he that loves life shall lose it…. and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it…..  (Matthew 10:39, Matthew 16:25, John  12:25)

Today it’s hard for most Christians to lose their life for Jesus….. because nobody wants to kill them just because they speak of Jesus….. at least, in the Western world.

But how many Christians do NOT speak of Jesus because they are afraid of RIDICULE from people…..

If your “friends” are going to ridicule you because you speak of Jesus…. then, trust me, they are NOT your “friends”….. and you need to find true friends among Christians….

and if those people who ridicule you for speaking of Jesus are not your friends…. why do you care what they do ?…… it’s expected… because they don’t care about you !

If Jesus is the most important person in your life….. then it is only natural that you will talk about Him…… and you should NOT keep silent just because “others don’t want to hear it”.

Do you know what is coming upon this earth within the next few years ?  PROBLEMS like humans have never seen since the world was inhabited……  wise up….. you are either going to follow Jesus or you are going to follow Anti-Christ….. the choice will become very clear after the Christians have been removed from the world.

Stop playing around with “Christianity” as a panacea for your guilt….. and get serious about  your calling….  either you are God’s messengers to the earth or you are not.

God desires to use your life to REDEEM others to the Truth before the final judgement comes.