For every person who wants to show off their naked body…. there are over 1000 other people who want to see it WITHOUT having to show their own… it’s just “human nature”.

Naked naturist family photo galleries are in high demand on internet…primarily for photos of naked youth….. NAKED BOYS AND GIRLS….. this is the highest demand category and with limited supply …. because young teens 13-16 are normally camera shy about their nudity (another fact of “human nature”).

What does the Bible have to say about nudism ?  Is there Christian nudism ? should Christians go nude ? are there Christian nudists ?

Consistently the Bible associates nudity with SHAME… “…Moses saw that the people were naked (for Aaron had made them naked unto their SHAME among their enemies)” (Exodus 32:25).

Public nudity has always been historically associated with REVELRY and PAGAN religious worship…. but never with the God of Israel or Christianity.

God commanded that nakedness be covered for priests (Exodus 28:42)

Jesus Christ hung naked on the cross as a deliberate attempt by mankind to SHAME him

In Isaiah 20:2-4, God commanded the prophet to walk about naked and barefoot… not for pleasure, but to show the SHAME of the Egyptian captivity under the Assyrian invasion.

So would God command the prophet to sin ??

NO… the nudity itself is not sin… it is the INTENT… the motive behind the nudity that must be examined carefully.

Is looking at nude pictures a sin ?

It all depends on the picture CONTENT and MOTIVE behind your “looking”…. and this must be carefully examined by you, with much prayer, if you are a Christian.

I confess to you, that like most nudists, I do not have much shame over my own nudity but that is quite unnatural…. when I was a teenager, I was just as ashamed as everyone else…. people wear clothes because it is totally NATURAL to be ashamed….. I had to first OVERCOME my natural tendency to shame in order to walk around nude in public places.

I am a photographer, and for 3 years from 2007 to 2010, I had a nude photo gallery on the internet…… featuring young “perfect models” (the best looking people I could coax into nudity) posing in idyllic scenery (tropical beaches, hills and natural landscapes) all in the tropical sunshine.  This nude gallery was extremely popular with nudists from all over the world, many of whom corresponded with me by e-mail…. millions of viewers.

Here is what I discovered after God guided me to remove the photos from internet.

1. Concerning “Christian” nudists….  I discovered that nudity was their REAL focus…. since their “Christianity” was mostly limited to other nudists who thought like them…..  NUDITY and not the “Christian life” was their primary interest….  and is that not a form of IDOLATRY ?

2. Nudists claim that there is nothing sexual about their nudity….. and yet the discussion over whether to shave PUBIC HAIR or not is a MAJOR TOPIC on all nudist forums…. clearly the only thing that separates nudists from non-nudists IS the display of genitals…. therefore it is RIDICULOUS to claim that “there is nothing sexual about nudism”….. most nudists just love to look at the genitals of other people and that’s the truth…. the REASONS for their “genital focus” may differ but it is the common uniting factor…. AND it is so “highly addictive” that coming out of nudism is like stopping smoking  or alcohol use.

3. The nudist “cause” IS a “lost cause”…. they may win “legal rights” (just like the homosexuals are doing)….. but at the end of the day, majority public world opinion says this is ABERRANT behaviour….  and as Christ’s witnesses in this world, “Christian” nudists have to ask themselves how does my “nudist” association help me to witness to the  lost souls for Jesus.

4. There is absolutely nothing sinful in having a fondness for your own body and for your own nudity….. even walking around your house naked or going outdoors naked is NOT sinful WHEN THERE IS NOBODY AROUND to see you and this is obvious to everybody…… so for years I also “reasoned” (like many nudists do) that “sharing” my nudity with others (who being of like mind, also shared their nudity with me) was a “harmless” activity….. certainly nothing “sinful”….. but everyone who thinks this way need to examine the UNDERLYING REASONS WHY they do it…. here we get to the MOTIVES of nudism…  and it has to do with  your own SELF IMAGE (in my case I was PROUD of my own SLIM and FIT body and wanted to “show it off”)……  so why would a FAT and OVERWEIGHT person show off theirs ? ….. could it be that their own POOR SELF IMAGE leads them to DESIRE the FIT and SLIM bodies of other nudists and therefore they get the ACCEPTANCE that they crave…  they show off their own body which, deep down inside, they DETEST in order to obtain acceptance and gawk at the sleek and fit bodies they would love to have…. the bodies they ADMIRE and ENVY.  Can you not see what is happening  here ? All this PREOCCUPATION with BODY to the neglect of the FAR MORE IMPORTANT spiritual side of OUR BEING…. notice words like pride and envy… such MOTIVES  are rotten to the core…. hours spent looking at each other peoples bodies both in actuality and/or in internet photo galleries…. exactly how does this benefit their spiritual life…. or their physical life for that matter… at the very best it is a waste of time …. and at the worst it leads to pride, envy or sexual immorality.

