The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

The fool has said in his heart there is no God. (Psalm 14:1)

What does this tell us about Academia ? ….. the “super smart” people that the whole world  listens to….  when I entered the University, I was aware of a definite attempt to make students QUESTION everything they “believed”…. and measure it by WHAT ?…… so-called REASON and the “scientific” approach to “logical and rational” thought…

The idea is advanced, in all Universities across the world, that humans moved from an era of FAITH, BELIEF and SUPERSTITION…… into the more “enlightened” era, where EVERYTHING can be explained by REASON, LOGIC and ANALYSIS…. the “scientific” method….. careful observation and testing…. based on the ASSUMPTION that there is NOTHING that cannot ultimately be explained and understood by human intellect.

HOGWASH ! ….. the UNIVERSITY has become a shrine to a new god…. the god of HUMAN INTELLECT…. and the outright REFUSAL of these “super smart” people to acknowledge  GOD leads to all kinds of DUMB statements…  that usually go unchallenged by the laymen and “freshmen students”, who eventually become infected (if they allow the “system” to have it’s way with them) with the same WARPED MENTALITY.

I was asked to approve (or recommend alternative textbook) for our introductory Astronomy course…..  I searched on Google for a suitable text that presented the topic from a GOD-centred perspective…. I could not find a single one ! ….. sure there were lots of texts “introducing” Astronomy from the Christian perspective to LAYMEN…..  but NOTHING rigorous enough for a University curriculum…. I had no choice but to approve the recommended text…. so now, I want to expose the FOOLISHNESS in it to all and sundry.

First statement:    Earth is neither central nor special; we inhabit no unique place in the universe.

Is this SCIENTIFICALLY true ??  …..  in spite of all their “vast” knowledge of the Universe….. the space probes….  the experiments and  the technology, they have NOT found another “Earth-type” planet…. they have NOT located a BLUE PLANET with seas continents and atmosphere that matches that of Earth…. therefore the statement above is NOT factual….. it is mere CONJECTURE on the part of the authors…… It IS entirely possible that “Earth” is UNIQUE in the Universe….. regardless of how unlikely that may seem…. and the only way to PROVE that it is not “unique”  would be to find ANOTHER identical planet …. which they have NOT been able to do.

Second statement:

“Nature offers no greater splendor than the starry sky on a clear, dark night.”

Why not say GOD ? …… because you can’t call that word, in a “scientific” book ?……. What is “Nature” ? …… I will tell you what it is…… It is a word that ATHEISTS love to use !

ATHEISTS are a pathetic bunch of FOOLS (I can call them this… based on the WORD OF GOD)…… who have NO HOPE for the future and NO PURPOSE in their existence…..  in fact, they could as well put a gun to their head right now and blow their brains out……. or “space out” on drugs……..  and many of them do just that…… when their lives take a wrong turn and they get frustrated, sick or depressed…….  there is CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC  EVIDENCE to support the conclusion that persons with a strong belief in God  and firm sense of destiny and purpose live HEALTHIER, HAPPIER LIVES…… and yet these “intelligent” fools who THINK that they understand the “Universe” would seek to rob their students of simple faith with subtle choice of words in an “educated” textbook !

Well …. as I teach students from this textbook…. I will doubtless uncover more nonsense, which I will post on this blog as I deal with it in class.