Belief in predestination causes difficult intellectual problems for humans…. for instance, HOW can an individual be blamed for not accepting Christ IF he was not predestined to do so…. and for an individual who HAS accepted Christ, HOW is it according to human “free will” IF he was predestined to do so anyway !

And yet… PREDESTINATION IS CLEARLY TAUGHT IN THE BIBLE (Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:11-13, Ephesians 1:11, Acts 4:27-28, John 15:16, 1 Peter 1:20) …. it is a FACT of Scripture.

It is as simple as asking the question, “Does God know the future ?”…. if the answer is YES, and it HAS to be yes, otherwise there is no such thing as “prophecy”…  the Bible PROVES “prophecy”.

Well, since GOD knows the future…. then the future MUST BE CERTAIN, otherwise how could God know it ? ….. and if the future is CERTAIN, then that is exactly the same thing as “predestination” !


But God gave man free will …… yes, that’s true ! …. but He also knows ahead of time what any man will “choose” to do….. boggles the mind, don’t it ?

In the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” (and there are other movies with similar themes) a person goes back in time to alter something in the past which has ripple effects right down into the future…. giving rise to the idea, that there are endless possible “futures” and the things we do today can change the future…. but this is a MAN centred idea  that puts MAN at the centre of his own Universe….. but even if “we” did have the power to actually alter our own future, the point is, GOD KNOWS  what we ARE going to do, otherwise, as I said before, prophecy would be impossible and so in this sense our future is CERTAIN…. and the only thing missing is that WE do not know the future, therefore it APPEARS to US, as if we are choosing our own destiny.

So the choices we make are TO US, “free will”….. but to GOD certain outcome…. therefore even though God knows what we will do…. He CAN judge us for it because TO US the  choices were very real choices  !

Is the “certain outcome” an act of GOD or of man ? ….. the Bible clearly teaches that GOD’s WILL….. will prevail over man’s will….. HIS purposes WILL stand…. ALL his creation, angelic and human, and yes, even Satan and his demons, CANNOT “spoil” GOD’s plan…… GOD knows the “future” because GOD makes the future !! … He is NOT a “victim of men’s choices”.

The whole creation exists because He made it for His purpose…. no wonder the Scripture says, “Who has known the mind of God, that he may instruct him ?”  (Isaiah 40:13, Romans 11:34, 1 Corinthians  2:16)

The real problem is humans think “too much of themselves and their own importance”…. but that was also Lucifer’s (Satan’s) problem long time before humans ever existed (Isaiah 14:14)…. read Concerning PRIDE and this one on the origin of PRIDE and the master of music.

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to EVERYONE because WE do not know who will respond to it…. it is our DUTY to follow GOD’s direction at all times.

All the people who are at the centre of “their own Universe” will get a shock someday, when they discover the truth (that they really are not any better than the “next” person…. that they did not “make themselves”…. that GOD’s GLORY is the only thing that matters in the Universe) but by then it will be too late….. because God’s plan is that we RECEIVE CHRIST by FAITH when we BELIEVE the Bible to be the TRUTH….. God’s plan is that we start our Eternal relationship with Him right NOW (while we are living in Satan’s territory and surrounded by the “self-centred” people mentioned above)….. and God’s plan is the ONLY PLAN THAT MATTERS.