Names of GOD

The NAMES of GOD reveal His Character and His relationship to humans down through the ages as He revealed Himself to them during the process of Redemption  (or the “undoing” of the “fall of man” which brought about man’s separation from God )

Genesis 1.1 – Elohim – translated God – plural noun but in some places used in a singular context (this how the Trinity of God is first discovered)
Genesis 2:4 – Jehovah – translated LORD – The self-existent One…. He does not need us, but we need Him… and He knows this and that is why He wants “to be there for us”.
Genesis 15:2 – Adonai – translated Lord – Master… a more personal relationship between humans and between humans and God… a husband is the master of the wife… Israel is the wife of the Lord and the Church is the bride of Christ

Genesis 17:1 – El Shaddai – translated Almighty God – all-sufficient… He strengthens and satisfies our needs… we are to be satisfied with Him ALONE because their is NOTHING we could need that He cannot supply.
Genesis 14:18 – El Elyon – translated Most High God – God the highest… possessor of heaven and earth… the ultimate authority…. nothing He cannot do… in total control of everything.
Genesis 21:33 – El Olam – translated Everlasting God – Not only is He (Himself) everlasting…. but also, He is God over all everlasting things (time as well as eternity itself)
Isaiah 9:6-7 – El Gibbor – translated Mighty God – God of Strength, Our “HERO” God who comes through to deliver us.

Genesis 2:4 – Jehovah Elohim – translated LORD God – Self-existent creator…. God over all by virtue of creation.
Genesis 15:2 – Adonai Jehovah – translated Lord GOD – In a personal relationship to humans yet totally exalted, High, Holy and Above all His works.
1 Samuel 1:3 – Jehovah Sabaoth – translated LORD of hosts – astronomical bodies, angels, demons, saints and sinners…. LORD over all these… and they WILL fulfill His purposes.

The revelation of GOD by His names is made in connection with the need(s) of His people.

Why is this so ?

Every human need is answered to in God, or to put it another way, there is nothing we may need that GOD cannot supply.

God wants and expects that we would turn to Him in EVERY need that we may have…. BUT we must do so HUMBLY expecting Him to do what is best…

We may ASK but NOT COMMAND…. the reason that people do not get their needs met by God is because they expect to tell Him what He must do….

If we have the proper perspective between ourselves and God, we will accept whatever His answer (to our need ) is as BEST.

If God knows (and there is nothing that God does not know) that your ATTITUDE towards both Him and His answer are not what it SHOULD be…. He may not
answer or do anything to help us at all….

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM TODAY IS US…. and our view of GOD…. far, far too many churches lead the people to think that THEY are TOO IMPORTANT…. and that GOD exists to
serve them…. instead of the other way around.

The HOLINESS, AWE and REVERENCE is gone…. and replaced with a more humanly-appealing idea, that allows us to “use” God as our “resource” to satify OUR desires,
wants and needs with little responsibility on our part to satisfy God’s demands of us and His total claim to our lives.

NO WONDER some people may suffer “disappointment” with GOD…. He simply is not “obligated” to do whatever they want and simply withdraws and allows them
to organise their own affairs.

GOD does not need to prove Himself to humans…. He’s done that already… many times in the past and it’s all there in the Bible… your duty is to BELIEVE it.

Even if God were to do some earth-shattering global miracle today…. humans are so “educated” now that they would spend their time UNDERSTANDING and EXPLAINING it…
rather than worshipping and praising Him for it…. in fact, the nations would most likely not even attribute it to Him ! ….. “Aliens from outer space” would probably
get the credit for it.