What do you need today ?

Consider the lives of humans here on earth, they are driven by all sorts of fears, wants and needs.

Fear of the FUTURE is a big concern with many, they stash away as much money and stuff as they can hoping it will be enough to see them through to the end of their life…. what if they lose their job ?… that’s another big fear with some. (Matthew 6:25-34)

Fear of sickness and of death, fear of pain,  what do you fear ?

The Bible tells us that we are to LOVE GOD with all our heart and we are to LOVE OTHERS AS OURSELVES and promises us that GOD will look after all our needs but…. it does not seem to work…. why ? (Matthew 22:37 – 40)

1. UNBELIEF…. we just do not BELIEVE God…. and many do not believe the Bible anyway…. rational, scientific people have a hard time believing anything…. it just “not cool” to believe !

2. SELFISHNESS ….  WE are the most important thing in our world, and many people see nothing wrong with this view…. it’s even PROMOTED in the “I” culture…. iphone, istore, ipad …. and most advertisers tell us to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves to the most luxury and comfort… what a contrast to the life of Jesus and the Apostles !

When a person gives their life to Jesus…. they SHOULD put GOD above themselves… just like Jesus put God’s wishes above His own fleshly desires…. but it’s easier said than done. (John 4:34, John 8:29)

Anyway…. IF you are serious about putting GOD first in your life…. I want to tell you from the Bible (and also from my own personal experience) that God takes care of your needs. (Matthew 6:33)

So you have the choice today…. seek GOD and find out what He would have you to do (and He will take care of your needs)…. or do not seek God and get on with your own business of living (in which case you will have to handle your own needs, fears, cares and wants).

There are some who say…. the idea of God is just a crutch for weak-minded or incompetent people…. but this perspective is PRIDE (because by saying so one believes they are so much better, smarter, more competent than others), when in reality such a person is just an ungrateful so-and-so, because humans do not make themselves and any attributes they have…. health, brains, competence or whatever…. are in reality, GIVEN (or allowed, if you prefer) by GOD…. such persons  need to realize that they are just as frail human  that is no better than anybody else and it would be better that they realize this BEFORE they become diseased or disabled.

God wants to have meaningful communication directly with YOU….  concerning YOUR life…. too many people overlook this fact and expect the priest, shaman, guru or whoever to give them direction and many times with disastrous results.

God – Part 2

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16)

many  people who claim to believe in God ….  many people who claim to be Christian…..  have NO PERSONAL TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION with God…. although most of them pray and tell God all sorts of stuff (when it suits them to do so) they don’t really expect God to ANSWER THEM…. consequently, they are living whatever “religion”  they profess by following the “rules” laid down by their particular “religion”…. and their guidance comes from man (their priest, shaman  or guru)…. this is the essence of works-based, man-made religion.

Friend, you need more than this….. don’t you think you need more than this ?

When you read the Bible you discover God spoke to people and told them to do stuff…. sometimes they obeyed and sometimes they did not (with consequences)….  but why has this not happened to you ?… here are some possible reasons…

1. FAITH …. you are not really expecting God to communicate with you directly…. so why should He ?

2. COMMITMENT…. you have your own agenda and want/need a “rubber stamp” god to make you feel good about your own plans and choices…  the real GOD KNOWS you…. why would He communicate stuff to you just to increase your PRIDE and arrogance and SELF-CENTRED, SELF-SERVING agenda. ?????

I find it AWESOME that GOD, who made EVERYTHING that our eyes can see…. the Universe and the material world around us…. and who can change ANYTHING in it at any time according to HIS WISH,  would actually COMMUNICATE with ME (a “nobody”… John Q Public….  ordinary citizen… or whatever).

and yet the TRUTH is…..  in most cases, this is EXACTLY the type of person that God “talks” to ! …… He actually PREFERS to talk to “nobodies”, in order to reveal to the world that ALL humans are the SAME in HIS estimation…..  you see, when you are a “somebody”   in this world you instinctively feel that you are somehow “more important”  than a “nobody” and that is only PRIDE… manifesting itself in your life….. you need to know that GOD does not pay any regard to “Mr. so-and-so” because the Bible says, “NO flesh  should glory in His presence” (1 Corinthians 1:29)

Is the Prime Minister no more important than the beggar (or the burglar) ?…. not to GOD…. to GOD he is the same species…. an oxygen-breathing, animal that walks around on two legs… a CREATURE of the SAME type…… now that should put a damper on human pride !

