Many Christians have questions about this…. is it right ?…. what will happen to cremated people in the Resurrection ?

Let us consider the facts….  Christians have died by cremation through no choice of their own (as martyrs)…. Christians have died by fire through war and through accidents…. and we know that GOD will give them a resurrection body just as good as those that have been buried… so why then would Christians object to cremation ?

Below are the reasons why Christians should never voluntarily choose to dispose of bodies (either their own or loved ones) by this method::

1. The example of God himself, Deuteronomy 34:5-6, tells us that God buried Moses and we also know that Jesus was buried in accordance with the Scriptures.

2. Cremation is inherently DISHONORING to the body by its very nature.

3. The act itself suggests denial of a resurrection.

4. Cremation is a heathen custom of pagan origin which has NEVER found acceptance with the people of God…. and the only mention of it in the Bible is in connection with JUDGEMENT for sin (Joshua 7:25-26)… and Saul (1 Samuel 31:10-13) where the context shows it was NOT a normal Hebrew custom but was probably done (in this case) to make  sure there would be no more insult at the hands of the Philistines.

The people promoting cremation are usually atheists, secular humanists or religious liberals…. none of which really believe in a bodily resurrection.

The inherent worth of the body for the serious Christian is that it IS the Temple of the Holy Spirit (while the person lives) and therefore deserves the DIGNITY and RESPECT of proper burial in anticipation of the resurrection which Jesus promised.  Church history records that this was the position of Christianity since it’s very inception. The popularity cremation  enjoys today goes hand in hand with declining morals and a materialistic outlook on life.