What kind of a future can YOU  expect ? …. or what kind of future are YOU “looking-forward-too” ?

I’ve got news for YOU….. unless you put God first in your life and approach Him through the blood of Jesus Christ….. you have NO future to “look-forward-too” !

TWO categories of heathen people living on this planet….

1. Those who THINK they are “prepared”…..  money, gold or investments “stashed away” to “look after them” in old age….. Medicare, AARP, other health insurance……. Doomsday Preppers with bunkers stashed full of foodstuffs, medicines and munitions to stave off the desperate hordes of deranged humans expected to be roaming about after an apocalyptic event.

2. Those who are UNPREPARED….. just existing from day-to day…. with no thought for the future at all.

Then there are the REAL Christians….. calm, serene….. filled with PEACE and JOY even in Turbulent Times….. because they KNOW and have personally experienced the PROVISION and CARE of the Almighty God in their lives and in FAITH they patiently wait  for the FUTURE….. not simply “idling”…. not being distracted by the “baubles” of this world… but doing the bidding of the Almighty day-by-day in MINISTERING to their fellow humans…. teaching and preaching by word and example the PLAN OF GOD for the SALVATION (REDEMPTION) of MANKIND.

There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT in life than PEACE WITH GOD…. and I would certainly urge you to TAKE THE BIBLE SERIOUSLY.

Do not fall victim to the ideas that “it was written by men to control the people” or “it is full of errors and cannot be trusted”…… rather focus on it’s SUPERNATURAL character and ORIGIN……  INVESTIGATE what it SAYS….

There is NO OTHER BOOK anywhere on the planet that reveals the past and predicts the future of this planet and of mankind…..  with PROVEN ACCURACY….. check out it’s HISTORICAL accuracy…… and the PREDICTIONS that have ALREADY come to pass.

and REASON along these lines (I say this that you might FIND GOD and be SAVED)….

IF there is a GOD who is INTERESTED (in human affairs and the way people live their lives…. what they do…. how they think)……. HOW WOULD HE COMMUNICATE  HIS PLAN  for the Earth and for Mankind ?? …… SURELY through a BOOK that people could read in all languages (it is a PROVABLE FACT that THE BIBLE has been translated into MORE LANGUAGES than any other book on the face of this planet)………  SURELY this book would be written by human agents (rather than simply “dropped out of the sky” to be found by a single individual or civilisation)…… it is MORE EFFECTIVE that parts of the Bible has been written by MANY humans across THOUSANDS of years….. and yet it all ties together and makes PERFECT SENSE…. the books AGREE and CORROBORATE each other in a SUPERNATURAL way that is totally beyond the possibility of any collusion or “human-invented-master-plan”.

Finally, the CONTENT itself is amazing….. containing information that is beyond the human knowledge or even the “imagination” of any individual or group of individuals……  individuals born thousands of years apart and who did not even know of each others existence…. adding to the overall book to create a “final work” that makes “sense” to men…. it is way BEYOND chance, coincidence or collusion…. it is EXTERNAL…. DIVINE INTERVENTION in the lives, visions and dreams of the humans involved.

YOU need to face the REALITY that GOD EXISTS…. and HE has definite plan FOR YOU….. but HE did not create you a puppet and so you have the CHOICE….. and you also need to know that YOUR CHOICE has CONSEQUENCES that are ETERNAL….

Here is a TOPICAL INDEX to the Bible that could help you understand GOD’s book a little better…… I pray that as you read my words and reference the Bible (most important) you will come to know  Jesus Christ  in a real and personal way in your life…. and find true PEACE and JOY that are so lacking in our world today.