How the fools strut around the earth …. thinking they are so great and powerful …. but they can only exercise their magnificence over other humans such as themselves…..  to GOD they are NOTHING and He is not impressed by their pomposity.

The Bible says, “… but to this man will I look, even to him that is POOR and of a CONTRITE SPIRIT, and TREMBLETH at MY WORD” (Isaiah 66:2)

These are therefore the THREE CONDITIONS for you to open a TWO-WAY communication with the ALMIGHTY.

God has given all men free will on this earth…. they can do as they like on this earth…. but He is under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to talk with them !

If you want GOD to interact with you in TWO-WAY communication…. then you have to begin such communication on HIS TERMS…. YOU have to fulfil HIS conditions for such a “relationship” with Him…. HE is the ALMIGHTY and you are “less than nothing” and never forget that !

So now …. are you really surprised ? ….. that LOTS of PRAYING goes on TO  some kind of a “god, God or GOD”……. but answers !… real, tangible ANSWERS are quite rare (compared to all the “praying” that is going on daily)

Are you serious about your SERVANT status before GOD ?  or are YOU the “king on the throne” looking to exalt yourself and get some of the worship and adoration of your fellow CREATURES…. the other animals who look just like you…..

If you find today’s message “insulting”….. then chances are good, that you are already “thinking higher of yourself than you ought to think” (Romans 12:3) and have a way to go (in your thinking) before you are ready for TRUE communication with the ALMIGHTY !



How can a person say, “I believe in God” and then proceed to curse the Bible (as “rubbish”… they use alternative expletives which we cannot print here) ??

This “god” that they say they believe in…. is no more than a creation of their own imagination…..  and generally, under further questioning, we find:

1. This “god” (conveniently) approves of everything that they do…. and is just there to help them.

2. This “god” does not really play much of a part in their lives…. he is just there when the discussion comes up…. or when the idea of a “god” is convenient or useful.

Friends….. if the above describes your view of God then you are no better than the atheist…. in fact you might be worse off.  (particularly with Option 1) because

There are many DEMONS ready for those who believe option 1…. demons who will help you get a “leg up” above your fellow man in exchange for some worship…. these demons come into your life and guide your thoughts and actions…. taking more and more territory in your life as the years go by…. and you are GLAD about it, because you are convinced that “this kind of god” has YOUR interest at heart….. “he” helps you to “get what you want” in life…. so welcome to DEMON  POSSESSION…. you have been DUPED “big time” and don’t even realize it….. these “personal” demons will help you achieve stuff…. get ahead in this life…. and the ONLY THING that they really DO NOT TOLERATE is for you to “come to Jesus Christ and be saved” because that will be the END of their domination of your life.

Friends… you have to realize…. that DEMONS ENJOY living VICARIOUSLY through the lives of humans…. that is the ONLY way they can “accomplish” anything in the MATERIAL Universe.

Demons have PERSONALITIES….. some of them ENJOY “Religion”…. these demons  just love to be “in Church”….. Churches that do NOT acknowledge the New Birth, the LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST and the Bible as the authoritative WORD of GOD.

But what about Option 2 ?…..  this concept of god is less useful to both you and the demons…… because this “god” idea is just there to help you win arguments or create controversy when talking with your “religious” friends…….  this “god” (of yours) really is not “involved”  in your life at all….. practically useless for all intent and purposes….. and really just satisfies your need NOT to be seen as an “atheist” !

