Sexual Purity – Part 2

This 4 part series on Sexual Purity consists of  the notes I made for a talk I delivered on the same topic to the teenage boys of the ISCF Christian Leadership Summer Camp.

Based on the overwhelming interest shown in my previous posts on Masturbation and Sex, I decided to share the series with you.

Physical Pressure

The need for sexual release in males is greatly exaggerated by “worldly” people…. The body will release semen during sleep, if necessary (this is called a “wet dream”, although it is possible for it to happen with no dream at all).  The timing varies from boy to boy, some experience this as often as twice a week and some as rarely as once in two months, a few say they have never had any at all. The volume of semen that any individual “manufactures” varies widely from person to person, from a few drops to a tablespoonful or more, therefore boys that produce more are likely to have more frequent (and more “messy”) “wet dreams”.

Other factors that affect the frequency of “wet dreams”:

  1. Guys who are focused on sex  will get more frequent wet dreams.
  2. Guys who are focused on physical activities and sports will get less wet dreams.
  3. Guys who masturbate according to a regular cycle can arrange it so they never get  any wet dreams .

Mental Pressure

The mental pressure is usually  more of a problem than the physical pressure…. It’s time to learn to control your thoughts  and focus on Jesus…. also STAY AWAY from all


Repeatedly viewing pornography leads to double addiction to both pornography and masturbation because the two will get linked together…. in some people that’s not enough  and they get more and more desperate for the “real” action.

Since the internet was invented, porn addiction is VERY common for males of all ages because of the easy access to continuous stream of “new”  material…..  demons know how easy it is to get porn-addicted boys to ENGAGE IN ALL SORTS OF IMMORALITY….  and there are boys (right here in Barbados) who are so “hot” they are on the continuous look-out  for an opportunity, ready to take  on almost anyone if asked (once it can all be done without anybody ever finding out)…..  how did they end up this way ??

It starts by  feeding their mind on gross and disgusting pornography…. in many cases, the  images go  way beyond  any “normal” or  “decent” sex.

Rapists, serial killers and child molesters have all confessed that their whole “problem” began with viewing pornography….. which gradually progressed to more bizarre and “shocking” images (scenes of bestiality, orgies and sadistic violence)

Read Philippians 4:8 and remember what I told you about controlling your thoughts  (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Keep away from people, places and situations that are causing you to experience sexual temptation…..  fill your mind with  wholesome interests….. various hobbies, sports or church activities.

Even  if it’s hard to overcome sexual urges immediately…. RESIST and continue to divert your mind to wholesome activities and interests….. and you have my  assurance that  it will get easier  and easier once you PERSEVERE.

What is the alternative ?   living with the following:

  1. Sexual images flashing through your mind at all the wrong times…. like during church or when praying to God.
  2. Viewing everybody in a sexual way and mentally undressing everyone
  3. Ashamed of your own thoughts, you try to cover up all this  sexual lust so that nobody will ever find out what you are REALLY like inside.

If  you have ever experienced any of this for yourself , you need to know that  YOU ARE NOT ALONE….  LOTS of people … even Christian people… have this problem but they are too ASHAMED to admit it…. so they struggle on “making the best of it”…. that’s not what Jesus wants for you…. He wants joy and peace in your heart, and that’s better for your physical well being also !

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