The  Communion Table of our Lord, Jesus Christ… is MISUNDERSTOOD by many people…. here is the truth of it:

1. It is SYMBOLIC, “for as often as you eat this bread, and drink this cup, you show the Lord’s death till he come” (1 Corinthians 11:26)…. the Roman Catholic HERESY that the bread “becomes” the flesh of Christ and the wine “becomes” his blood defies the common sense of the  actual experience as well as the Bible record, and is just another example of their many DOCTRINES OF DEMONS (perpetual virginity of Mary, statue worship, prayers to saints, candle magic and occult ritual chants and incantations, rosary beads, etc.etc.)… in fact, the Catholic religion is riddled with the DEMONIC…. the many demonic “manifestations”…. Lourdes apparition… bleeding and weeping statues…. occur because this “religion” is IDOLATROUS.

2. It is for TRUE Christians….. not “church” heathen (those deceived souls who are not following Christ but imagine that church ritual  can save them).

3. It is HOLY….. therefore we CLEANSE ourselves from known sin in our lives and we ask Jesus to forgive us for any wrong thoughts that we have entertained or any harsh or inappropriate words that we have spoken…..  persons unwilling to forsake sin, such as a illicit sexual relationship or cheating, stealing, lying in the course of “business” should NOT partake of communion.

4. People who ignore the above 3 points  do so at the risk of their lives….. “because of this, many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep (death)” (1 Corinthians 11:30)

In other posts, I examine the relationship between our physical health and well-being and our spiritual state….. unfortunately, all too often, sick Christians run to the doctor’s office and drug store…. when they really need to be running to GOD (who is the true source of LIFE and HEALTH).

Even the heathen have documented the relationship between negative emotions (SINS !) like hate, anger and fear and various physical ailments of the body in their “academic studies”….. truly a life dedicated to JESUS is your absolute best choice for all that is GOOD……. health, happiness and joy.


When I was a teenager, I used to wonder how I was ever going to find the “right” girl for a wife… it is a VERY daunting thought…. out of all the sea of people HOW can you find the “right” one….. it’s like a “needle in a haystack”…  but instinctively I believed there MUST be a “right” one for me !

There was no such thing as “” or “”….. and one might imagine that Internet social networking helps people to find that PERFECT partner, but UNFORTUNATELY the statistics do NOT support that idea at all and, in fact, the internet actually BREAKS UP more marriages than it creates…. why ?

The Bible say God created Eve for Adam and brought her to him (Genesis 2:22) and Genesis 2:24 tells us that the couple shall be “one flesh”

There is a whole LOT to learn from these two verses:

1. I believed that GOD would bring me my wife…. and because I was not sure that any of the girls I dated was the “right” one… I intentionally did NOT have sex with them or get too “attached” to them (because that only makes it HARDER when you have to “DUMP” them after you discover that they are NOT the right one for you).

2. For me, it was not really about “looks” or “love”…. my biggest question was “is this the right one for me”… and as soon as it became clear to me that it was NOT the right one, what was the point in continuing a relationship ?

3. It is still amazing to me that the person God had for me was the person that I thought was the LEAST suitable (at first)…. but not wanting to make a mistake (in such a life changing decision)…. I was very OPEN to GOD’s guidance…. and made sure NOT to put MY feelings above His guidance.

4. This year we celebrate 22 years of marriage…. and it has not been without some conflicts and difficulties (particularly during the first 10 years of our marriage)….. but the sure and certain knowledge that this IS the woman God has chosen for me enabled me to overcome all my own changing emotions and attitudes during our first few years of married life.


1. Marriage is between male and female…. homosexuality is a PERVERSION…. and you need to accept the fact that it is SIN…. but once you confess this to God, He CAN heal you and give you a “normal” life…. no person with homosexual desires, feelings or tendencies needs to continue that way…. CHANGE (and DELIVERANCE, if necessary) is totally possible and God wants to help you overcome it !

2. When you let God select your mate for you, sexual compatibility is assured….. it is SIN to engage in sex with every girlfriend (boyfriend) relationship…. it clouds your better judgement and (potentially) ruins the marriage before it even starts…. God takes the “one flesh” bond of sex VERY SERIOUSLY and so should you, for YOUR own happiness !

If you are reading this and have already committed fornication, adultery, homosexuality…. or divorce and re-marriage…..  GOD knows you cannot “undo” the past…. your obligation right now is to SEEK a deeper relationship with GOD….. and when you do this, He will guide you as to the way forward for your life….. like Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more” (John 8:11)….

YOU must realize that YOUR greatest good…. YOUR JOY and true HAPPINESS… can only be realized by following Jesus…. so determine within yourself to SEEK GOD’s WILL and DIRECTION for your life…. and accept no substitute plan from now on.