Jesus said, “….. the flesh profiteth NOTHING” (John 6:63)…… all those unhappy, overweight nudists with issues…..  what JOY they will experience in the company of TRUE CHRISTIANS where JESUS liberates them from their poor self-image…… all those envied nudists who like to show off their bodies to the others, what is going to become of you when you grow old ? where will your PRIDE be then ? ….. come to Jesus and be liberated today and find JOY in the VALUES that will last FOREVER…… in Jesus there is neither fat or slim, rich or poor, young or old…. but ONE big HAPPY FAMILY where LOVE reigns supreme.

I want to help my fellow nudists understand themselves….  and I want to help all those persons wondering about their own interest in nudity, nude art and nude photos.

I want to share what Jesus has done in my life… and He can do it for you also….

7 thoughts on “nudity

  1. Jesus never said anything negative about being a nudist. Stop trying to read into things that aren’t there. In fact, in the Gospel of Thomas the disciples asked him “Master, when will we see you again?” He replied: “When you take off your clothes and stamp on them like children do, you will see the Son of the Living One and you will not be afraid”.
    You live in a prudish, legalistic society which is hung up on nudity and sex and trying to make people feel bad over what feels goid.
    God is not offended by nudity, otherwise she would bring us into the world clothed by now.


    • The Gospel of Thomas ? This is a heretical text that was rejected because of major inconsistencies with the other accounts of Jesus life and teachings.

      How many of our viewers agree with dariowestern ideas ?

      I will say this:

      1. Just because something “feels good” is NOT sufficient reason to conclude that it is good for you. There are many examples of things that are very bad for you but make you “feel good” TEMPORARILY.

      2. GOD is a Spirit and does not have gender…. but by using the female pronoun…. you are distorting the created order and the Divine revelation…. the idea of Mother Earth and Mother Nature is from PAGANISM.

      I could have just deleted your comment but maybe readers may want to pray for you.

      Nudity, by itself, is not sin…. the sin comes in the motives and desires…. I have found that even nudists with no sexual agenda are quite obsessed with their nudity…. they attach an unnatural importance to “nudity” to the neglect of other important spiritual and material issues….. it divides the body of believers because other people just “dont understand their fixation with nudity”.

      Finally, HISTORICALLY, public nudity has always been associated with IDOLATRY, revelry, pagan worship….. and demon possession.

      The worship of the One True God…. Creator of Heaven and Earth …. has always been done in REVERENCE and RESPECT…… denying the flesh and concentrating on our higher SPIRITUAL heritage !


  2. It sounds Pagan indeed ,i freak out when reading his message and the way he uses scripture to validate his corrupt ideology.Though that’s not my reason for replying,I too have a question which needs to be answered.Technically I’m an art student and i think u probably get this all the time but I do it in the name of my art ,which i love.I’m a Painter and a 3d Sculptor who has to learn form and Anatomy in detailed study.Is studying the human body wrong in any context at all?I don’t stand at all for sensual pleasure in the figure , personally find it distasteful.I not only focus on the youth of the body to learn but all ages.Aged bodies are so interesting because it tell me a story when i sculpt or paint them,i learn landmarks and muscle forms amongst other lessons .For animators we need this vital information ,which comes from studying.the nude figure in motion as well.
    But i have to say in the past when i was very young (13) i was introduced to the negative use of the nude body where it was just sensual portrayals in video ,explicit to be exact,and it suck with me like a virus ,I’m still battle that just to I’m in my early 20s and i understood my errors i made when i was 13,
    I see there is a huge cap between the nude figure and Explicit portrayal ,it all comes down to the context.Context is the issue with nude,

    1-Can i study nude figures to learn anatomy?
    2-Am i being self fish to someone else ?
    3-is there any other alternatives to learn human anatomy and physical form?
    4-Is it glorifying to God or not to study anatomy and form.Art is part of be ,when i try to neglect it 5-i fell like I’m turning my back on the gifts that was given to me.

    I truly need advise .


    • You write:
      >>Art is part of me ,when i try to neglect it i fell like I’m turning my back on the gifts that was given to me

      You do NOT have to feel “guilty” about your gift of art and you certainly do NOT have to abandon it

      Personally, I do not understand WHY artists have such a desire to paint/draw people NAKED…. what’s wrong with painting drawing them in clothes ?? … BUT let’s examine the real issue behind this ….

