Look at these important facts from the parable of the lost son, Luke 15:11-32

1.  The younger son (example of the “terrible” sinner) in his time of distress decides to return to GOD in a HUMBLE manner and not seeking any “special” favours (absolutely no expectations or demands).

2. God (the father) graciously lavishes His love beyond all expectations on the wayward son and happiness begins.

3. But notice the behaviour of the older brother (the one who never went “astray”)

  • He is not at all happy about the father’s handling of the situation. He lacks compassion, he lacks love for his younger brother.
  • He served the father but did not do it with a good attitude
  • He blamed the father for not giving him a feast, when he could have organised one for himself at anytime

There are many Christians in the church today, they may be praying “mechanically” for sinners (because the Bible instructs them to pray for such people)…. but they dont really love them, they dont really want them to be saved (because “such people” dont “deserve” to be saved)….. moreover, they think that THEY (because of all their piety, because of all the “sacrifices” that they are making) DESERVE God’s full attention and ALL and ANY favour that God is showing SHOULD be directed towards THEM !

This parable teaches:

1. How God responds to “evil” people who come to Him in true humility and desperation

2. How  many “pious” Christians neither understand the heart of God nor appreciate the freedom that they have (the older brother COULD have had a party with his friends any time he wished).  UNFORTUNATELY, far too many Christians are “serving God” for all the WRONG (selfish) reasons believing that He is a “hard taskmaster” who will PUNISH them for the slightest bit of “self pleasure”…… and they certainly do NOT wish sinners to be saved because that would be UNFAIR to them after all their years of “self-imposed” SELF-SACRIFICE (and this is certainly NOT how we are supposed to view our relationship to God)

Read also the parable of the labourers …. Matthew 20:1-16

What does God expect of you ?…. ONLY THIS, that you ALLOW HIM to make you into the “image” of Jesus….  and He WILL do this IF it is “your earnest heart’s desire”  (Luke 11:13, Luke 12:32)……  unfortunately, the majority of people do not “hold on to” this desire for long… because, in reality, “being like Jesus” becomes secondary to other “pressing concerns and/or desires”  that they have (or develop)  as they go through life from day to day.

Shallow commitment and shifting priorities…. think about it !


Belief in predestination causes difficult intellectual problems for humans…. for instance, HOW can an individual be blamed for not accepting Christ IF he was not predestined to do so…. and for an individual who HAS accepted Christ, HOW is it according to human “free will” IF he was predestined to do so anyway !

And yet… PREDESTINATION IS CLEARLY TAUGHT IN THE BIBLE (Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:11-13, Ephesians 1:11, Acts 4:27-28, John 15:16, 1 Peter 1:20) …. it is a FACT of Scripture.

It is as simple as asking the question, “Does God know the future ?”…. if the answer is YES, and it HAS to be yes, otherwise there is no such thing as “prophecy”…  the Bible PROVES “prophecy”.

Well, since GOD knows the future…. then the future MUST BE CERTAIN, otherwise how could God know it ? ….. and if the future is CERTAIN, then that is exactly the same thing as “predestination” !


But God gave man free will …… yes, that’s true ! …. but He also knows ahead of time what any man will “choose” to do….. boggles the mind, don’t it ?

In the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” (and there are other movies with similar themes) a person goes back in time to alter something in the past which has ripple effects right down into the future…. giving rise to the idea, that there are endless possible “futures” and the things we do today can change the future…. but this is a MAN centred idea  that puts MAN at the centre of his own Universe….. but even if “we” did have the power to actually alter our own future, the point is, GOD KNOWS  what we ARE going to do, otherwise, as I said before, prophecy would be impossible and so in this sense our future is CERTAIN…. and the only thing missing is that WE do not know the future, therefore it APPEARS to US, as if we are choosing our own destiny.

So the choices we make are TO US, “free will”….. but to GOD certain outcome…. therefore even though God knows what we will do…. He CAN judge us for it because TO US the  choices were very real choices  !

Is the “certain outcome” an act of GOD or of man ? ….. the Bible clearly teaches that GOD’s WILL….. will prevail over man’s will….. HIS purposes WILL stand…. ALL his creation, angelic and human, and yes, even Satan and his demons, CANNOT “spoil” GOD’s plan…… GOD knows the “future” because GOD makes the future !! … He is NOT a “victim of men’s choices”.

The whole creation exists because He made it for His purpose…. no wonder the Scripture says, “Who has known the mind of God, that he may instruct him ?”  (Isaiah 40:13, Romans 11:34, 1 Corinthians  2:16)

The real problem is humans think “too much of themselves and their own importance”…. but that was also Lucifer’s (Satan’s) problem long time before humans ever existed (Isaiah 14:14)…. read Concerning PRIDE and this one on the origin of PRIDE and the master of music.

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to EVERYONE because WE do not know who will respond to it…. it is our DUTY to follow GOD’s direction at all times.

All the people who are at the centre of “their own Universe” will get a shock someday, when they discover the truth (that they really are not any better than the “next” person…. that they did not “make themselves”…. that GOD’s GLORY is the only thing that matters in the Universe) but by then it will be too late….. because God’s plan is that we RECEIVE CHRIST by FAITH when we BELIEVE the Bible to be the TRUTH….. God’s plan is that we start our Eternal relationship with Him right NOW (while we are living in Satan’s territory and surrounded by the “self-centred” people mentioned above)….. and God’s plan is the ONLY PLAN THAT MATTERS.


