How REAL is Jesus Christ to you today ?

Matthew 18:20 and  Matthew 28:20 …..

we see from these verses that Jesus Christ has the same omnipresence as GOD….. the reality is, that Jesus Christ is TODAY  present in His churches all over the world to observe all the worship being made to Him.

Whether you feel His presence depends on your RELATIONSHIP to Him…… how close is your relationship with the Son of God ?

To many He is just an “abstract idea”…. a man who died for our sins over 2000 years ago…. they go to some church…. sitting, standing, singing and praying and exit the service to get on with their lives (of which He is not truly a part)…. they do not “practice the presence of Christ”….. why ?

1. First of all, they may see it as futile… what’s the point ? …. Jesus will not appear to them… or directly interact in any other way.

2. Perhaps they know that Jesus Christ would NOT approve of their daily life…. their thoughts, speech and actions whether in private or with friends, is certainly not how they behave in church…. they are “two personalities”…. all spiritual on Sunday…. and “worldly” minded the rest of the week.

What I am saying is nothing new…. pastors have preached sermons like this for YEARS… trying to get the people to be more SERIOUS about their christianity !

My friends….. only the Holy Spirit can bring the reality of the presence of Jesus Christ into your life….. read  John 16:13-14 …. and the apostles knew this by experience (Romans 8:14).

When you have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, He will guide you in the paths of service appropriate for you….. and equip you to be successful… and you  do not have to fulfill the expectations of someone else (or even yourself) regarding what constitutes “good service”…. good service is doing what God wants you to do daily, whether it appears to you (or anyone else) to be successful or not.

Getting involved in service without having a personal relationship with Jesus is truly putting the “cart before the horse”….. unless your service is directed by God as the outcome of your relationship, it will not bear REAL spiritual fruit  (John 15:5) …. even though it might APPEAR as though you are doing a “great work” for God…. humanitarian and charity work  does not automatically draw souls into the Kingdom of God.

David had a relationship with God…. but from today’s viewpoint he would not have been a “good” person… he killed people…. and regularly asked God for vengence on his enemies… yet he LOVED the Lord with his whole heart.

This is what we sorely lack today….. although “much service” is going on….  WHOLE HEARTED LOVE for the Saviour is in short supply and so is FAITH in His promises… people are doing their “good” deeds for the praise of men… or sometimes, to appease their conscience..

BELIEVE that the Risen Saviour IS present with you at all times…. TALK to Him in FAITH .. and presently you will KNOW what it is He wants you to do.

Because UNLESS He directs your service (John 15:5) it is all in vain, regardless of how “good” it may appear to men.

God WANTS to communicate with us (Luke 11:13) and to guide and direct our lives….. but WE have to SEEK HIM on His terms and through FAITH….. He is definitely NOT a “genii in a bottle” from whom we can get instant “service and satisfaction”.

Our biggest problem is that we do not realize WHO GOD IS…… He is both immensely GREAT, WONDERFUL and ALL POWERFUL beyond our capability to fully comprehend it…. and yet, at the same time, He is ACCESSIBLE, INTIMATE and FRIENDLY…..  and you will get to better understand all this IF you actually READ the entire Bible…. but you must read it BELIEVING it to be TRUE…. because if you read it like any other “book of man”, looking for (and expecting) errors, ideas, theories and logic then you have become a JUDGE of the Bible and not a believer.

The Bible does not exist to be “judged” by your human “wisdom”…. the Bible is THE REVELATION of GOD to man…… it exists to be BELIEVED and OBEYED…..  and NOT JUDGED and DEBATED….

The real problem with humans has always been that they “think too highly of themselves”…. so either they CREATE a “god” to serve THEIR own purpose…. or else, they regard THEMSELVES as “god”….. and either way THE ALMIGHTY GOD (because He is NOT a “show off” like them) will just let them do what they wish…… for now…. UNTIL He is ready to deal with them…. HE has all the “time” in the UNIVERSE (in fact, HE dwells outside of time altogether)

What does the human have….  a mere 100 years, at best, IF they are lucky…

Seeking to KNOW this GREAT GOD is the most sensible thing that any human could do….. but the majority are just so caught up in their “own little world” that they never think of anything beyond their own life.

Like a bunch of rabbits in a cage….. are the humans scurrying around on this little planet…. and that’s the reality….. and except for the fact that GOD CARES, all of us would be as worthless as grass and the flower of grass (1 Peter 1:24) (Isaiah 40:6-8)

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