How can a person say, “I believe in God” and then proceed to curse the Bible (as “rubbish”… they use alternative expletives which we cannot print here) ??

This “god” that they say they believe in…. is no more than a creation of their own imagination…..  and generally, under further questioning, we find:

1. This “god” (conveniently) approves of everything that they do…. and is just there to help them.

2. This “god” does not really play much of a part in their lives…. he is just there when the discussion comes up…. or when the idea of a “god” is convenient or useful.

Friends….. if the above describes your view of God then you are no better than the atheist…. in fact you might be worse off.  (particularly with Option 1) because

There are many DEMONS ready for those who believe option 1…. demons who will help you get a “leg up” above your fellow man in exchange for some worship…. these demons come into your life and guide your thoughts and actions…. taking more and more territory in your life as the years go by…. and you are GLAD about it, because you are convinced that “this kind of god” has YOUR interest at heart….. “he” helps you to “get what you want” in life…. so welcome to DEMON  POSSESSION…. you have been DUPED “big time” and don’t even realize it….. these “personal” demons will help you achieve stuff…. get ahead in this life…. and the ONLY THING that they really DO NOT TOLERATE is for you to “come to Jesus Christ and be saved” because that will be the END of their domination of your life.

Friends… you have to realize…. that DEMONS ENJOY living VICARIOUSLY through the lives of humans…. that is the ONLY way they can “accomplish” anything in the MATERIAL Universe.

Demons have PERSONALITIES….. some of them ENJOY “Religion”…. these demons  just love to be “in Church”….. Churches that do NOT acknowledge the New Birth, the LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST and the Bible as the authoritative WORD of GOD.

But what about Option 2 ?…..  this concept of god is less useful to both you and the demons…… because this “god” idea is just there to help you win arguments or create controversy when talking with your “religious” friends…….  this “god” (of yours) really is not “involved”  in your life at all….. practically useless for all intent and purposes….. and really just satisfies your need NOT to be seen as an “atheist” !

My friends…… this text is going to UPSET people…..  just like Jesus upset the Scribes and Pharisees when He said they “were of their father the Devil” (John 8:44)

But if anybody reading this SEES the TRUTH and becomes distressed because they realize that their life has been taken over by demons…. I want to tell you today that JESUS CHRIST CAN SET YOU FREE…..  All power in Heaven and Earth has been given unto Him (Matthew 28:18)….. a demon is nothing more than a created creature just like yourself…… DELIVERANCE from the power of demons can be YOURS TODAY !…. the road will not be easy BUT GOD is on your side and HE WILL HELP YOU as you put your FAITH and your LIFE into His hands.

Do you want TRUE PEACE and JOY in this turbulent world…. in this uncertain life….. ? then you need to come to JESUS today…. that’s why He came to Earth…..  to SAVE men’s souls…..  stop playing around with the world…… your life will soon be over…. is today YOUR day to meet the ETERNAL GOD and be CHANGED by the New Birth.

I am praying for you.