to be righteous…… David TRUSTED God that regardless of what he was going through at that time, the future would be better and expected God would “come through for him” eventually……  David PRAISED God because of who God is, regardless of whatever circumstances he found himself in….. David LOVED God because he knew from experience that GOD IS GOOD and, in fact, HE is the source of all “that is good”…. apart from Him, there is no such thing as…. “good”.

Do you believe that satan and his demons are “good” ?  do you believe that the demons CARE about your welfare  ? ….. let me tell you about them,  to the demon spirits you are just EXPENDABLE…. they have been around for thousands of years and attached themselves to countless bodies…. after you are DEAD, they will have no difficulty finding another VICTIM…. the world does not lack humans….. the world is OVERPOPULATED and there is an abundance of flesh from which they can pick and choose…. as the end of the age approaches, it will becomes the heyday for demons as people themselves  CHOOSE wickedness over righteousness…. and blaspheme God because of their woes, they will believe the DEMONIC LIE, that these foul spirits actually “care” about them and want to “help” them…… and they will believe the BIGGER LIE … “that all their problems are actually God’s fault”.

If you are experiencing hard times today….. I urge you to follow  David’s example…..  REPENT of all personal wickedness, PLEAD WITH GOD over your problems, TRUST GOD regardless of your present circumstances and then PRAISE AND THANK GOD for He is GOOD and His MERCY ENDURES FOREVER.

I encourage you to read about both JOB and DAVID….. later in their life their circumstances changed for the better and they both died peacefully in a ripe old age after receiving the full blessings of God on their lives  because of their FAITH and TRUST in HIM.

Later days and the death of Job …. Job 42:12-17 …. Later days and the death of David … 1 Chronicles 29:26-28

Death of anybody who truly LOVES God…. Psalms 116:15