The whole purpose of this blog is to HELP PEOPLE….. they land HERE on my homepage    when searching for all sorts of things…. maybe they do NOT find what they want, and that’s certainly true if they were searching for “boys in puberty porn” or “masturbating young boy pictures”…. but the fact that this page pops up is a witness that they need help with their problem….

What do YOU need today ? ….. surely you must have SOME need ?


those pictures cannot supply their need…. only JESUS can deliver them from their addiction.

Why is it an addiction ? because unless they are delivered, they will continue to spend hours of their time hunting for those pictures even if they already have over 2000 of them in their collection ! …. they are actually victims of a craving that can NEVER be satisfied…. that is the very nature of porn.

Reason with me for a bit… will you ? …. exactly HOW can porn HELP you ?

You may say that it spices up and improves your sex life ? Oh really ? … a few cashew nuts and a seamoss drink will make any average male just as horny…. without wasting HOURS of their life.

There is nothing sadder than an impotent male, watching loads of pornography and totally unable to actually DO anything… and that could happen to YOU… dont laugh… you need HELP and you need JESUS before it’s too late ! …. but even if you are in that sorry state today, IF you will seek the LORD, He is well able to repair your body and make it function again (read Genesis 18:12 )… but you must get your PRIORITIES right….

INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY is the scourge of this generation…. trapping millions of “innocent” people in serious addiction….. and it is LIES…. the sexual exploits of other people CANNOT help you with your own sex life…. and when you hook your sex life onto that prop…. eventually you will realize that you have NO SEX LIFE AT ALL….. classic DEVIL strategy, you get a TERRIFIC TIME at first… for a while… and then NOTHING…… everything GONE… it doesn’t matter whether it’s SEX, DRUGS, MONEY, POWER….. it’s the same, after a short time you got NOTHING… but despair, frustration, regrets….

What you really need is GOD….. read Lamentations 3:22-26 ….. He is able to BOTH deliver you AND restore what you have lost…..  REACH OUT TO HIM today and ESCAPE from the DEVIL’s clutches !


The internet is THE biggest source of SCAMS ever foisted on an unsuspecting world.

Are you in dire financial need today ?  then PRAISE GOD (instead of going online looking for a quick fix)…. why ? because He can supply your need… He can send somebody along  to meet your need, it is a small thing for Him to do this…. He sent a bird to bring food to the prophet (1 Kings 17:6)…. you dont know how it’s coming…. but if you prayed in faith …. then surely it IS coming…  somehow.


If you have NO NEED…. be careful…. check yourself….. Amos 6:1-6 ….  NOBODY can be COMPLACENT when the world is falling apart around us….. your need is to be FILLED with the Spirit of God that you may engage your body and mind in doing His work.

LUKEWARMNESS is condemned…. Revelation 3:15-17

BEWARE of idle time spent in random internet browsing… false doctrines abound… the devil has other snares for you… “forums” to join…. “discussions” that attract …. THERE IS a LOT of GOOD on the internet…. BIBLE studies… Church services and etc…. but you need the guidance of GOD to avoid getting enticed by ERROR..

EVERYONE uses the internet… and it literally brings the WORLD to your DESKTOP…. I see it as a tool to be used for the GLORY OF GOD… I hope you find whatever you are looking for today !


Loving Heavenly Father, please meet the needs of all who cry to you today out of a sincere heart, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.