What do you need today ?

Consider the lives of humans here on earth, they are driven by all sorts of fears, wants and needs.

Fear of the FUTURE is a big concern with many, they stash away as much money and stuff as they can hoping it will be enough to see them through to the end of their life…. what if they lose their job ?… that’s another big fear with some. (Matthew 6:25-34)

Fear of sickness and of death, fear of pain,  what do you fear ?

The Bible tells us that we are to LOVE GOD with all our heart and we are to LOVE OTHERS AS OURSELVES and promises us that GOD will look after all our needs but…. it does not seem to work…. why ? (Matthew 22:37 – 40)

1. UNBELIEF…. we just do not BELIEVE God…. and many do not believe the Bible anyway…. rational, scientific people have a hard time believing anything…. it just “not cool” to believe !

2. SELFISHNESS ….  WE are the most important thing in our world, and many people see nothing wrong with this view…. it’s even PROMOTED in the “I” culture…. iphone, istore, ipad …. and most advertisers tell us to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves to the most luxury and comfort… what a contrast to the life of Jesus and the Apostles !

When a person gives their life to Jesus…. they SHOULD put GOD above themselves… just like Jesus put God’s wishes above His own fleshly desires…. but it’s easier said than done. (John 4:34, John 8:29)

Anyway…. IF you are serious about putting GOD first in your life…. I want to tell you from the Bible (and also from my own personal experience) that God takes care of your needs. (Matthew 6:33)

So you have the choice today…. seek GOD and find out what He would have you to do (and He will take care of your needs)…. or do not seek God and get on with your own business of living (in which case you will have to handle your own needs, fears, cares and wants).

There are some who say…. the idea of God is just a crutch for weak-minded or incompetent people…. but this perspective is PRIDE (because by saying so one believes they are so much better, smarter, more competent than others), when in reality such a person is just an ungrateful so-and-so, because humans do not make themselves and any attributes they have…. health, brains, competence or whatever…. are in reality, GIVEN (or allowed, if you prefer) by GOD…. such persons  need to realize that they are just as frail human  that is no better than anybody else and it would be better that they realize this BEFORE they become diseased or disabled.

God wants to have meaningful communication directly with YOU….  concerning YOUR life…. too many people overlook this fact and expect the priest, shaman, guru or whoever to give them direction and many times with disastrous results.