Bajan Newsletter

I was led of God to comment on the local newspaper recently…. by reviving the Bajan Newsletter of the Barbados Photo Gallery.

Although this will only make the most sense to Barbadian readers…. others might find it interesting also.

Index to my Bajan Newsletter articles

The point is this…. the Word of God (the BIBLE) answers to every need of man…. in spite of the Global Crisis, God is looking after His children…

YOU (whoever you are) NEED to keep in close touch with God in order to know how to operate in each and every circumstance in which you find yourself.

Once you desire to do God’s will in your life… be assured that He will look out for you…

To those persons who are living to please themselves first…. with small regard for anyone else… I urge you to re-consider the BIBLE… the future of this planet is already determined and everyone will ultimately make a choice WHICH GOD ARE YOU FOLLOWING ?

Either the GOD of the BIBLE….. or any of the many idols of this world.