Music plays a part in everybody’s life…. and much debate has gone on about it’s effects on people.

If you dont think it has any effect on people …. just observe how they get on at Crop Over  whenever  a sound truck passes by !

There are TWO major problems to tackle when music is used for WORSHIP of GOD

ONE has to do with deciding WHAT music is appropriate (I will address this  at a later date)

TWO has to do with the MUSICIANS themselves (their lives and attitudes)… today we start  this topic…. so here goes…

Before Lucifer became satan he  was the chief MUSICIAN of heaven (Ezekiel  28:13 tells us “…. the workmanship of thy timbrels and of thy flutes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created”)  who brought the worship of the host to GOD  …. he was the intermediary… he stood between God and His creation….. Lucifer stood in the very presence of God, Lucifer brought the worship of a whole universe of creatures TO God and he received FROM the Almighty God commands which, as prophet of God, he transmitted to the worshiping creation.

Ezekiel 28:16 tells us “By the multitude of thy MERCHANDISE “they” (the worshipping host of created spirits) have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned…”

Do not be misled by the word “merchandise”….. Ezekiel’s usage of this word means “anything that passes through the hands”…. for example, if a judge used his high position for personal profit… we could  say that ,  “he has made merchandise of justice”

Lucifer, therefore, was “passing through his hands” the “merchandise” of authority FROM God above to all his creation below and he was returning TO God the “merchandise” of worship from the world of spirit beings below.

He decided that since he was so wise and beautiful, HE could RETAIN some of the worship for himself and HE could originate some of the commands (authority) from himself… thus his heart was filled with the “violence” of REBELLION against the ONE perfect will of the ALMIGHTY.

DO YOU SEE the application of this to WORSHIP MUSICIANS ???????

Dear people of God, you MUST be DISCERNING about both your worship music AND your “worship musicians”

The WORSHIP musician of today, is in a similar position to that of Lucifer original role……. he/she is SUPPOSED to be receiving inspiration FROM God and passing it on to the worshipers…..  receiving the praise of the worshipers and passing it back TO God.

It is a POSITION of great responsibility and accountability before God….. NO WONDER satan wants to get into the lives of SINGERS and MUSICIANS and WORSHIP LEADERS….. and it’s easy for him to do….. we are up there on stage before thousands of worshippers who are FOLLOWING  every note or every word…. God gives us an inspiration which they adore… and then  they heap praise on US which we are SUPPOSED to send back to GOD.

Do you get it yet ?  do you understand the significance ?

WORSHIP singers, musicians and leaders are not in the position of “any other secular artist or band”……  sucking up all the fame and glory with increasing PRIDE…. while desperately smoking pot or shooting drugs to get the next ultimate “inspiration”  for a chart-topping HIT song…..

So now you KNOW why the “music industry” is in the service of SATAN himself…… and the minds of PEOPLE are what satan’s merchandise is all about.

Moreover satan whispers through our PRIDE…. “keep some of that praise for YOURSELF”….  and, anyway, “it was YOUR GENIUS that created that song or melody”….. so YOU DESERVE IT !