Repentance is not a very popular word these days…. and where it is used, people may take it to mean “being sorry about sin”.

But repentance is MORE than simply “being sorry about sin”….. the word repentance actually implies a “turning away from sin”…. it is an ACTION word….. it is a word that means CHANGE….. a change of course…. a change of direction.

Acts 17:30 says “and the times of ignorance God overlooked (the times of ignorance meaning the old testament… the previous history) but NOW God commands all men everywhere to repent”

Over time…. through history… God has revealed more and more of His character to the human race…. and after Jesus Christ came to earth and preached and His preaching was spread abroad…. the new knowledge He has given DEMANDS  a response….. a CHANGE once a person has heard it….  in reality, there are only two reactions to it…. acceptance implies response and change….. rejection implies “men prefer darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil” (John 3:19)

The problem today is we have “Christians” who have NOT “changed” …… they are all about religion…. active in the church…. maybe even doing a lot of “good deeds”….. but never really REPENTED over the evil in their lives…. and in fact, some may even be EXCUSING IT…. the Bible says, “Woe unto those that call good evil and evil good” (Isaiah 5:20)….. GAYS (homosexuals) are a perfect example, rather than REPENT and forsake their sin they prefer to accept and embrace it…. and say that it is not sin at all !

The Bible is VERY CLEAR….  2 Timothy 2:19 says “… Let everyone who names the name of Christ DEPART FROM INIQUITY”…… and David said “I acknowledge my transgression and my sin is ever before me” (Psalm 51:3)…… REPENTANCE and not ACCEPTANCE is what is required of Christians.

Gays may be the most glaring public example of Isaiah 5:20 in action… but they are not the only ones….. this is a major problem with humans…. excusing their own sin and “working” it into their religion so it becomes quite OK and they can “feel good about it”

I am not bashing gays and they are not “worse” than all other sinners…. what I am bashing is the ACCEPTANCE of homosexuality as OK…. it is NOT OK and they need to see it as SIN and ASK GOD’s HELP in dealing with it…… because it MUST be “dealt with” or it will be JUDGED….. man does not have the authority to decide what is sin and what is not sin….. GOD has told us and we have to accept His verdict and furthermore, He is NOT going to “change His mind about it”….. However, He is MORE THAN WILLING to HELP any REPENTANT SINNER to deal with their sin and change their lives…. no matter how long it takes…….. and the only thing He expects of you is that you will NOT give up…. and you will NOT “give in”…… ALL OF US are COMMANDED and EXPECTED to FIGHT AGAINST SIN continuously…. for the balance of our lives….. because this world is a BATTLEGROUND between good and evil…… it is NOT a “playground” and the sum-total of our life is simply NOT about having  “a whale of a time and all the maximal pleasure we could ever experience”….. at least, not if you are a CHRISTIAN.

The REAL problem is that humans want to “have their cake and eat it too”… meaning they want MAXIMAL PLEASURE and the “feeling” that they are A-OK with regard to Eternal Life and acceptability before GOD….. yup…… SIN along with a GOOD CONSCIENCE…. they want both together…. but it cant happen they are simply FOOLING themselves and others…. and creating all sorts “gods” according their own imagination.

REPENT…. the word is just as valid today… as it was in 6000 BC….. God looks favorably on those who truly REPENT…. and HELPS them “make it through the war zone” with joy, peace and happiness (that the rest of the world cannot understand who have alienated themselves by their REBELLION and REFUSAL to accept GOD’s WORD as the final authority on any matter)

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