Even in the midst of MIRACLES there is doubt and scepticism

No wonder Jesus said “your FAITH has saved you, go in peace” (Luke 7:50)

and Paul and Silas, “BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved” (Acts 16:31)

and again, “these things are written that you might BELIEVE” (John 20:31)

this is not a popular concept with humans….. humans want evidence with rational argument and explanation (and the more educated they are the harder it is to just BELIEVE)

Jesus had just fed thousands of people with only 5 loaves and 2 small fish….. and the people were amazed into admitting that He was a prophet (John 6:14)

But the very next day when Jesus told them to BELIEVE on Him, they respond with “what sign do you show us , that we may see and believe ?” (John 6:30)

They are not interested in any “believing”…. they want to see miracles and more miracles, and that’s it…

and so it is with TODAY’s “educated” people……  scientists and intellectuals are not interested in any “believing”….. they would want to “study” Jesus… and figure out  “just how he does that”….. they would be fascinated WITH THE POWER AND THE RESULT and NOT with the message of simple FAITH and HOLINESS.

WOE UNTO THIS GENERATION…… who think they are so smart….. who think they have all the answers to everything…. when clearly their “knowledge” has RUINED the Earth….. and their greed has brought hardship to millions of innocent “poor” people.

WHO WILL SAVE THIS PLANET FROM EVIL HUMANS…… Thanks be unto God, the time will come when He will return to take charge of His “vineyard” and destroy these wretched tenants who have ruined the planet. (Matthew 21:33-41, Luke 20:9-18)

YOUR choice today…. will you BELIEVE the WORD OF GOD…. or will you believe that humans are capable of managing their own affairs.

Look around you…… what does the evidence of history suggest….. and yet for all this, many will still simply REFUSE to BELIEVE !

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