Sexual Purity – Part 4

  1. Obedience to God always brings reward
  2. The longer you go without any kind of sexual stimulation the more satisfying will be the actual experience of it….  if/when  you partake.
  3. The longer you go without any kind of sexual stimulation the easier it is to continue without any….  meaning, your temptation decreases with continued abstinence.
  4. You cannot succeed in avoiding it IF you are constantly thinking about it therefore you need to find ways to divert your thoughts… ways that actually WORK for you.

For those of you who just joined us…. we are discussing Sexual Purity for Christian teenage boys…. and the above 4 points are absolutely TRUE.

In Part 4, of this 4 part series, we consider those who have FAILED in these areas….. and we also consider the path to a happy marriage ordained by GOD.

If you have accustomed your body to sexual activity withdrawal will require determination and lots of self-control, and possibly, spiritual battle.

points to consider:

  1. All you past mistakes are FORGIVEN if you have confessed and repented of them.
  2. Any future failure  can also be forgiven…. therefore  IF you should sin at any point do NOT GIVE UP…. just continue to overcome your obstacles one by one.

God has a girl just for you….. but you CANNOT FIND HER without His help and furthermore He may test your PATIENCE and OBEDIENCE in the process.

  1. You should explain to any girlfriends the importance of God in your life (2 Corinthians 6:14) and your reason for avoiding sexually tempting situations and she should have these same concerns and values also.
  2. When/If  you discover that a girl is NOT suitable for you, you MUST “DUMP” her PROMPTLY …. ask God for help and try to do it GENTLY by explaining to her the incompatibility and problems that you have with her…. trust me, it is  FAR EASIER to DUMP a girl if you have NOT had sex with her (which hopefully will be the case).
  3. If you genuinely feel (after you have been seeing a girl for some time) that it’s time for marriage…. you should seek God’s verdict and NOT BE AFRAID to put HIS decision in place….  I cannot tell you how to “be sure” of His will, but I used the “fleece” test with miraculous results (Judges 6:37-40)

How to handle a “horn” ?

Perhaps the girl DUMPS you first…. this is quite hurtful to ego of boys… but you must take it to God and remember that EGO is NOT a good thing…. it is what caused sin in the first place ! … learning HUMILITY can be a painful experience but God will help you, IF you let Him.

Look on the positive side …. better for  her to dump you now than after marriage….  God has helped you with your decision by showing you that she was not the right one…. she does not deserve you….

The hardest part could be embarrassment from friends…. but if you have been WITNESSING constantly…. then most of your friends  will probably be Christians anyway and so they will console and comfort you in your “loss”.

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