Should Christians celebrate Christmas ?

Many do not feel so….

The 25th December is a time when pagans have historically celebrated the birthday of the Sun. Astronomically speaking it is the Winter Solstice, the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Tropic of Capricorn, and the turning point in the path of the sun…. the days will begin to lengthen and the Power of the Sun increases from that Nativity. Worship of the Sun  was popular in both the Persian  and Roman Empires…. but seems to have been quite universally celebrated from long before that, as evidenced in drawings and tablets found in Egypt and Syria.

The Virgin Goddess who bore the Son (Sun) was another universal feature of these pagan religions…. they were called various names depending on the language of the civilisations…..  in Semitic lands, she was known as Astarte (also translated Easter)

The Norsemen celebrated  the Sun event with a great Yule-feast, which included the burning of logs and the placing of lights in trees.

You need to know that the Catholic Church historically has adopted many practices from Pagan IDOLATRY…… Candle Magic, Statues, Chants and Incantations…. all have their origin in the practice of Spell Casting, placing or removing Curses and divination of Omens and Portents.

Persons who have studied these subjects can tell you the significance and HEATHEN origins of some of the Grotesque Gargoyles and  “strange” Ornamental imagery that  adorns Catholic cathedrals and other “religious” buildings…… it is the truth that  organised “Christianity” has LONG DEPARTED from the FAITH and MESSAGE of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

I could go on to talk of the origins of Easter Bunnies and Santa Claus….. but it is all a DISTRACTION….  WHY ?

Please go and READ ROMANS 14:5 – 6

It IS possible for Christians to celebrate both the Birth of Christ and His Death and Resurrection as HOLY and SIGNIFICANT events on their yearly Calendar.

This issue should NOT DIVIDE “true” Christians…. or spawn “new” churches….

But ALL PEOPLE are warned against WORLDLY INDULGENCE…… excessive FEASTING,  excessive DRINKING, excessive SPENDING…… and an excessive PRE-OCCUPATION with the “trappings” (decorations, symbols) of Christmas or Easter.

We are to cherish the SIMPLE life-style of the Lamb and His Apostles and do our THANKSGIVING and MERRIMENT as unto GOD in REVERENCE and AWE of His wonderful GOODNESS towards us….. THANKFUL for BLESSINGS and FAVOUR that we do NOT deserve !

We are to REJOICE IN THE LORD and …… NOT in the “worldliness” that takes hold of so many at these times of the year !