The opposite of righteousness is SIN

ALL humans are  WITHOUT righteousness (Psalms 51:5, Romans 3:23)

The so-called “righteousness” of humans…. the “SELF-righteousness” they can attain for themselves…. is INADEQUATE and UNACCEPTABLE to God. (Romans 10:3, Matthew 5:20)  What then is the MEANING OF THE PARABLE of the MARRIAGE FEAST ????? (Matthew 22:1-14, Luke 14:16-24).

The KEY to this parable is Matthew 22:11-12,  the wedding garment IS “the righteousness of Christ” with which we cover ourselves….. the wedding garment was GIVEN to all the guests… the man CHOSE not to wear it (he trusted in his own righteousness), therefore he sealed his own doom (read verse 13).

My friend, who is reading this, PLEASE UNDERSTAND…. those people who “made light of it”…. all those people mentioned in verses 5 and 6… they are “religious” people or worldly people… all of them trusting in something OTHER than Jesus Christ (their good works, their church sacraments, their obedience to laws, rules and rituals, Buddha, Muhammad, Sun Myung Moon, Confucius or whoever or whatever) or else just cant be bothered with any of it….but the man who came without the wedding garment on…… in all probability, he THOUGHT he was a “Christian” ….. and yet he REJECTED the “garment” GIVEN…  in favour of his own OR simply did not put it on (makes no difference because INDECISION is just the same as the WRONG decision).

The message of the Gospel…. the message of Salvation…. is to ALL HUMANS… nobody is exempt…. the worst evil person may embrace it….. because it IS a FREE GIFT from GOD…… and this IS the message which all Christians SHOULD be telling everybody…. and it is “that IN CHRIST, God GIVES His righteousness TO us”…. therefore…

1. It IS truly GOOD NEWS !

2. For those who are  IN CHRIST (those who will “put on” Christ)

DECEPTION comes about when we accept a counterfeit LIE…. and believe ourselves to be “in Christ”…. when, in fact, it is not so…. and these are the people who will get a serious shock when the rapture of the saints takes place and THEY are left behind to face the wrath of the Anti-Christ !

We cannot “eat our cake and have it too”, for in Luke 14, Jesus goes on to say that when we truly embrace the awesomeness of the Gospel message then it becomes the most important thing in our life.

“Christians” who give lip-service to trusting Christ for their righteousness and yet it does not affect their lives in any other way, in many cases, do not really understand the SERIOUSNESS of their own wickedness, the HOLINESS of GOD or the TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES awaiting “the majority of humans” after death. (Matthew 7:13-14)


Like the Virgin Birth and the story of Adam and Eve, this is another Bible topic that liberal theologians misrepresent.

Today we have supposedly “Christian” churches run by men who do not accept the miracles of God as literal facts…. these men preach a human “Christianity”….. they see Christ as a good man who preached love, compassion, tolerance and humility… they see their role in their church as ministering to the physical, material and emotional needs of their congregation…. they have no knowledge or experience of the SPIRITUAL dimension……  like the SCIENTIFIC and ACADEMIC community, their “religion” is centred around the supremacy of MAN (and all his various “needs”) and his MATERIAL environment (the world).

These men DENY the literal reality of Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons and the Resurrection of Christ.

Generally you will find that once you start to “interpret” the Bible as allegory instead of literal fact…..  other “concepts” like SIN and HOLINESS become “adjusted” to fit the “humanitarian” and MAN-centred interpretation…. leading to ERROR and FALSE teaching…. such as:

1. Sex before marriage is not sin and it is wise choice to sleep with man/woman before marriage to ensure compatibility (after all, how can you make an “informed” decision otherwise ?).

2. Homosexuality is not sin.

It very interesting that  whenever a “religion” or “church” departs from the BIBLICAL standard of GOD’s TRUTH, in short order, sexual IMMORALITY becomes a part of it.

SEX is at the root of all “worship” that does not honour GOD…. the Bible speaks about SPIRITUAL HARLOTRY and SPIRITUAL ADULTERY….. but in reality, this spiritual condition soon  leads to all manner of PHYSICAL IMMORALITY as well.

The bodily RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST after His death is CENTRAL to the GOSPEL message….. because it VINDICATES RIGHTEOUSNESS.

There is much good that is not rewarded in this life and there is much evil that goes unpunished…. and GOD has ordained that evil CANNOT triumph over good…. death and corruption are a result of evil… part of the curse of SIN.

JESUS CHRIST lived a perfectly sinless and holy life….  he would never have aged or died naturally…. he was MURDERED by men and they could not have done it unless He allowed it…. it was therefore IMPOSSIBLE that it could simply “end like that”….. His RESURRECTION was INEVITABLE and it was predicted (Psalm 16:10)…. and Jesus told His disciples that it would happen (Matthew 20:19, Mark 10:34, Luke 18:33).

Resurrection is a blessed hope for GOD’s children….. and (should be) a great fear for all evil men, heathen, atheists and workers of iniquity.

JUDGEMENT IS INEVITABLE….. and there are are only TWO destinies…. one for the redeemed (by Christ) and one for the accursed…. it is quite sad that humans “dismiss” this REALITY so casually…. take HEED today and REPENT of all your wickedness…. SEEK JESUS with your whole heart and He will reveal himself to you…  and then you will have the PEACE and JOY that only the LORD can give His children.