      If your art school requires you to do this to graduate from a class AND if it does not affect you sexually in any way …. THEN under these circumstances you do not have to feel “guilty” because you are NOT committing a sin….. doctors and nurses see naked people all the time and they are not “sinning” by doing so…. it is their job to help people…. undertakers also see naked people when preparing them for burial it is part of their JOB and they are doing a right and proper service to humanity which GOD APPROVES.

      MOTIVE is everything when it comes to nudity…. how can it be a “sin” if you accidentally see a naked person and without intent ? It is not a sin !

      In fact it would be impossible to go through life without seeing nudity… everybody sees it at some time or the other…. it is not a sin.

      God expects us to behave with Decency, Morality and Respect to one another. Social nudity as a “hobby” is WRONG because

      1. Impure motives are easily involved… and/or
      2. Corruption of other people (even if you are not affected)

      Even if it’s “necessary” to paint nude people to “master” the art of painting “anatomy”…. what about after you graduate ????

      What possible “good” results from painting nude people ? As CHRISTIANS (and these are the only people who would care about “sin”) we should be able to discern what is GOOD, ACCEPTABLE and RIGHTEOUS with God.

      At BEST, nude paintings and nude photography is an entertainment to the flesh and at WORST, it is an agent to sin and vice. So why indulge it ? when it does not profit and actually has the potential to do HARM to weaker people, in whom it may stir up various lusts and cravings ?

      I hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction… dig deep into your own heart and mind and determine your MOTIVES and then pray to God about it.

      There is a Scripture in the Bible…. “Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves” (Romans 14:22)

      Peace with GOD is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our lives in Christ…… and fellowship with Him is very PERSONAL….. and there may be things that He may allow in the lives of others but NOT for you or Visa Versa…. your duty is to do what God reveals to YOU and not argue over whether some other person should be doing it or not because even if an activity is not sinful… but God does not want you to be involved then it becomes sin for you …. sin is defined as DISOBEDIENCE to God… that is the definition of “sin”.

      Certain things are always wrong for everyone…. but nudity not so… it is a “gray area” ….. sometimes it is wrong and sometimes it is not it depends on YOU and on the context and circumstances.

      I trust that God will guide you what to do in this matter.


  3. I know that this is a very old post, but I just found it now (November of 2019) and feel the need to say something that may shock all of the previous readers on this site.

    Nudity alone is not sinful because it doesn’t make me lust for it. In fact, nudity in non-sexual settings actually kills any kind of sinful arousal or thoughts I would, otherwise, have. I can look at images and even watch videos of nude people in casual, non-sexual settings and not feel even an ounce of lust.

    But, on the flip side of the coin…and, this is likely to be the section that will shock everyone the most…CLOTHED PEOPLE make me lust…and, therefore, sin, regardless of their intention. My biggest weaknesses appear to be when people wear 3/4 sleeve tops, but almost any other kind of clothing will trigger inappropriate thoughts that I would never have when seeing nude people in non-sexual settings.

    I’m a very unique individual since it seems that most people are, pretty much, entirely the opposite. I’ve been this way for quite a few years and I doubt that this will stop as long as I’m alive and breathing. Unless I shut my eyes to clothed people and focus on nude people, you’ve got a fairly good idea where I’m going to wind up after I die…and it’s NOT the place I want to be!

    That said, however, I don’t always give in to my thoughts when I see clothed people. I don’t go on auto-pilot. In most cases, outside triggers provoke me into giving in. You should see some of my tweets on Twitter where I mention about a certain addiction problem (or compulsion, however you want to call it) I have. Of the number of times I give in, about 90% of the time, I’m provoked by outside triggers, as I mentioned before. It’s a long and very disturbing story of how this came to be and I’m not so sure you want to know the details here.

    While this may not change your opinion in regards to everything that was said in this article and in replies to other commentators, I hope this gives you an idea that I’m not like most other people. Although I don’t actually claim to be a nudist, despite my Twitter user name, I am much more comfortable without clothes than with them. In fact, as I overheat very fast, wearing clothes can make me sweat, uncomfortably, even at much lower temperatures than would be the case for most other people. Heck, I sweat even in the nude. Wearing clothes would make my body feel as though it were cooking in an oven.

    And, when I have to wear them to go somewhere (extremely rare now), I do not enjoy it one bit. I often complain and LOATHE wearing clothes because other people are too offended by my natural body that I was born with. To me, the only times when clothes are necessary are when they protect the body from harsh elements (cold weather, in particular) or around dangerous/foreign objects that could harm the body. That’s it. Case closed. No questions asked.


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