Considerable effort is being put into trying to remove “homosexuality” from the category of SIN…. in order, I suppose, that churches may marry gay couples.

The problem is that with every passing year humans become more UNCLEAR about what constitutes a SIN and what does not……  their discernment of RIGHT and WRONG becomes muddled and confused…. why is this ?

The decay began many years ago with the “age of science and REASON”…..  humans began to QUESTION EVERYTHING… including the accuracy (authority) of the Bible…. the existence of God…. and the origin of the Universe…. children were raised is this “confusion” which was considered a good thing (have an “open mind”).

Fundamentally and INSTINCTIVELY humans just KNOW that  there is GOOD and there is EVIL….. basic “inbuilt” information… herein lies a dilemma…..  WHY ? …. how is this even POSSIBLE ?

Atheists and evolutionists have NO SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION for this !

Believers in GOD, however, quickly see that GOD who created humans …. put inside of them a “natural” tendency to recognize good and evil AND a “natural” tendency to worship Himself.

IF we accept that there is a GOD and that He has given us His “manual”  (the Bible) by which we are INSTRUCTED as to His character and the reason for our creation….  His intentions towards us and His purposes for us…. and the manner in which we are to conduct our affairs relative to Him, to each other and to ourselves…. then it is quite clear that the PRACTICE of homosexuality IS SIN….. along with many other things that humans just “accept” as “normal”.

You may READ Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9 – 10 …. and after you have READ these passages….. it should be clear to you that homosexual acts are sin.

If you need more detailed explanation of these passages….. then please read
why homosexuality is a sin

You need to read Romans 1:21 – 32

The real issue is…. REBELLION…. we are saying to God that we approve REGARDLESS of what He thinks about it….. or else….. we “create” a god who approves of what we wish…. humans are really good at “creating their own gods after their own wishes”….. people do it all the time…. you hear them say “MY god is not like that” or “that’s not the god that I worship”.

Finally, removal of homosexual lifestyle from the category of sin…… ROBS HOMOSEXUALS OF HOPE for anything different ….. by saying “enjoy your lifestyle it’s OK”.

BUT, and if, you recognize that it IS WRONG…. then God who forgives sin and gives the VICTORY OVER SIN is well able to deliver you and bring you to a much happier life than you could possibly hope for as “a gay”.

I know…. I have been there… and this is not some “interesting theological discussion” it is reality…. victory over any sin calls for faith and dedicated determination but you are not expected to do it on your own…. God Himself brings about your deliverance from all evil…

but the first step is recognizing that it is evil….. and deciding that you do not wish to be part of it…. only then can any meaningful change come about.