God – Part 2

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16)

many  people who claim to believe in God ….  many people who claim to be Christian…..  have NO PERSONAL TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION with God…. although most of them pray and tell God all sorts of stuff (when it suits them to do so) they don’t really expect God to ANSWER THEM…. consequently, they are living whatever “religion”  they profess by following the “rules” laid down by their particular “religion”…. and their guidance comes from man (their priest, shaman  or guru)…. this is the essence of works-based, man-made religion.

Friend, you need more than this….. don’t you think you need more than this ?

When you read the Bible you discover God spoke to people and told them to do stuff…. sometimes they obeyed and sometimes they did not (with consequences)….  but why has this not happened to you ?… here are some possible reasons…

1. FAITH …. you are not really expecting God to communicate with you directly…. so why should He ?

2. COMMITMENT…. you have your own agenda and want/need a “rubber stamp” god to make you feel good about your own plans and choices…  the real GOD KNOWS you…. why would He communicate stuff to you just to increase your PRIDE and arrogance and SELF-CENTRED, SELF-SERVING agenda. ?????

I find it AWESOME that GOD, who made EVERYTHING that our eyes can see…. the Universe and the material world around us…. and who can change ANYTHING in it at any time according to HIS WISH,  would actually COMMUNICATE with ME (a “nobody”… John Q Public….  ordinary citizen… or whatever).

and yet the TRUTH is…..  in most cases, this is EXACTLY the type of person that God “talks” to ! …… He actually PREFERS to talk to “nobodies”, in order to reveal to the world that ALL humans are the SAME in HIS estimation…..  you see, when you are a “somebody”   in this world you instinctively feel that you are somehow “more important”  than a “nobody” and that is only PRIDE… manifesting itself in your life….. you need to know that GOD does not pay any regard to “Mr. so-and-so” because the Bible says, “NO flesh  should glory in His presence” (1 Corinthians 1:29)

Is the Prime Minister no more important than the beggar (or the burglar) ?…. not to GOD…. to GOD he is the same species…. an oxygen-breathing, animal that walks around on two legs… a CREATURE of the SAME type…… now that should put a damper on human pride !

How the fools strut around the earth …. thinking they are so great and powerful …. but they can only exercise their magnificence over other humans such as themselves…..  to GOD they are NOTHING and He is not impressed by their pomposity.

The Bible says, “… but to this man will I look, even to him that is POOR and of a CONTRITE SPIRIT, and TREMBLETH at MY WORD” (Isaiah 66:2)

These are therefore the THREE CONDITIONS for you to open a TWO-WAY communication with the ALMIGHTY.

God has given all men free will on this earth…. they can do as they like on this earth…. but He is under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to talk with them !

If you want GOD to interact with you in TWO-WAY communication…. then you have to begin such communication on HIS TERMS…. YOU have to fulfil HIS conditions for such a “relationship” with Him…. HE is the ALMIGHTY and you are “less than nothing” and never forget that !

So now …. are you really surprised ? ….. that LOTS of PRAYING goes on TO  some kind of a “god, God or GOD”……. but answers !… real, tangible ANSWERS are quite rare (compared to all the “praying” that is going on daily)

Are you serious about your SERVANT status before GOD ?  or are YOU the “king on the throne” looking to exalt yourself and get some of the worship and adoration of your fellow CREATURES…. the other animals who look just like you…..

If you find today’s message “insulting”….. then chances are good, that you are already “thinking higher of yourself than you ought to think” (Romans 12:3) and have a way to go (in your thinking) before you are ready for TRUE communication with the ALMIGHTY !