EVERYBODY wants a blessing…. even heathen people want a blessing…..

The Jews had the ultimate earthly blessing….. 1 Kings 5:20 records: ” Judah and Israel were many, as the sand which is by the sea in multitude, eating and drinking and making merry.”

and YET…. just a short time later we see war, famine and captivity….. how come ?

IDOLATRY …. and it’s still happening TODAY…. when the LORD blesses people materially… here’s how it goes down:

1. First after a short time, the initial AWE disappears, the reverence and thankfulness that God has graciously given us blessings that we do not deserve….. in this phase, we get ACCUSTOMED to the blessing…… we get ATTACHED to it…. the “good life” becomes the NORM…. and it becomes IMPORTANT to us…..  so important to us, in fact, that we  “worship” it ….. we play the harlot after it….. and we IDOLIZE it…. we ENJOY it so much that GOD and His plans take “backseat”….. ANYTHING that threatens our “good life” is now an enemy.

2. The activity of the demons working through our own evil natures lures us into PRACTICES and INDULGENCE that offends GOD and so our “blessing” comes to an end…… because we are now more attached to the GIFT than we are to the giver of it …. and GOD simply will not allow such a “state” to persist indefinitely.

The BIBLE is written for our INSTRUCTION…. it is folly to believe that we are somehow “better” than the Jews and that this cannot happen to us.

The REAL problem is that we do not realize the subtleness of IDOLATRY…. and my beloved  Barbados, has now fallen into this trap (along with the rest of the world)…. read today’s NATION newspaper and see it for yourself all over the front page and also inside !

There are only 2 ways to avoid this trap:

1. Dependence on God. read Psalm 139:23-24  and Psalm 19:12-14

2. A constant willingness to SHARE our comforts and blessings with OTHERS, taking no thought for our own future but realizing that God who blessed us today is quite capable of blessing us anytime in the future also, according to His will

Finally, there is no need to SHUN blessings and earthly comfort, as some Ascetic people do, who prefer to punish themselves in the misguided notion that this is somehow  “holy”…… but rather, enjoy God’s blessing and GIVE THANKS…. ONLY be willing to sacrifice it all, in faith, if or when HE  asks you to do so.