My friends…… this text is going to UPSET people…..  just like Jesus upset the Scribes and Pharisees when He said they “were of their father the Devil” (John 8:44)

But if anybody reading this SEES the TRUTH and becomes distressed because they realize that their life has been taken over by demons…. I want to tell you today that JESUS CHRIST CAN SET YOU FREE…..  All power in Heaven and Earth has been given unto Him (Matthew 28:18)….. a demon is nothing more than a created creature just like yourself…… DELIVERANCE from the power of demons can be YOURS TODAY !…. the road will not be easy BUT GOD is on your side and HE WILL HELP YOU as you put your FAITH and your LIFE into His hands.

Do you want TRUE PEACE and JOY in this turbulent world…. in this uncertain life….. ? then you need to come to JESUS today…. that’s why He came to Earth…..  to SAVE men’s souls…..  stop playing around with the world…… your life will soon be over…. is today YOUR day to meet the ETERNAL GOD and be CHANGED by the New Birth.

I am praying for you.


“And this is THE CONDEMNATION, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, BECAUSE THEIR DEEDS WERE EVIL.” (John 3:19)

“If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin, but now they have no cloak for their sin. HE THAT HATES ME HATES MY FATHER ALSO…. If I had not done among them the works which no other man did, they had not sin; but NOW have they both seen and HATED BOTH ME AND MY FATHER.” (John 15:22 – 24)

It matters not how many times a day Muslims pray….. the Muslim religion is one of EXTERNAL RULES AND REGULATIONS that does not address the HEART ISSUE of INHERENT EVIL, and this why they can commit RAMPANT HEINOUS ATROCITIES in the “name of Allah”.

The Roman Catholic religion ….. another EVIL and IDOLATROUS “religious system”……  that reveals it true underpinnings in EVIL….. consistently through the centuries involved in organised MURDER, EXTORTION  and recently, PAEDOPHILIA…..

If JESUS returned bodily to the world today…… HE would be JUST AS UNWELCOME…. as He was the last time He came….. nothing has changed.


and what about TBN and mass-market “evangelical” Christianity ?

Do you think Jesus would be happy with TBN ? ….. MAKING MERCHANDISE of men’s souls….. all those multi-millionaire televangelists living lifestyles way above the ordinary person who watches their telecasts and donates to support their lifestyle… which they have audacity to call a “ministry”….. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM (Matthew 7:20)…. said JESUS… but how many people have “spiritual discernment” necessary to clearly identify TRUTH from ERROR ??????????????

For TBN to be acceptable to Jesus…. MUCH MORE SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT would need to be exercised by the Program directors……  what is “popular” with the masses is an abomination to God…. there are “popular ministries” that TBN should REFUSE to broadcast if they were truly “discerning the mind of Christ”.

IS YOUR HEART RIGHT WITH GOD ?  is HE truly the LORD of your life ?

then PRAY for enlightenment and DISCERNMENT as you READ THE BIBLE for yourself….. that JESUS will reveal Himself to you in HIS FULLNESS…. that as the words spring off the pages of HIS BOOK during your meditation….. your eyes will be opened that you may DISCERN what is going on around you from GOD’s perspective…. and not be deceived by the words of men.

and GUARD your own life against the deception of EVIL that devours so many “nice” people  on this planet.

JUDGEMENT awaits every human being…. ETERNITY starts IN THIS LIFE….. your FINAL DESTINATION is at stake…. see my other posts on IMMORTALITY and ETERNITY….

It is YOUR CHOICE to surrender “your life” to the LORDSHIP of CHRIST…… sadly many people are deceived into thinking that they have “done this”, when in reality, THEIR WISHES and OBJECTIVES are still being pursued…… how can this be ?

GUIDANCE…. they are not in TRUE TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION WITH GOD….. so they   are easily deceived into thinking that they are “doing God’s will”…. when, in fact, they are pursuing their own agenda.

Here are the Words of Christ to believers in this present Age…. please meditate on them today…

“I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear  my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20)

It is my prayer that all who TRULY WISH to hear His voice and to open up to Him may be FREED today from the hindrances and distractions that are blocking the communication path with the risen SAVIOUR…..  the ONLY ONE who has our ETERNAL well-being as His top priority….. the ONLY ONE who can RECONCILE us to GOD.